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Title: Seeking harmony
Post by: Pipita on July 03, 2022, 11:29:40 am
The chakras are energy centres that are distributed throughout your body and are the energetic connection between your being, nature and the universe; they are immeasurable energy centres (not measurable) located in the human body, it is wisdom without borders, nor age, nor sex, it is the cosmogonic way of seeing through the universe, patience and inner peace, spiritual serenity, harmony between living beings, it is the transfer of energies between cells and their cycles of advancement, growth and maturity in the understanding of a single being. Energy is the source of all power in the universe, the same is in the being where a part of these control your physical being, another group controls your mind, another your connection with the earth and your dimension, in Kundalini Espaņa (http://kundaliniexperience.es) you will find the way to make that energy flow through experiences that connect you with your energy, attracting harmony, peace and serenity that makes you get the physical, mental and spiritual well-being you are looking for.