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Title: My Past Lives
Post by: The Universeable on June 17, 2009, 12:43:32 pm

Provided by Cyn from SF.

I see a man who has a old time looking cowboy hat on. You were someone of great importance within this life Iím about to describe. You looked Asian and I see you as a little boy who was a little chubby. You were apart of the emperor for China, his son and you were to be next in line. Something happened when you were older around 19 or 20 and you were slain. You had a beautiful life and the landscape which you lived upon were full of beautiful pink leafed trees, in which little flowers blossomed and white feathery flowers blown through the sky. You use to attend temple every day and squat in meditation position and prey, you did this your whole life until your undeniable death. You were very opinionated and outspoken, you let no one take advantage of you, and there were always 3 people who followed you around and did your biddings. You were strict, stern, and you ruled even before your father demise. People respected you for your wisdom was beyond your years. At 8 years old your father suffered from a stroke, he was an older man with white hair, long mustache, and skinny frame. You were not as close to him as you wanted which caused you to have the stern exterior where no one could touch you. When he died, you took over because you were the eldest son out of 3, there was one girl but she was not to be mentioned. You were the example of every little child and people bowed down to you at your ceremony. You were emperor. You did not want anyone to see you as week soo you put your head up, stiff as to say no one, I mean no one try to get one over on me because that would be your head. You grew up believing that you were the ruler of the world very self-indulgent and no matter how your people suffered, you still treated them the same. You did not over tax them but you did not take care of them, your people were poor and had little to eat. You remained the same. Then there was an uprising when you were about 18 and the people felt like you didnít deserve to be emperor, more and more people talked about you behind your back, more and more people felt the same way even your servants. You had little who you could trust and the plot thickens when your youngest brother got all of those who disliked how you were running things to see him as the emperor. He discussed strategies behind your back, made the best of this, and then developed a conspiracy. Your brother sat there and pondered away as of how he was going to get revenge on his eldest brother and he knew the only way was death, which was tradition. He did not want the guards or anyone to interfere so, he got you alone discussing changes and you still did not listen. He scraped away building a small sword with a red or white ribbon attached. He tried his best to make you see numerous of times but this was the end of the road. He had you behind then white lace curtains and he waited and turned his back as if nothing was going to happen but him listening to you not caring and he ran up to you while you faced the window and stabbed you in the middle of your chest. He jumped off you and you held the knife you fell down to your knees and did not look around to show your pain. You stayed facing the window and held the pain inside not uttering a word fore you knew this would happen and you seemed ready for it. You stayed on your knees until your last breath, you fell to the ground, and the only sound you uttered was umph. Your brother sat there looking at your lifeless body and walked away. He showed no remorse just no expression even though he was feeling a small sadness because you died without seeing your faults in your ways. Your brother became emperor and he ruled with an iron fist as well but people respected him and he treated his people a little better as to food and living situations but still there were so many changes to be made that it took years to clean up what you had destroyed.

Title: Re: My Past Lives
Post by: The Universeable on July 04, 2009, 09:35:47 am
According to other past life readings, i was the following

1) A sea pirate, who stole money from the rich to give to the poor, and was hanged for it

2) A little girl who smothered to death, because i did something wrong in my mom's eyes.

3) A reptilian

4) A ufo abductee

5) A french women in the 1700/1800 centuries, who was mostly alone, and did her own thing, was rejected by almost everyone, and died by throwing herself off a cliff.

and in this life, i'm a south african who is in IT.  :D

Title: Re: My Past Lives
Post by: Amberly on July 04, 2009, 09:57:27 am
They are pretty varied past existances :)  Interestingly or maybe not so.....in the past lives i've seen and the readings i've received from others, i've been female in all of them.  I do often wonder why, and question if its possible to be the same gender from life to life.  The only conclusion i can reach is if we really chose our incarnations then i guess it is, anythings possible.