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Title: Poems by Margaret Jang
Post by: Medusa on June 30, 2009, 02:24:06 pm
Healing Energy

There are those who feel pre-destined to heal,
and believe it or not, this is very real.
But their true source of power comes from above,
shared with compassion and unconditional love.

This healing energy may seem like a gift,
for it heals on all planes to really uplift.
Mentally, physically, emotionally, you see,
it creates complete calmness, but how can this be?

Somewhere inside energy appears to shift,
where floating occurs as one dreamily drifts.
Feeling cold or hot, or a presence at the feet,
or seeing shapes or colours before it's complete.

People have said that there is no such thing,
and what possible good can this really bring?
But the ones who are brave and have actually tried,
have been quite astounded and so very surprised!

Healing energy requires first an intention,
that fails to comply with normal convention.
It takes special focus undirected by the mind,
that will ignite a flame to the power behind.

Then once it's lighted, the flame just expands,
and the energy flows without further command.
First through the body to link with its soul,
that connects to its Source to make it feel whole.

 By Margaret Jang

Title: Re: Poems by Margaret Jang
Post by: Medusa on June 30, 2009, 02:29:29 pm
Healing Your Soul

One of the mysteries of life, as you know,
is how to take action to heal your soul.
These growing pains are what you endure,
until you discover a miraculous cure.

From your past lives you may bring along clutter,
some you can handle, while others you shudder.
And to heal your soul, it may take a lifetime,
but once you succeed, oh you will shine!

You must be determined to reach this goal,
totally focused about healing your soul.
You must be willing to release and let go,
flaws or weak points and to go with the flow.

And to journey within to your inner self,
to let spirit guide you, to be your help.
For your inner knowing is that quiet voice,
that gives you options to make the right choice.

When you heal your soul, you will feel such joy,
it's much like a child with a brand new toy.
Each day feels fresh with the sun shining bright,
so by healing your soul you will soar to new heights.

Everything will tinkle like music to your ears,
strength you will gain to build confidence without fear.
You'll blossom with radiance continuing to grow,
when laughter and serenity will be yours to know.