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Title: Chillingham Castle
Post by: Medusa on July 12, 2009, 08:59:38 am
Here you go HarryH................

A friend of mine got these babes !

This 12th century stronghold, just twenty minutes from the Seaside and the home of Sir Humphry Wakefield and his family, became “base-camp” for the 1298 conquering attack on William Wallace by “Hammer of the Scots”, King Edward 1st.  Wallace had raided the previous year, burning the women and children to death in the local abbey.  The Castle was given permission to add battlements by King Edward 111 in 1344 (See the actual License in the Castle).  The Elizabethans added “Long Galleries” and Capability Brown designed the park in 1752.  The glorious Italian garden was laid out in the 19th century by Sir Jeffrey Wyatville fresh from his royal triumphs at Windsor Castle.  Royal visits from 1200s to this century, and winner of many architectural awards.

The Castle is now open to the public and also available for weddings; private functions; tours and has self catering apartments. It is ideally situated for exploring the breathtaking Northumbrian countryside, located 10 miles from the coast and around 70 miles from both Newcastle and Edinburgh.

The Most Haunted Castle in Britain

We have a number of ghosts. The most famous is the "blue boy" who as midnight rang out would cry and moan in agony or maybe fear. The noises could be traced to a spot near a passage cut through a ten foot wall. When the bloodcurdling wails die away a soft halo of light appears around an old four poster bed. Anyone sleeping there, even today, can see the figure of a young boy dressed in blue, and surrounded by light. Behind the wall the bones of a young boy and fragments of blue clothing were discovered.

Another ghost, Lady Mary Berkeley, searches for her husband, who ran off with her sister. Lady Mary, desolate and broken hearted lived in the castle by herself with only her baby girl as a companion. The rustle of her dress can be heard as she passes you by in the turret stairs. And there are more!

http://www.historic-uk.com/stayuk/North-East/Castles/ChillinghamCastle.htm (http://www.historic-uk.com/stayuk/North-East/Castles/ChillinghamCastle.htm)


Looks like a man in the window to the left of the stair way chillingham castle may 08

Man in the window, but the corridor behind was empty ?


Close up of the last picture chillingham castle


Face in the widow at the edge of the photo, right hand side chillingham castle

(face in bottom of window)

Close up of the last picture, chillingham castle


What looks like a woman in the window next to the doorway... chillingham castle may 08

(what looks like a blue lady)...


close up of the last picture chillingham castle

(what looks like a blue lady)

Title: Re: Chillingham Castle
Post by: Medusa on July 12, 2009, 09:10:52 am
After my friend 'Barek' had a closer look, he found these !



The 'Blue lady' pic ................................ also express a deep feeling of melancholia.

And before anyone ask's, I also had to look this word up as well !

Melancholia (from Greek - melagcholia, it also has a number of other names: lugubriousness, from the latin lugere, to mourn; moroseness, from the latin morosus, self-willed, fastidious habit; wistfulness, from old English wist: intent, or saturnine, see saturn (mythology), in contemporary usage, it is a mood disorder of non-specific depression, characterized by low levels of enthusiasm and eagerness for activity. In a modern context, "melancholy" applies only to the mental or emotional symptoms of depression or despondency; historically, "melancholia" could be physical as well as mental, and melancholic conditions were classified as such by their common cause rather than by their properties. Similarly, melancholia in ancient usage also encompassed mental disorders which might now be classed as schizophrenias or bipolar disorders.

And this unuasl pic came along with it as well .........................