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Title: Padre Pio................Miracles
Post by: Eugene66 on August 13, 2009, 08:36:46 am
In the garden of the convent there were trees; cypresses, some fruit and some pine. Especially on summer afternoons, Father Pio used to stay in the shade together with his friends and guests in order to have a little relief from the hot weather. Once when Father Pio was speaking with some people a large number of birds suddenly started to chirp and make noise from the shade of the trees. The birds had composed a symphony.  Father Pio became annoyed with the symphony so, looking at the birds he said: “Keep silent!” At which point, the birds, the crickets and the cicadas fell silent. The people who were in the garden were greatly astonished! In fact Father Pio had spoken to the birds like Saint Francis.

More here:http://www.padrepio.catholicwebservices.com/ENGLISH/Miracles.htm

Title: Re: Padre Pio................Miracles. Evidence
Post by: Eugene66 on August 14, 2009, 04:00:06 am

Here is Padre Ascanio's story:

We were waiting for Padre Pio who
was coming to hear confessions of the penitents. The church was
crowded and everybody watched the door through which Padre Pio would
enter. The door stayed closed but suddenly I saw father Pio walking
above the heads of the people, he reached the confessional, and then
disappeared. After some minutes he started to receive the penitents. I
didn't say anything, and I thought I was dreaming, but when I met him
I asked him: ?Father Pio, How did you manage to walk above the heads
of the people??. He jokingly responded: ?I can assure you, my child,
it's just like walking on the floor...?.?

Title: Bi-location or Biolocation:.........................Miracles
Post by: Eugene66 on August 14, 2009, 04:02:32 am
Bi-location or Biolocation:

Among the most remarkable of the documented cases of bilocation was
the Padre's appearance in the air over San Giovanni Rotondo during
World War II.?