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Title: stating affirmations
Post by: Catsquotl on December 09, 2009, 11:08:19 pm
A while ago i read that setting your afirmation as a question..Why am I so rich, why AM i so loved, Why did I get this new job..
Allows the mind to naturally come up with the positive answers for those questions. As the mind wil start searching for a positive answer as soon as it hear a question..This then would allow for a positive mindset from the start of your new creation.

This as opposed to stating I am rich and your mind going no your not...And having to waddle through all mental, emotional blockage before getting to the feel of what you are creating

I do notice the answers are in my mind ridiculously simple and have yet to "prove" following them wil lead to the desired result.
so what do you think the new affirming way?

with Love

Title: Re: stating affirmations
Post by: Eugene66 on December 10, 2009, 12:06:42 am
I think its an excellent idea.

Now let me see ........... ^-^

How on earth am I going to manage all those millions that I am winning from the loterry? a1m

I play this game often and then I daydream on how I am going to invest all that money so It creates revinue for me. Then I dream on and imagine setting up projects to improve my environment and create work for everyone involved. ;D

I find a good strategy is to manifest past the issue. Once you have that thing what is the next situation that will arise? Then manifest on that.

I want a truck for example but the block or the fear is that the whole family will forever ask me to transport things for them. So instead of affirming the truck I might affirm the family leaving me in peace so I can enjoy my truck.

So I can now manifest good investors and honest people that will handle my millions for me so I dont have to worry about it. LOL ;D

It sounds like a joke and its good. Laughter is good. Even though it sounds like a joke it still works.