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Title: What are past life block?
Post by: Binramii on December 15, 2009, 03:54:49 am

In our pasts, much non-light energy caused wounds, blocks and tethering of our beings. These non-light energies sort to hold mankind from spiritual evolvement by creating self perpetuating harm through the pains of the pasts.

Once you had received a spiritual, emotional or physical wound that remained unhealed from your past, you will experience subsequent re-wounding of these wounds in each new life.

In this significant Age of Light, all unhealed past life wounds are coming to the surface so these wounds may be healed and you are able to be restored to your gifts, path and purpose in order to bring action to your spiritual path. This lifetime is like no other. We have never been blessed with this healing gift before.

The memory of everything that has ever happened to us - good or bad - from our past lives is stored with our higher self/spirit/Light body.

In our pasts we may have been harmed because of our spiritual purpose and healing gifts.
Energies not of the Light work to block the flow of Light.
Unhealed Past life wounds block the flow of light into your being and the flow of light out of your being.

Quite often these past life wounds will be re-activated in this life by similar situations of pain or because we have incarnated with those who were significant in these pasts. Past life pains resurface as a sign of that which needs to be released not only for you but also for those who caused the harm.

You may  experience these unhealed past life wounds as doubt, disconnection, confusion, pain or unwellness.
These are the symptoms of the blocks that manifest in the physical so that you can release them once and for all.

Releasing past life wounds involves past life block release, reconnection of your higher self to your physical form and the restoration of the flow of Light through you being.

Just working with the physical symptoms will only provide band-aid solutions for the blocks, as the original cause of the block must be found and released from the higher self - otherwise the problem will continue.

As your past life wounds are released and healed you will find that situations in your current incarnation will become less hurtful. You are more able to see the life lessons that The Light will bring you. These learning opportunities will help you to evolve your spiritual being so that you may grow and move forward in the Light.

The Light will help you to understand those who are with you now and teach you again to see their inner Light through the non-lights that bind them. Through your release you are free to use your  inner Light and bring others the healing and Light that they need.


Title: Re: What are past life block?
Post by: Eugene66 on December 15, 2009, 12:58:03 pm

I think EFT will take care of these blocks too. It healed me of things and i dont even know what They were or what caused them. The teachers of EFT say so too. They say that one does not need to know what the issue was that relates to the problem today.

So I might tap out my poverty problem and the traumatic event when my Mother once told me I would never amout to anything, that I cannot even remember anymore, heals itself. Now if it can heal things from my childhood that was to traumatic for me to remember then why not something from a previous life?

Title: Re: What are past life block?
Post by: Eugene66 on December 16, 2009, 12:58:10 am
We have the unfortunate or fortunate habit of recreating the past all the time. It is a pattern. Whatever we do not see, but what is hindering our growth remanifests over and over, everytime with different clothes on and maybe in different situations with different people. But when you look at your life symbolically you will notice repetitions of the same things all the time.

They repeat untill you notice them and deal with them. So the good news is that you don't really have to go to past lives in regression therapy or hypnosis to fix the present but it can help. These "lessons" are universal and personal. The people changed but the lesson is the same and once you learned the LESSON only. You are "cured" from the patterns of "bad" recreations.

For me EFT works but I know many people want to get into the fabric of a situation and enjoy the fascination of what they learn before they resolve it. Whatever if fine. The fact that we are working on ourselves brings me great joy. Thats all that matters to me at this point.

Title: Re: What are past life block?
Post by: Binramii on December 16, 2009, 04:38:41 am
Exactly Eugene. The Light teaches that it serves no purpose to re-experience the harms of our pasts as we have already lived them.

I do experience the harms that came to my clients as I do their work but I need to do this to make sure that the wound is completely healed and the flow of Light is restored. I never share these harms with my clients unless the Light guides a learning from this past for the client. This is usually a life lesson learning which is completely seperate from my work. My work restores the flow of Light so that my clients can go forward spiritually, remember their path and purpose and understand their life lessons.

The Light prefers to share that we only experience repetition in our lives if we have unhealed wounds.
Once these wounds are healed at the level of the Light self we never experience these again.
Repetition only occurs if you have not had past life block release at the highest level of your being.

We cannot heal past life blocks from the Light realm - if we could we would be born without wounds.
We must heal the blocks from the physical back to the Light.
We must also release the blocks that are between our Light self and all of the Light.
We must also heal physical and spiritual wounds - not just the emotional wounds as often the emotional wounds are manifestations of the reactions to the physical and spiritual wounds we have experienced.

You can look on it as if you are clearing the pathways from your physical being to your Light being and then on further to all of the Light so that you are once again completely connected to a continuous flow of eternal Light - just like when we are in the Light realm.
The difference with this type of work is that the clearing of the blocks is only the beginning of the work as the real goal of the work is restoration.

The work does not get involved in how the wounds happened or who was connected to you when these wounds happened.
The work focuses on finding the Light of your pasts and reconnecting you to all that you are.
In this way past Light work, Light wisdom - not just from your lives here on Earth but all your Universal wisdom is reconnected and restored.
This is the beauty of this work - that is helps you bring together all the Light of your pasts into oneness with this incarnation.

Title: Re: What are past life block?
Post by: Eugene66 on February 03, 2010, 05:25:01 am

I just came through a crisis. I believe and hope it is done now and from here on forward it can only get better. Lets see hmm?

At times like this when I live through a crises I sometimes wonder if I chose it before incarnation and I wonder how it is going to benefit me through my life.

Title: Re: What are past life blocks?
Post by: Binramii on February 06, 2010, 03:22:03 am
A crisis comes to us when we have an unhealed wound we need to heal NOW or a life lesson that we need to learn NOW.

A crisis only comes when we have been continually shown the unhealed wound or brought the life lesson yet we have not yet healed the wound or accepted the lesson.

In my subtle humourous thinking, I also feel like a crisis is when the Light reaches down and smacks you in the 3rd eye!!!!

In most instances a crisis is a blessing, in that it brings what we were not seeing to the surface in such a way we can't fail to see it.
A crisis is a gift from the Light to allow us to move forward from something that has held us for far too long.

Don't forget Eugene that this year the world has only 10 more months to learn the life lesson of releasing the ego.
There are many, many ways in which the ego affects our lives and holds us from living from our spirit in the physical.
The Light is highlightling all that we need to do now to help us 'get' this lesson.

I trust you have found the learning from the Light within the crisis and are going forward thanks to this blessing.

  O0 smitten

Title: Re: What are past life block?
Post by: Eugene66 on February 06, 2010, 05:13:35 am
Not yet but I am beginnig to see things. I am learning to appreciate the friendliness and honesty of "common" people more than the sophisticated city types.