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Title: How to undo bad creations.
Post by: Eugene66 on March 02, 2010, 11:20:55 pm
Maintain your grace.
Undo miss-creations.

Creation happens in moments of grace. Yes we can intend and visualize all we like but that is just the moment of intentional asking. The rest of the time we have to maintain as much grace as we can muster, but maintaining grace is a kind of a passive action. It is entirely personal.

Following here is a technique I incorporated into a meditation for maintaining grace. The affirmation part of this meditation can be used anytime, anywhere. You can say it out loud or you can say it mentally. Saying it out loud is of course better if you can. Let me first explain the motivation behind the affirmations and then how to use them.

You create your reality. All thoughts you ever thought idle or otherwise all contributed to bring you this moment as it is. When you take this knowing to heart you will know that everything in your life is your creation and thus you thought it up in some way or you created it through some action. You can never be a victim of anything anymore.

I know this is a great responsibility. It is also a great liberty because you can only change what you created. If you maintain that you are a victim in some area and that something is not your creation then you will not let yourself un-create it. If you knew you could undo your creation you might find it easier to accept that you created it all. So here is the action for undoing what you did. This applies only to the parts of your creation that you are not comfortable with. 

To make this easier I will have to use some picturesque speech here and separate the creator part of you from the rest of you. When in grace the creator part of you is integrated in you and you function as one. But for the sake of this technique you have to separate that part out in order to communicate with it. So we can call it your higher self, your soul or the God part of your being. However you see it is good.

Think of whomever or whatever you consider the creator part of your being and address it. In meditation you can catch its attention more effectively through controlling your breathing but for most part you can just address it in your mind as you “speak” to it. Once again it’s not the words that does the talking but rather the mental focus that accompanies the words.

The words are simple and to the point but they say much more than what is being said. These are the words:
I am sorry.
Forgive me.
I love you.
Thank you.

How do they work? Well think of an ordinary everyday mistake that you make. How would you treat it? Treat your miss-creation the same way. This is taking responsibility for your discomfort as simple and as easy as taking responsibility for spilling coffee on someone’s lap with a tiny difference. In creating the discomfort you did not know what you were doing and you probably still don’t know how you did it, so in fixing it once again you do not have to know how it is going to be done, only that it is happening.
I am sorry.

If this sentence is too short and simple for you, you can always embroider it. Here are some examples. ‘I am so sorry about this sad situation. I regret having this situation in my life. Now I probably made a wrong choice somewhere or I had a wrong thought somewhere that created this. So please note how sorry I am about this.’

This is accepting the situation as it is for the record. It is taking responsibility for your part in that area of your creation you are sorry for. You have to accept it and embrace it to be able to control it. So in doing this you take responsibility and thus control. In order to throw something away you have to take it first. This you have to take your part in this creation in order to do with it as you want. In this case throwing it out.

Forgive me.
This is all about the emotional charge that maintains the unwanted situation or thing. While there is emotional clinging to a bad thing we keep it in creation. Now we want to remove the attention we are continuously giving the bad situation in order for it to dissolve. It is like cutting the ties that bind you to this bad situation.

We are all one in God. So when you are talking to anything out there you are also talking to yourself. In fact you are talking only to yourself but imagining that you are speaking to someone out there helps. So speak any way you like. It’s best to address your creator because then that includes all of creation. It ensures you speak to everyone including yourself at once.

What are you saying? “Forgive me.” Sounds like a command. “Please forgive me?” sounds more appropriately humble. You are asking the undoing of what you did. Like asking a parent to “Make it right” you are asking for the undoing of the “bad” part of what you created. Now we also know that when you ask it is given already. But you have to ask in order to focus your mind to the specific thing or problem you want to undo.

I love you.
A creator and his creation is one and the same. Creators love their creations as they love their co creators or the ones who created them. Thus saying ‘I love you’ you are strengthening the bonds of energy between you and your creator and between you and your creation. Can you see this? You’re a creator that was created by another bigger creator. As you are loved by your creator you also love your creator upwards and you also love your creation.

This love is like channels of affinity that enables the energy of creation to flow between you and your creator and your creation. Thus this love opens all channels to flow and thus enables your creator (which is also you) to undo what you did. You are getting out of your way here allowing or enabling your creator access to your creation. You know your creator is fixing it as you speak so therefore the last sentence.

Remember the love we are talking about here is not the egotistical romantical worshipping type of love. That type of loving is plain egotistically dense. The love we talk about here is the unconditional kind that does not have any judgment in it. In a sense you can say “I love you because you are.” I love you for no other reason than the fact that you exist to me. It is a love that acknowledges your own position of power in the center of your creation.

Thank you.
Thank you is a powerful affirmation. When you say thank you, you also say ‘amen’ ‘let it be so’ ‘so be it’ ‘so be that’ ‘it is done’

This is a powerful ending and it also creates a mental picture of ‘knowing’ it is done. It is also a way to finalize your communication into detachment. “I have given it to you, I know you will fix it, so ‘thank you’ and I know I can withdraw from it now. I know it is cared for or taken care of so I can rest my mind and my emotions. Thank you so much” 

 :) smitten

Title: Re: How to undo bad creations.
Post by: Eugene66 on March 03, 2010, 10:12:45 am
Reasons why you might resist this approach.

You feel you have to accept condemnation or judgment against you.
One has to see this without judgment and especially without ego. This is not about blame or judgment, it is about fixing “what is” and anything that “is” in your reality has part of you in it. You contributed in some way shape or form whether it was an action or an idle thought that created, you had some doing in it. Now you are accepting your part in it and asking for it to be undone.

Fear of guilt.
We have been through religions that thrive on making their people feel guilty so understandably no one needs more guilt. But you see you can only feel guilty about stuff when you choose to judge it negatively. There is no real right or wrong in grace. There is simply what is, and right and wrong was your decision based on your goal or what you aim to achieve. So there really is no wrong and no guilt.

You simply took a wrong turn and now you choose to backtrack and undo it.

Fear of humility.
What part of you do you think has a problem with being humble? It can only be your ego part. Is that not the very part we are trying to fix with this approach?  How bad can it be to admit your part in creating an unwanted scenario? Do you think you can suspend your ego for just a minute to try this? Any one session normally takes less than a minute.

The part of you that feels that it is not going to grovel is the part that has to learn cooperation instead of self-righteous separation. You are not being asked to grovel. You are asked to admit that you miss-created and to let another part of yourself, a higher part of yourself undo it for you. 

It is so easy and so simple when you can put your ego fears aside and just give it a try. This is the powerful Ho’oponopono method from Hawaii that was used to heal an asylum of criminally insane people without even facing them. All the doctor did was to ask forgiveness for his part in the creation of Criminally insane people in his reality and it worked.

When I tried it I had powerful results. People I were focusing on changed within the first three days and suddenly admitted to their visible part in the creation of our discomforts.

What needs to be forgiven?
Anything you can think of that carry an emotional charge within you is worth asking the undoing of. Thus when I roll around in my bed early morning or late at night and I think of some hurtful scenario in my past I take a few seconds to ask for it to be taken away. When I drive down the road and I suddenly feel that dread in my stomach when I think of a situation I ask for it to be undone there and then in my mind or verbally if I am alone. When I want to meditate and I cannot clear my mind or my mind keeps returning to some hurtful event in the past I clear it out using this technique.

Fact is that if it is on your mind at all then you are creating in that scenario. What is on your mind remains in creation purely because you give it attention, it’s as plain as that. While it is there on your mind and thus still creating or maintaining you have an opportunity to do away with it or to undo it.

We have many bitter memories of things that happened in the past or things happening currently that we are seemingly helpless to do anything about. So we are doomed to walk around thinking of a government that is not on our side, people we don't like at work, the people we fought with in the past, the unresolved relationships. All that baggage can now be cleaned out. It does not matter where or when it happened, if the thought of it makes you feel bad then see if you can make it leave by using this technique.

Begin with yourself.

Try this for a week and see what happens. If you feel you cannot be humble enough to do it then begin by forgiving your inability to be humble in yourself and see how you change internally to start with. Then you can move out to people places things times and events and see what you can do about that.

We are all one.
We know by now that the universe is one integrated system and that anything is connected to everything and thus the same thing. I know ego cannot understand that because it upholds the illusion of separation but when you listen to your heart you will feel and thus know what I am saying. When forgiveness flows in any direction it heals. In fact when forgiveness seemingly moves from ‘here’ to ‘there’ it is an illusion. When forgiveness moves it moves from everywhere to every ’where’ and ‘when’ you can think of.

Remember you are fixing or correcting a mistake. This is not groveling in front of an almighty religious God in fear of his smite. You are in effect talking to yourself. Like I said I separated that creator part of you for purpose of understanding. This is admitting to your co-creator God that your joint creation as it is, turns out to be unsatisfactory or discomforting to say the least. Thus it is also an agreement that you will not continue creating in that area by thinking of it all the time anymore. The creative charge you feel when ever you dread or feel bad in any way is now removed. You will not create there or maintain that creation anymore.


Title: Re: How to undo bad creations.
Post by: Eugene66 on March 04, 2010, 01:10:48 am
Why this approach works so well.
Many spiritual teachers like to point out that we are simply co-creating alongside a bigger power that keeps us manifested in this reality. The physical part of us that plays in this human drama is about one percent of you. I daresay the most insignificant part of you. When you lose it you just re create it again. But it is also the apprentice part of you playing in a sandbox of creation.

You are like a little kid playing in a sandbox trying to create things. If you cannot manage your creation anymore you can ask the other ninety nine percent of you to take over and undo the situation.

If you have resistance to this approach I would suggest that the one percent of you became arrogant enough to assume that it is all that is in creation. Thus the physical reality became too real for you. This is great for you when the going is good, but when the going gets tough it’s good to remember that your over-self is guarding over you and all you need to do is ask.

Heres the rub. You cannot ask someone else to take over if you are not willing to let go. You are like a kid sitting in a moving car behind the steering wheel. It is your lesson so your parent is driving along like an observer. When you panic and you say “Make it right” you have to let go of the wheel to enable your higher self to take control. You can imagine what chaos is created when two people are trying to grab the wheel for control at the same time.

So in saying “I am sorry” is saying that you accept the fact that you missed the mark in this area of your creation. Now if you are not willing to do that you are welcome to crash your car (life) further. Your creator does not care, you are being loved unconditionally so if you don't want to give up control you may continue as long as you like, even until you die if that is going to be the outcome.

In saying “Forgive me” you are also walking away or distancing yourself now from it so that the other can take over.  You are saying “release me from this burden” there is no sin in that. One of our greatest teachers Jesus Christ taught us this very lesson when someone offered to carry his cross. This guy came and said. “You look like you are having a bad day. Come on give me that cross let me lighten your burden for you.”

Jesus did not say. ‘No. Leave me alone I created this, I deserve this. Let me suffer in silence.’ He did not say that. Instead he said. ‘Thank you’ with love and gratitude. He did not say he did not create the crucifixion and therefore he has no responsibility either. In taking up punishment he took responsibility for all of creation. His part in it.

In saying “I love you” In a sense you say “I love you because you are.” I love you for no other reason than the fact that you exist to me. It is a love that acknowledges your own position of power in the center of your creation. It is giving your higher self, acknowledgement and thus authority in your reality. You are still the sole creator asking for help and giving authority to a greater part of yourself to interfere on your behalf in this area. Saying “I love you “ strengthens the bond and the communication energy channel of co-creation between the two of you.

You and your greater creator part are still one being through all this. In fact you are becoming more one because you are in effect integrating the larger part of yourself into your human drama.

Title: Re: How to undo bad creations.
Post by: Eugene66 on March 15, 2010, 10:13:29 am
This is a very simple meditation discipline that you can do anywhere anytime. You can make a full meditation of it by doing it exactly as I suggest here or you may do it on the sideline while exercising or doing something rhythmically. I will explain more later, but first the meditation.

Sit in your favorite meditation posture. The best posture is normally one you cannot fall asleep in and yet it’s easy to relax in it. For me it is sitting on a pillow or a meditation pillow with my legs cross-folded.

Relax and work on your posture until you feel comfortable, loose and relaxed. You can imagine liquid sunshine dropping on your head like healing honey flowing down and relaxing your skin and everything below it as it flows slowly all the way down. Also just to get comfortable you can take one or two deep breaths to get the body prepared for comfortable deep breathing.

Now think of the thing you want to let go. Think of the person or situation or the ridicule or embarrassment or any thing you wish to let go of. As you do so begin breathing on a time pause. What does that mean?

Breathing on a time pause is when you measure the time to breathe in. It may be three seconds or longer. To find your comfortable pause do it as long as you can and then take a few seconds off for good measure. Now lets say its four seconds. It normally is.

Breathe in for four seconds.
Hold your breath for four seconds
Breathe out for four seconds.
Hold for four seconds.

Breathe in again….. four seconds.

Continue with this cycle.

This type of breathing gets the attention of your “God within.” Or your higher self that is always with you.

There are two ways you can place your sentences now. The one is to think the sentence with every four seconds. Thus one cycle will be something along the lines of.

Breathing in ……….I’m sorry …….four seconds. You may like to ad words in to make it rhythmical and last four seconds. I like to say  “I….am…so…sorry.” This is not set in stone so you may play with it to make it yours. It’s much more effective that way.

Holding your breath now…..Forgive me…or maybe “Please…for…give…me.”

Breathing out…..I love you…………or maybe….”I… so… love… you”

Holding again………..thank you ….or maybe  “Thank ….you …so …much.”

Do this four times and then give your mind and your breathing a rest while you think of the next item you would like to let go of. Then in a minute or so you do it again and again until you have dealt with everything you wanted to.

This will work for those of you with fast-organized minds, but try to have a relaxed mind through all of this.

Another way would be to say one sentence right through every cycle. Thus to say every sentence four times and then take a rest. While you think of the next item.

You are going to say this often until you can see in your life that the situation is completely gone. In the meantime you will find the issue resolving in degrees. So even if you repeat the same item many times, it does not matter, it only makes it work so much faster.

If you deal with only one issue then you can do it until the issue does not have a charge anymore. This is most effective. You can use your emotions as a gauge to see if the issue is cleared. How do you do this?

Think of the situation and remember the specific moment you feel the most upset about. If you feel upset or disturbed then use that very charge to let it go by beginning your words while you can still feel it. Rate it on a scale of one to ten. See if you can feel more of that by increasing it.

Use that emotional charge to put intent into letting it go as you say your sentences. After a few repetitions come back to that memory and feel it again. If the emotional charge is still there then use it again to do away with it by increasing it again and beginning your sentences.

Now in everyday life you can also use this method if you can find some innovative way. For example, I do stretch exercises in the mornings before I meditate. I have to hold every pose for longer than thirty seconds. What I do now is to breathe with it. I breathe three cycles during a pose and I think my sentences out as I do this. Sometimes I verbalize them when it’s appropriate.

I might do my sit-ups or my push-ups in increments of four. “I’m sorry, I love you, forgive me, Thanks.” And then I keep count in groups of four. You can swap the sentences around any way you like too, as long as you keep your mind on the topic that you wish to see resolved.

Now when I exercise I might want to ask forgiveness for being overweight as an example, I use that very issue I am physically working on. I might think of a time when someone called me fatso and it hurt emotionally. I might just remember a time I was out of breath after a flight of stairs. However the discomfort, I can use it to my advantage.

Begin where you are. If you find you cannot keep your mind focused on a topic then begin there. Begin by apologizing for a busy mind then that will come right first. I found that my attitudes and emotions are the quickest easiest things to fix using these techniques.

Remember that the situations will resolve themselves to a point that brings you tranquility and peace. How this is going to happen is beyond you so don't dictate the future or have expectations because the same mind that created the problem now needs to let go and allow another “mind” to resolve it in a way you might never have imagined to resolve it for you. So don't expect it to happen in any way you could predict. Just let it be as it is and soon enough you will find things happening.

Now just in my own experience I would like to offer two experiences that happened to me in this regard. There was another person I see every day and we never get along very well. This person was very negative and believe I am airy fairy thus we always ended up arguing about that. After doing this on her one night the next day when we met she apologized to me and admitted to her negativity.  We compromised to scale off on both the positive and the negative ends and now we get along in harmony.

I really don't like the government and the way traffic officers misuse their positions to take bribes. They would ask me to pull over and then find the simplest problems on my car to see if I would panic and pay them a bribe. Well one day while I was furious about this, I forgave it. I got pulled over the very next day. For a welcome change the traffic officer found everything in order and let me go. It was as if the universe used these events to show me it worked!