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logical conclusions about life after death.

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Author Topic: logical conclusions about life after death.  (Read 148 times)
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« on: June 16, 2009, 05:13:13 pm »

What happens when we die? Some people say that life after death is just a belief we made up for ourselves to give us consolation. All religions promote the idea of life after death to the extend where most of them demand that you sacrifice this wonderful opportunity of life that you have now for some unknown reality that you can earn after death. Besides that there has always been some witnessing of Ghosts and paranormal activity through the years and the evidence is becoming too compelling to move aside.

If you believe that it is your fate to only become worm food one day and to fertilize and push daisies up in some cemetery one day then I can assume that you believe that your consciousness resides in your biology and nowhere else. Thus when you die and your brain dies you are obsolete right? But what would you say of the people who left their bodies during operations? Some of these people even left the very rooms they were lying in and witnessed happenings elsewhere in reality. This definitely proves to me that they were there. They witnessed something but their body was not with them at the time. So from this you can draw a conclusion that consciousness does not really need a body to be conscious and thus will remain so after leaving the corporeal form.

So logically I can say that there is life after death. It might not be life as we know it today but it definitely exists. So logically I can say that your consciousness chose to have an experience called life in corporeal form and hence you incarnated into a loving womb and here you are, contributing your uniquely wonderful fragrance to this beautiful tapestry of life. And now you consider the probability of life after death.

Why would that concern you? Could it be because someone put the idea in your mind that you need to sacrifice your current moments of life to prepare for after you died? Now this does not make logical sense either. Why come here in the first place then? Does it make sense to believe that you came from heaven to live a life preparing to go to heaven? It makes more sense to say you came here because you wanted to be here. No other reason. You wanted to smell the flowers and go “ouch” when you walk into a wall so you can know through experience what it feels like.

Yes there are ghosts and yes you will live forever as you have lived before you chose this experience and yes your deceased is waiting for you in some afterlife but what are you going to do today? You are here now. How can you make your coffee taste better in the morning? Is that not more appropriate? This is our playground. We applied and we got drafted and we entered the gates and wow! What an experience. Lets enjoy the living daylights out of it hmm?

We can concern ourselves with what to do after death when we get there. Until then we can suck the marrow out of life here in physical bliss.

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