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DNA Strand 13 ?

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Author Topic: DNA Strand 13 ?  (Read 105 times)
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« on: June 27, 2009, 04:30:08 am »

After reading Laura's thread on the 12 DNA strands did a bit a research and came across this...........the 13 DNA strand ?

Anyone else heard of it ?

  The 13th DNA Strand as a Portal to Higher Evolution

Up until present time most individuals have worked with the 12 strands of DNA and have not yet allowed that 13th step or strand to evolve in their lives. The 12 strands of DNA (Deoxyribonucleic acid) are the carriers of genetic information in almost all organisms. As the individual begins its process in this lifetime, certain traits (hair and eye color, body structure, cultural traits) begin their influence. Coupled with them are the thought forms developed through family, religious or societal belief systems, patterns which begin to influence and form the total being. Many of these patterns or belief systems if healthy, help us to create a functional existence. In most cases this has not proven to be true and subsequently our patterns of unhealthy relationships began. Instead of happiness one becomes a victim to the past and all its trappings. The continuous mind chatter regulates them and keeps them prisoners to the thought forms created by deleterious belief systems.

  The Design of the 12th & 13th Strand system of DNA
The 12 strand system of DNA was designed to allow a person to focus intensely upon certain aspects of evolution that they “at a Soul level” were seeking to understand. The 12 strand system allows for lessons of this detail to be learned in the physical. Until this time most of these lessons we have had to learn was in a non-physical state. This is because the lessons in certain areas become so refined that they need to be separated from physical dimension in order to learn them cleanly and clearly, such as a persons intent versus their desire.

The 13th strand overlaid on the 12th strand system then permits the individual to be empowered, and self willed. The 12 are the foundation and tools, the 13th is the “Itself.” It is love as the Christ Consciousness resurrected in each individual with the potential to increase its vibratory rate to invoke universal healing. Unlike the 12 strand system, each 13th strand is completely unique, it carries with it the 4 extra “codons” of DNA which we are seeing in the children born today. They are disease free. The 13th strand connects one from the earth plane to the God-Self, with the energy of the CHIRST as the glue or love source that assists the veils of separation to be lifted.

When working with the 13th strand, the real goal a person is seeking is to integrate the 12 strand areas of mastery they have chosen into their Spirit or Essence. When complete and in Harmony, the being has succeeded in making a leap of personal evolution, has physically integrated areas of knowledge and there will no longer be the separation of being from knowledge. It is now one. When this happens a new area of mastery comes into being.

The 13th strand is also the communicator focus. In all instances the 13th strand is the strand of love, and is designed to integrate Spirit and flesh. We all came from the same Spirit. The origin of our being is included in every single 13th strand, therefore even though 2 people might be of totally different areas of knowledge about the world, each would also be aware of their uniqueness and relation to each other as they both have the same Creator. They could then work on integrating and exchanging information, because they could relate on a higher frequency level of their being. This 13th strand of complete love is woven throughout the 12 strands of DNA, thus imprinting the Divine Blueprint, Spirit’s blueprint, the innate being of you which has stemmed from the source, the beginning, day one of creation. The Christ, the anointed spirit formed into beingness is thus resurrected, alive again within each and every being.
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