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Peaceful thinking. (Without conflict.)

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Author Topic: Peaceful thinking. (Without conflict.)  (Read 133 times)
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« on: July 01, 2009, 08:54:23 am »

"A mind that "knows" what truth should look like only creates projection and false illusion. Only an empty mind can see reality."

In the same way I can say that you cannot solve a problem with the same mind that created the problem.

Everyone replies that they agree. That is true we all agree. This is a worthy thing to know. Does knowing it then help in any way? No.

Why not?
We attach the big I to everything we create, do and say, as if that is part of who we are. If what I say is good then I must be good. If what I do is good then I must be good. People have to approve of me for me to be me. I can also create security as proof that I am right. You may not agree with me but I have the huge bank account, house, car or whatever so I must be right.  This is bollocks! We know that but how do we get out of the trap? 

We are still pushing our projections against others projections. We talk. We project. We speculate, attach to our speculation. If you invalidate my speculation then a part of me is invalidated so I am going to push my speculation until you agree to it. That is attachment. That is the sickness. I am not my speculation. You don't really have to understand it. If it was meant to be then you would. The universe is perfect. If I was meant to understand your point of view I would. Now I don't so let it be what it is.

These projections are like shields around us. We come together in agreement and stay apart through opposition. You and I can never be ONE when there is a you and I. Two minds filled with stuff (important stuff through attachment.) cannot merge. Two things cannot occupy the same space. We can only be one when we are empty. Two emptinessí can fill the same space.

What is this emptiness that I am talking about? Are we all to walk around like morons? Not at all! Lets rather be so un-attached that we can step back and enjoy the view. Yes I think and appreciate your point of view. It takes many artists to fill the gallery of life. Enjoy them all. Sure we can talk. We will disagree. We will change points of view, but if we don't then stop pushing where is the peace and harmony? We don't HAVE to agree. 

Empty your mind of "should be" "must be" Everything IS what it is. Look and enjoy. Choose your own issues and add your own flavor to the tapestry of life. The more wacky the better! Enjoy the wholeness of life with all its diversity and laugh. This is life, this is fun, this is where we want to be. It can be no other way.

A great Sufi mystic was an artist and he bought his own wacky ways out on the canvass. All the critics found his work faulty. So one day he had an exhibition and invited all the critics to bring their brushes and their paints to add or change whatever they thought to be undesirable with his work. They never showed.

Be yourself and enjoy others being themselves. We are all unique. There is no special ness. There is only uniqueness. Let the critics do their thing and enjoy observing them too. We all make up the wonderful tapestry of life.

How do we drop the mind? We can try Japa. An ancient technique to pause your mind. It works for seconds. How do we live in that state for longer? I think acceptance is the key. Accept that the universe is perfect. Accept that everything happens for a reason. Accept that everything happens in its own time. Do some cooking, do some gardening and see the universe unfold in its own time in perfection. Every flower is perfect. Every tree is divine just the way it is. Every person serves exactly the role s/he needs to serve.

If it makes you angry then be angry. Beautifully be as angry as you can be. Be as loving as you can be. Be as lenient as you can be. Ad your fragrance to reality and do it with gusto!
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