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The Nature of Our Illusion

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Author Topic: The Nature of Our Illusion  (Read 157 times)
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Check out my new website.

« Reply #3 on: July 05, 2009, 03:04:23 am »

It is a rebels cause to free people from the bonds of peer pressure.

So in effect you can say the rebel is the "saviour' or Messaia. Think of Neo in the Matrix. Think of Jesus, then think of indigo children and elders. We are all rebels of some kind

We are on a difficult mission to break peer pressure and dogma and "sheep hearding" to a point where every man becomes responsible for his own choices made in freedom and where every man follows his own concience.

It is difficult indeed because as soon as a groupie bocomes a crowd, one has to watch and prevent politics and "sheep hearding" from happening. This forum for me is sanctuary to any self actualizing person. But when it becomes too big then the collective become more important than the individual. Then there is no self actualization and the forum becomes counter productive.
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« Reply #2 on: July 05, 2009, 02:53:12 am »

I was also quite the loaner at school, particularly primary, but I did long for companionship, and did have a few close friends. I definitely felt the need to be accepted and approved of, especially by authority figures.

I managed to avoid the rebelliousness of my peers until around aged 16, where I did break out for a few years and was a little reckless, before turning inward again. Again, I felt the intense need to please others, and that has only lessened over the past 3 years or so as I have gained more self-confidence, and it is still a learning process for me.

I believe it is good for people to have their own experiences, and follow along with their peers at times, too, a balance is ideal.
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The Black Knight of Whitehall

« Reply #1 on: July 04, 2009, 09:14:15 pm »


Well as one that grew up being so shy I was never called on in class or I would literally pass out.  I was left much to me own devices and world at times.  I don't recall haveing a friend til late in Elementry School I was that shy.  Too I had a lot of other issues with me from the age of 6 and memories of seeing "ghosts".  So in my case I never had that "peer pressure" thing.  Not even through the later grades in school I had one friend but now when I look on it there was nothing really there but surface stuff.  I just never fit in.

Too in growing up the way I did I avoided a lot of the issues much of me Graduating class got into.  With the on slot of Aids and other issues with drugs chaging in the ease of availabilty.  I avoided starting smoking. 

Not saying that being left to one's own devices either is the way to go not at all as I learned what I could do I did start down the path to the Darker Side of the Paranormal realms.  I somehow knew that was not to be me.  In learning that once again I turned more inward.  I think that we all need a bit of that "lead down the garden path" stuff in life to fully understand right from wrong and learn who we truly are. 

I did have a bit of rebel time when I was 18 and brough home a hot rod driving, motor cycle riding biker dude, that became me mate of 28 year's now.  A partent worst nighmare walked in the door that one night.  I too needed that part of life to make me who Lynn is now bring the woman from the shell of the child.

Everything in moderation but too one needs to be free a bit.  To get singed but not burned is not a bad thing. 

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« on: July 04, 2009, 05:02:28 pm »

"Human beings are profoundly influenced by their peers. They need to "belong," and if they believe that they are "outcast" it threatens their survival. That is to say, it threatens the "predators" survival because, as we know, it is the predator - the genetic body and its "hormonal swarms" that is the source of this fear. Only very strong individuals whose "essence" is stronger than the genetic body and its chemicals are able to stand up for what is right against the opinions of their peers; to stare down this almost overwhelming fear that is evoked by "peer pressure" to get in line."
- Laura Knight-Jadczyk


"The lips of Wisdom are closed, except to the ears of Understanding"

-The Kybalion

What the statements above means is that not all information is understood by everyone. The majority of people are not able to see or grasp certain concepts and this is the nature of our world. The ability to see 'lies and deceit' simply depends on what kind of thinking the individual is employing to observe the particular situation, whether Objective or Subjective. To be able to objectively observe all available evidence without emotional attachments, loyalties, fear of retribution, assumptions, or wishful thinking, is paramount for seeing lies and deception. This builds AWARENESS, and one on the path of TRUTH will have it to some degree or another.

The word ‘ILLUSION’ as used here is the hard to imagine concept of something you hold sacred, dear, unshakeable and have been taught to believe all your lives as absolute truth; is actually ABSOLUTELY FALSE in ways you are PREVENTED from seeing. When unveiled, this situation is always extremely disturbing because of the enormous emotional investments we have tied into these beliefs. These illusions are mental programs that are carefully installed in our minds starting from the moment we’re born. They are programmed into us from our environment through parents, friends, media, religion, school, politicians, etc, and never cease through the end of our lives. A hierarchy of deeper illusions such as 'tradition' and 'culture', which all together comprise the GRAND ILLUSION we call ‘CIVILIZATION’, oversees these mental programs.

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