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* Colloidal silver maker *

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Author Topic: * Colloidal silver maker *  (Read 1741 times)
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« Reply #3 on: May 20, 2011, 11:45:56 am »

Hi Linda Pleased to meet you.
There are many many uses for CS. The most common being joint pains but it will slam dunk just about any disease or virus you can think of.

Many studies seem to reflect that Colloidal Silver use remedy has been proven to be useful against many different infections and is toxic in concentrations of 3 - 5 ppm (parts per million) against all species of fungi, bacteria, protozoa, parasites and certain viruses, in the laboratory, in a petri dish. Doing a little math is in store now. If you start with 3-5 ppm and add this colloidal silver use to 5 liters of fluid such as the amount of blood in a human, you will not have the same results in killing bacteria and virus… YOU WILL NEED MORE PPM of COLLOIDAL SILVER use. Colloidal silver use does not kill or inhibit all forms of bacteria, virus or fungi. Actually, this is good news for us. If colloidal silver use killed all organisms then it would also kill essential healthy flora, necessary to maintain life, both human and animal.

When you control a source of penny's-per-gallon make-it-yourself high concentration silver colloid
you can use it for hundreds of health improvement applications. A few are suggested here.

Add to suspected drinking water when traveling or camping.

Silver-sprayed burns heal rapidly without scarring.

Safely sterilize anything from toothbrushes to surgical instruments.

Use topically on cuts, wounds, abrasions, rashes, sunburn, insect bites, razor nicks and bandages.

Spray on garbage to prevent decay odors.

Mist kitchen sponges, towels, cutting boards to eliminate E. Coli and salmonella bacteria to
prevent food poisoning and gastrointestinal inflammation.

Add when canning, preserving or bottling.

Use like peroxide on zits and acne.

Add to juices and milk to prevent spoiling, fermenting, deteriorating, clabbering or curdling.

Spray in shoes and between toes to stop most skin itch, athletes foot and fungi.

Diminish dandruff, psoriasis, skin rashes, etc.

Add to bath water, gargle, douches, colon irrigation, nasal spray and dental water-pic solutions.

Cuts downtime dramatically from colds, flu, pneumonia, staph, strep, respiratory infections and
rhino viruses.

Skin itch, eye irritation or infection (dilute a small amount with an equal amount of distilled water for eye use) and ear infections (warm slightly first), some moles and warts vanish (put on band aid pad and wear on wart overnight each night until gone).

Use with Q-tips on fingernail, toenail, and ear fungi.

Can impede tooth decay and bad breath.

Unlike pharmaceutical antibiotics, Colloidal Silver never permits strain-resistant pathogens to evolve.

Toothaches, mouth sores, bacterial irritations are diminished.

Soak dentures.

Spray refrigerator, freezer and food storage bin interiors.

Mix in postage stamp, envelope, and tape moistening wells, paint and paste pots to prevent bacterial growth, odors, spoiling or souring.

Add to water-based paints, wallpaper paste, dishwater, cleaning and mopping solutions, etc.

Spray pet bedding and let dry.

Spray on top of contents of opened jam, jelly, and condiment containers and inside lids before replacing.

Mix a little in pet water, birdbaths, cut flower vases.

Add to swamp cooler water.

Spray air conditioner filters after cleaning.

Swab air ducts and vents to prevent breeding sites for germs.

Use routinely in laundry final rinse water and always before packing away seasonal clothes.

Damp clothes or towels and washcloths will not sour or mildew.

Eliminate unwanted microorganisms in planter soils and hydroponics systems.

Spray plant foliage to stop fungi, molds, rot, and most plant diseases.

Silver is an excellent plant-growth stimulator.

Treat pools, fountains, humidifiers, Jacuzzis, hot tubs, baths, dishwashers, re-circulating cooling tower water, gymnasium foot dips, and bath and shower mats.

Spray inside shoes, watch bands and gloves and under fingernails periodically.

Treat shower stalls, tubs, fonts, animal watering troughs, shavers to avoid trading germs.

Rinse fruit and vegetables before storing or using.

Put in cooking water.

Add to human and animal shampoos and they become disinfectants.

Prevent carpets, drapes and wallpaper from mildewing.

Wipe telephone mouthpieces, pipe stems, headphones, hearing aids, eyeglass frames, hairbrushes, combs, loofas.

Excellent for diapers and diaper rash.

Do toilet seats, bowls, tile floors, sinks, urinals, door knobs.

Kills persistent odors.

Rinse invalid's pillowcases, sheets, towels and bedclothes.

There are literally thousands of other essential uses for this odorless, nearly tasteless and colorless, totally benign, powerful, non-toxic disinfectant and healing agent.

You'll find that a spray or misting bottle of Colloidal Silver solution may be the most useful
health enhancement tool in your environment.

Some people, when first ingesting Colloidal Silver, have the experience that is called the Herxheimer effect.

This experience is a result of the silver very efficiently killing off too many pathogens too fast
for the body to dispose of through the normal eliminative organs.

This forces the body to utilize the secondary eliminative organs: the lungs, sinuses and skin.

Sometimes a new Colloidal Silver user who ingests Colloidal Silver for the first time will
experience what feels like a cold or the flu (or diarrhea). This can be stopped by cutting back on the dosage (or completely abstaining for a day or so), or prevented by starting with a small dose (1/4 to 1 teaspoon twice a day) and gradually increasing the dosage.

Some people even find they need to start off at first with just a few drops.

People who are trying to self-treat a significant health condition (like asthma, or an internal infection) may need to work up to fairly large quantities each day (4 to 6 oz 2-3 times per day) before they see an improvement.  There are no known instances of anyone overdosing with Colloidal Silver.
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« Reply #2 on: May 20, 2011, 11:27:22 am »

I've always wanted to try this. I've seen colloidal silver in health food stores and have wanted to try it. What can the colloidal silver be used for?
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Linda - Has anyone ever used purest colloids platinum as a supplement?
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Check out my new website.

« Reply #1 on: March 21, 2011, 01:47:40 pm »

Feel free to join this forum and browse around. The more people to contribute and use this forum as a gathering place and reference to all things that can help us the merrier.


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« on: July 18, 2009, 05:12:21 am »

Generate 27 Vlots DC. 3X 9v Batteries and run it through your silver probes Silver probes must be best grade silver Better than 98%. The probes must not be thinner than 1.7 mm and they must be about 15 cm long. Ad a 27 volt globe in the circuit to tell you what is happening.

The silver will cost you less than one months supply of bottled CS water and then you are set for life. It works for animals and open sores too. Marvellous stuff. They now line band aid plasters with Colloidal Silver (CS) and overprice them.

So you have the picture? 27 volt DC then through two wires that have the silver at the ends. Submerge this in a long glass (250- 300 ML) of water and power up for 3 minutes. Stir with wood or plastic (not metal) Drink. One in the morning and one in the evening. One in the afternoon too if you are serious but not neccesarily

You can also make a glass for the basin you wash your face in. Dilute it with other water in the bowl does not matter. Colloidal silver is body friendly but parasite and fungus unfriendly. So it will definitely work. Some people put it in a mist spray bottle and spray it over skin problems like three times a day.

Now I can link you to websites that tell you its fantastic and stuff but the best you can do is to try it out for yourself. You will definitey feel benefits in a week or so. Sometimes it heals problems you didn't even know you had.

It works!! Good luck.

You can drink drain water after treating it with your probes. It kills any bad stuff and turns the water into a kind of clinical anti bacterial cleansing. I think it is essential in any survival kit.

It helps when the water is clean. The cleaner the better. But it is not entirely neccesary. There are a lot of sales pitches out there. People want to convince you they have the ONLY way of making it so they can take your money.

The guy who orignally experimented and made his and healed himself with it says. "Dont let them fool you with sales pitches. You can use drain water. As long as it's water." The important thing is 27 Volts DC and the size of the probes.

This is as simple as making steam. The commercial companies live on myths and lies and superstition that they creeate to try and stay in the maket.

I think of 2012 and the fact that I might have to clean wounds one day with no Pharmacy around the corner. I made mine and I use it with boiled tap water. It works like a charm. The stronger the current OR the cleaner the water, the less murky it is but it still works and even if some of the particles are bigger it won't kill or hurt you as far as i know.

Do-It-Yourself Colloidal Silver Generator.

1. Go to the local bargain store and buy three 9 volt batteries
2. Wire them together in the manner above (positive to negative to positive to negative to positive with two wires free). Alligator clips work good.
3. Get some pure silver. (Surely, you know some jewelry artist. Or buy a bit of silver wire at a jewelry store. You only need about four inches of silver wire.)
4. Attach two pieces of silver to the two free wires coming from the batteries.
5. Dip the silver into a glass of water. (Warm, distilled water works best.) Watch science in action as the electrical current destabilizes the water. Water molecules are torn apart. Free-ranging oxygen atoms bond into unstable triads (ozone!) and pull helpless microns of silver into ionized suspension. Tiny bubbles of pure hydrogen gas fizz up from one wire, as ionized silver streams off the other wire in ghostlike clouds. Beautiful, actually. Wait about five minutes or less. If you start getting brown stuff, that's silver dioxide and you've left it too long. (Brush the silver dioxide off the silver bits after you use them.)
6. Drink up. If it has a strong, yukky metallic taste, almost unbearable, you've got the right stuff.

Africa has great water but it is tainted by bad management. But survice water is plentiful. Lots of streams about. The governing bodies are normally to blame for bad sanitation. South Africa was the last outpost but the governing bodies changed here as well about ten years ago and so I have to be content with "undrinkable" water for the first time in my life. They say its drinkable but every once in a while we get a stomack bug or something by the thousands.

Another thing is that the powers that profit from pharmaceuticals and chemichals, the elitists has a vested interest in having us dependent on stuff we have to pay for. If they employ CS in Africa It won't be long before the rest of the world catches on. Can you imagine when the mjority stops getting certain diseases that earn them lots of xillions in currency?

To them when a few million "sheople"die to keep them in power it does not mattter so much. They feel about it the same way te chef feels about the eggs when making an omelet.

Ohh I am sooo looking forward to 4th dimention existence LOL

Another good thing to have is an Ozone maker. You can be in a tent in the bush and you can turn it into a sanitary hospital when you ozonate the air. Everything just dies. Little bugs and mite and all kinds of unwanted stuff just cannot stand the increased oxygen.

By Medusa & Eugene

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Rest In Peace Dragon Rider ? ATS

"Don't regret what you have already done, but look forward to what is still to come!"

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