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March 03, 2024, 11:16:58 am
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Human energy AMPLIFIED. Could you feel it?

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Author Topic: Human energy AMPLIFIED. Could you feel it?  (Read 162 times)
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« on: July 30, 2009, 11:19:57 pm »

I thought this Guided newsletter appropriate for us all. Did any of you feel a shift in July? When you look at the world around you. Peoples behaviour and everything. Do you see changes?

Dearest Hearts,

As always, I pray you are well as the third dimension finalizes its collapse and we shift our way into the stratas of the fourth and fifth dimension (and beyond!)

No longer adequate for fascination purposes, or even global meditation as an answer, it is vital to deeply embrace the massive importance of complete personal heartfelt immersion and participation in the shift of your life on an everyday basis. What each one of us does now will make every difference in what will come and become of YOU later, (and later is nipping on your heels in this second.)

I'm guided at this time to share a couple of very important aspects that affected and will continue to affect us personally as a result of this centuries longest solar eclipse, this July, and will continue intensely in the months ahead. Simultaneously I am guided to bring to Light that everyone is in the midst of the collaboration of his or her lives eclipse or otherwise.

July's eclipse was so powerful that not only did it plunge regions of Asia into darkness at dawn, it had millions of human beings world-wide literally shaking in their shoes as a result of its velocity, days before and days after.

As a result of this potent eclipse and its length of time spent in direct alignment with the Earth and each one of us personally, it was purposefully used to download intense, upgraded electrical currents into our physical bodies to assist us in the transfiguration of our human natures into our Divine natures. This action moved us further away from the longest age of pain and suffering ever and into a long awaited age of peace, prosperity and joy. (Did you know that transfiguration means to exalt and glorify?)

Due to its profundity, I asked Spirit for a wider perspective than the ones I had been reading about in regards to this particular eclipse and the ones upcoming. I was given so much information that I could have written a 10-page newsletter (don't worry I didn't) however I will give you an overview of what I received and will unfold more in the months ahead.

The first thing I received was to expect more potency in the human energy amplification, and expect there to be shorter intervals in between the surges. Though the eclipses and New Moons will be used as the primary source of frequency upgrades, 'blending,' neutralization and magnification, every single experience that we magnetize to ourselves right now, will also be sourced for upgrade. Here's why:

As most know, we are being completely rewired, clarified and crystallized, as the final preparations for the big move out of the third dimension picks up speed. The voltage of energy that we human beings have carried in the third dimension is not sufficient to work in the fourth, fifth, sixth and beyond dimensions that we are moving to.

Our energies must be converted and will be converted to accommodate the energy spheres (or dimensions) that we are moving into until the final collapse of the third dimension. Then, the intensity will slow down significantly.

The potent frequency surges that are purposefully making us ready for the end and the beginning, must be sent down into us from 'on high,' if you will, and they have to be sent down more rapidly and with greater intensity in order that everyone is able to make some kind of move upward. The preparations for our arrival in the fourth, fifth and beyond dimensions are beyond most mortal imagination and they are no longer a matter of prophecy.

Very shortly the third dimension will no longer be in existence. The neighborhood will vanish. Everyone is being moved out, with love and with suitable energy. However not everyone will be moving into the exact same place. Where you live will not be chosen for you but by you. I'll explain.

More than two thousand years ago it was written that, "In my Father's house there are many mansions." In the fourth, fifth, sixth and beyond dimensions there are also 'many mansions.'

Where we live depends on how much Light we can hold as a result of what we have mastered while living in the third dimension, primarily mastery of thoughts, and mastery of love.

Some call it mastering the four lower bodies (or lower chakras), some call it mastering unity consciousness, while others call it mastering our lower natures anger, greed, judgment, frustration and fear, all of which are thoughts before they take form. A Master let's no thought run rampant like a wild horse, neutralizes all reaction, flows into the state of love consistently, and allows no former experience to define their current existence.

The fourth dimension has some similarities to the third dimension. There are levels of limitation inside of the fourth dimension that will be experienced by those that have not yet mastered the lower human nature while living in the third dimension. It is up to you.

All baggage filled with fear, all agitated energy you have with others, all stories, all victim and martyr consciousness must be neutralized and transmuted out of its discordant state to assure your comfortable place in the fourth, fifth and higher dimensions. Your comfort is all a matter of your thoughts and your thoughts conduct the current of your energy that will drive you straight up to the front door of your new home!

In every case the entire physical system must have an upgraded currency of energy in order that you don't simply blow up regardless of which 'mansion' or which level one moves to.

Another piece of what occurred during the latest surge from the eclipse is that it also blasted apart chunks of archaic encodements that have been stored inside of our bodies since Atlantis. Why? Because many of those former encodements are pressing on our current thoughts.

Most of the Atlantean encodements have to do with resistances that you and I have carried from one lifetime into another. Every resistance, born of a former impulse, is the primary source of a vast majority of struggles that we have or had with ourselves or another in every lifetime; most predominantly in this one.

Now, in this lifetime and before final arrangements are made for your move, all resistances or struggles (encodements) must be brought to the surface to be recognized (not judged) and transmuted. Note: to transmute means to change from one nature into another.

To transmute resistance or struggle means that the energy will change its nature, once recognized by you, from a fixed state to a flexible state and then change natures once again into a surrendered state, or a neutral state. Resistance and struggle transmutes as slowly or as quickly as one allows it to. It's based on how insistent each is in taking dominion over thoughts and egos.

The energies will continue to blast away intensely in the coming months but each one of us wields the sword that ultimately cuts ourselves free to travel into the upper realms of new dimensions. Master Key: Whenever fear, anger, lack of self-worth, jealousy, greed, judgment or inflexibility rears its ugly head, take action immediately in the opposite direction and the fixed state will be transmuted. Try it, and see for yourself.

The most natural (not normal) emotion and action is to have no need to be right. Open your heart and move into love constantly, consistently. Watch how fast you shift into a higher realm of consciousness, preparing yourself properly for the big move.

Dearest Hearts, take heart, for we truly are well on our way to being converted so we are able to live in Heaven while still on Earth, the holy ground of all possibility and grace. Right now with energies amplified and hearts breaking wide open we are moving through the "valley of the shadow of our death" where the watered down version of our Divinity turns into the wine of our Divinity.

The great poet and mystic Rumi said it best in his poem "The Grapes of My Body."

"The Grapes of My Body."

The grapes of my body can only become wine
After the winemaker tramples me.
I surrender my spirit like grapes to his trampling
So my inmost heart can blaze and dance with joy.
Although the grapes go on weeping blood and sobbing
"I cannot bear any more anguish, any more cruelty"
The trampler stuffs cotton in His ears: "I am not working in ignorance
You can deny me if you want, you have every excuse,
But it is I who am the Master of this Work.
And when, through my Passion, you reach perfection,
You will never be done praising my name." -Rumi

Please just breathe Rumi's words in for a moment. They are powerful.

Each one of you, each one of US is being transfigured into a Divine expression of our Creator, not just an experience for the Creator. Love yourself enough to participate on a full time basis in your shift. It is time to pull the plug and disrupt the flow of the human current of energy. Watch what happens and know you are loved!

Copyright Maureen Moss 2009.
Please feel comfortable to share this with others. I just ask that you include my name and websites.
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