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The whole world will be in a Yellow Self-Existing Seed Year

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Author Topic: The whole world will be in a Yellow Self-Existing Seed Year  (Read 146 times)
« on: August 26, 2009, 04:02:22 am »

The whole world will be in a Yellow Self-Existing Seed Year

July 26, 2009 to July 25th, 2010

and the question for this year will be....

How do I manifest my dream or vision?

You do so with Yellow Seed energy...(perfect)

The Anastasia Books will definitely help!
as will the "Egg of Potential" exercise by Bartholomew


Tone 4 - Self-Existing - Measure




Yellow Seed - Kan

Shadow Wisdom of Yellow Seed

One of the shadows of Yellow Seed is acting as the unawakened seed, the sleeper who wants to remain protected and invulnerable. In this shadow you may think you are serving yourself through this illusion of safety and security. Yet if you maintain distance from the world of possibilities outside your shell, your new horizons are kept at a distance. Take a risk, and reveal all that you are! Beyond the confines of definitions and self-concepts and the security of everyday patterns, the excitement of unknown possibilities beckons.

Examine how protective limitations affect your natural growth. Such issues are reflected in phrases like, "My world works just the way it is"; "I can't do that"; "I'm just fine the way I am"; or "I feel too inadequate." The same wall that is intended to create safety and security also builds a barrier that limits Spirit from creating new possibilities in your life.

One way to access the transformation offered in the shadow of Yellow Seed is to realize that the seeds - your dreams, desires, and destiny - lie waiting within you to be awakened. In accepting that you are the fertile ground, you feel the authentic safety and security within, and the outside world becomes ripe with new possibilities.

Look at yourself in relationship to the natural seasons and cycles of your life. There is a time to move into the stillness of the dormant seed, where you ready yourself to be cleansed by the rains that germinate the new growth of spring. In summer, you fully flourish and manifest the abundance of life. In fall, you reap the harvest and prepare to go deep within for winter. You may have a tendency to get locked into a pattern of a particular cycle or season. If so, remember that it is often wise to clear away the dead wood, to remove restrictions and allow room for new growth. Yellow Seed asks you to open to receive the gift that is held in any fixed pattern, which will teach you the wisdom of the whole cycle.

In the shadow of Yellow Seed, you may wait for someone or something else to "do it for you," to be seeded or made whole from outside of self. Realize that you, in harmony with Spirit, seed yourself and awaken your changes, dreams and possibilities. This is a unique opportunity to learn about your relatedness, your oneness with all life. As the indigenous Americans say, "For all my relations!" We are all relatives engaged in the larger cycles and patterns of life. All that we do is connected to the whole.



Now is the time to move into the Light of Yellow Seed

Qualities of Yellow Seed: seed, seeding manifestation, self-germination, fertile ground, creation and gestation, patterning of the light, opening, possibility erupting.

Yellow Seed is the ordered pattern of growth. You and your life are the fertile soil, and the mystery blooms within you through the power of your intention or seed thoughts. Just as a seed contains the hologram of its completion, the process of manifestation follows a natural order. In this gestation process, your intention is quickened by Spirit. The charged seed, your true desire or vision, becomes the focus for germination.

What can you open that will support receptivity and assist the germination of your seed intentions? Envision the seed receiving the invitation to grow in the openness of your world. Viscerally feel the possibility of your heart's dream emerging. Your true desires and dreams contain an innate intelligence that can break through even the rigidity of fixed expectations. Planting a new seed, even in the hard soil of old belief systems, can bring unexpected magic and growth.

Be willing to break open the constraining shells of past patterns, the shackles of belief structures. Cellphone forth your creative involvement with life. This involvement frees and awakens the powerful energy of the life force, shifting your perceptions and experience, catalyzing the manifestation of your dreams. Participate spontaneously in your growth, unrestricted by the illusion of old structures that once provided safety. Move forward into the light of new possibilities.

Offer your dream-seed to the universe. In the ordered patterning of the light, align with your heart's greater purpose. In gratitude, surrender and release the seed to the benefit of your growth and its own pattern of perfection.

The number for Yellow Seed is four, the vibration of measure. This is the number of cycles and seasons. It represents the ordered patterning of the light wherein, as Jose Arguelles says, "form learns to generate its own seed." The number four represents the freed pattern of form, the germination of specific seeds co-created with Spirit. If you are in the process of seeding something, meditate with the number four and the energy of Yellow Seed to assist you.

Yellow Seed encompasses an ordered pattern of light known as entelechy, the power that directs an organism toward the fulfillment of its own nature. Yellow Seed is a symbol of this natural, ordered power. Within any seed is the hologram of both is potential and the fulfillment of it's true nature. All possibility exists within the seed; it is informed directly from the ordered patterning of the light. That is to say, the perfect unfolding of a seed's potential is determined at each stage of its growth. Often we are caught in the maze of mind, looking for answers when, through our innate tropism to the light, our perfect pattern of growth would unfold with joyful ease.

Tropism is the tendency to respond or move toward something by natural attraction. Through a code inherent within, a sprouted seed grows toward the light and a sunflower follows the Sun. In like manner, you respond to the light of your Essence Self, opening naturally to the fulfillment of your true nature. Through your own process of living and learning, you generate and plant various intentions and desires. As your natural growth pattern is catalyzed and awakened, your truth germinates in wisdom, emerging into the light in which all seeds flourish. Thus, as you plant your own truth, more truth comes to light. In this way, you create ever more fertile ground in which to explore and express all that you are.

A meditation for Yellow Seed is, "I am the bodhi mandala, the seed possibility erupting." The color for Yellow Seed is saffron yellow. This is the color of the animating wisdom of the sun, the power that brings the vital force into visible form. If you wish to access the Yellow Seed energy of self-germination, focus of bright yellow.


Harmonic Wisdom of Yellow Seed

The law of harmony embodied in Yellow Seed is tonal progression, the orderly advance from one tone to another that creates a larger pattern or melody. Progressions have to do with the creation of the harmony of naturally ordered patterns, allowing for an ordering in the stages of spiritual development. Recognize the truth of your seed as the whole, your part in the pattern of perfection. The seed contains the hologram of your progression on your evolutionary path. Even though you may not always see the musical score, you are still played by the music. As the natural laws of harmony are understood and experienced, more of the larger pattern becomes visible and the true self is revealed.

The harmonic progressions represented by Yellow Seed provide the framework on which you are able to clearly evolve to your fullest potential. One understanding is built on another, as you realize that you are one with the heart of All That Is.

A musical descriptor for Yellow Seed is nodal lines, as expressed in the experiments with sound of Ernst Chladni, who founded the science of acoustics in the early 1900's. In these studies, the musician put sand on a drumhead and then struck a musical note. What he found was that different notes consistently made distinct geometrical patterns in the sand. Sand collected in the areas that were not vibrating, leaving the areas without sand as a now visible witness of the vibrating note, the form behind forms. In this, the physical world reveals the spiritual. Yellow Seed represents this natural, ordered patterning of the light.

Our Tone for this year is Tone 4- Self-Existing

In alignment with the natural cycles, may the sacred take form in the Great Mystery revealed through you.

Qualities: Order, definition, discrimination, natural cycles, meaningful alignment.

Four is the ray of measure, the alignment with natural cycles. It is the square, the base of the pyramid, the solid foundation that unifies the lines of directional force. Four is the diamond asking you to utilize tools of discrimination.

Now is the time to manifest your dream or vision. Look to natural logic, order and definition - these gifts support the whisperings of your creative spirit. You are the architect who manifests your dreams! Open the door and call forth the sacred Four. You are being brought into meaningful alignment, bringing healing into this cycle of your life.

The four directions offer you assistance in understanding universal physical laws. Use measure as a tool of consciousness to mold time, form and space. Now is the time to focus, to connect tangibly with the undefined. Take your ideas and give them discipline and form. Develop the ability to discriminate without creating separation or judgement. Channel your creative energy constructively, generating the power for practical manifestation!


***This is the 4th year in a 13 year cycle that began with Red Magnetic Moon on July 26th, 2006. Can you see that you began to remember who you really are, your Inner Master, back in 2006, in perhaps a bigger way than years previous?

These excerpts were taken from the book, "The Mayan Oracle - Return Path to the Stars" by Ariel Spilsbury & Michael Bryner - Click here to email Ariel and purchase a signed copy!


Dream Symbolism for Yellow Seed

If your dreams are full of the following dream images or feelings you are experiencing Yellow Seed!

Digging in the earth
Seedlings and growing plants, things
Earth, Water, Sun energies
Small-scale objects
The color Yellow
Flow-Rigidity axis
Shell-Opening axis
Crabs or other shellfish
People in your dreams that you know are Cancers or Capricorns
Dream within a Dream


Self-Existing energies



Astrological Significance

Check your astrological chart to see if you have transits that involve Saturn, the signs Cancer or Capricorn or your Moon.

Yellow Seed combines the ordering, patterning, manifesting and pruning energies of Saturn (and Capricorn) with the feminine, flowing, birthing powers of the Moon (and Cancer).

Self-Existing Tone 4 energies resonate with Saturnian energies - bringing something into focus, creating a structure, manifestation on the earth plane.


Personal Observations

As I write this we are not yet in our Yellow Self-Existing Seed year - it's June 4, 2009 - and I am creating the Anastasia Book pages.

Usually one begins to feel the energy of the New Year about 3 months prior to the energy arriving full blown - that would mean that back on April 26th, 2009 we all would have begun to feel something new. I know that at almost exactly that time a real dream of mine began to seem like it could actually become a reality...I felt ready to Manifest! The seed was sown.

Then a couple of weeks ago I discovered the Anastasia Books - and they were finally delivered just a few days ago. I devoured the first one in 24 hours and just can't believe the perfect timing - the books are a beautiful accompaniment to the Yellow Self-Existing Seed energies! One of the first things I heard about the books was about the method of planting a Seed! Ahhhh HA!

So, if you all are beginning to feel inklings of new seeds and possibilities being sewn within you - get that fishing line and bring them up to the surface so you can really dream a detailed living dream of them and they are sure to get all the nourishment and a good start during the Yellow Seed year ahead...



Western Astrology Correspondence

Take a look at the chart for the Mayan New Year (Yellow Self-Existing Seed energy) here.

Wow, this is crazy! The first, verrrrrryobvious thing that one notices is the Square (how very Self-Existing of the chart!). See the red lines creating a square between the planets? But, look...the most amazing visual symbol is the opening to the square - see that? A nice place to plant a Seed I would say...in order to manifest the square/reality/structure. But wait there is more! (yessss it's true) Look at the planets on either side of the opening! I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw it: Saturn and the Moon - the two planets that I associate with Yellow Seed! (and I associate Saturn with Self-Existing too) Isn't that rather mind-blowing? I'd say it is!

A couple of other things that draw my attention to this chart is the fact that the Sun (in Leo - always in Leo for the Mayan New Year -which makes sense as the Sun rules Self-Realization and each one of our unique soul-lights. Individuals as Stars) has only harmonious aspects! That is encouraging. The Sun sextiles the Moon in Libra which symbolizes a creative and beneficial opportunity between our Conscious and Subconscious selves....with an added dash of Beauty, Love, Harmony and Balance as symbolized by the Libra Moon.

The sun also trines Uranus which makes for an exciting year - brand new ideas and possibilities to seed...

One of the most significant aspects on the new year day is the fact that Jupiter, planet of abundance, positive energies, luck and expansiveness, is sitting right next to Neptune, planet of idealism, spirituality, poetry, magic, and super-high vibrations of Love - both at 24 degrees! Essentially a heightened, positive, expansive state of mind where you really can realize your Dreams.

A wonderful year to plant your Dream Seeds, that is for sure!

A word about Square's in astrology - they are filled with tension as the planets are all in a challenging aspect to each other - but, too, they are verrrry powerful - once you get a handle of the disparate energies you can actually do some serious manifesting.

The planets involved in this square are: The Moon (emotions, home, mother, habits), Pluto (transformation, healing, refining), Uranus (expect the unexpected, unique spark, revolution, genius), Venus (love, beauty, values, money) and Saturn (fears, limitations, structures of all kinds including governmental, familial, cultural, focus, responsibility, discipline) - soooooo time to synthesize all those energies and make something authentic and real out of them during this Yellow Self-Existing Seed year!



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