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Past live recall stories

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Author Topic: Past live recall stories  (Read 350 times)

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I did a Past Lives Regression Workshop never having done one before but knowing I have of course has past lives I was not ready for what I was to find that was forsure. 

We were asked to go to our very fist life ever the one we started with.  We were told to look at our feet to see what might be on them.  OMG mine had claws and fur.  I wanted to bolt but I stayed there in that place.  We were asked to look and see what we were wearing on our bodies how we were dressed I of course had a fur coat on.  I was brownish / black.  Then I noticed OMG I had a long tail.  I knew then I was what I was I was a "rodent" ( something in this life scares the daylights out of me).  We were asked to go to our home, mine was a cave.  We were asked to look around see who we might know.  I found a friend that I share a known past life with there.  It gave him great peace to know he was once an animal.  He always felt that one.  Me I never did.  I had to come to terms with that one.  When we came out of that meditation we were asked to share.  I was like I can not say what I found but did.  I was told it was possible but "very rare" .  I was like ok here we go again "rare" is a term that goes to me often.  I am getting now used to that but. 

The next life we were to go to was a life as a teen but I was taken off path some there. I was taken to a life where once again "rare" came into it.  I was taken to a life I had in a castle ( that I know of still exists in Scotland) where I was two in one life.  I was the Kings Witch ( personal advisor I prefer) and I was his Son the head Knight.  I lived in the 1400's.  I know of Knight he never came forth again in the body but has been with me as a Spirit visitor since I was little but he came to me in full pressence at a time of great sorrow in me life.  He goes to a friend I share a past life with I know again in this life.  He always say I Knight with him thought on him as his Guide.  When I e mail him a picture of just a castle he said to me OMG I know this place why ?  Instandly the memories flooded back in.  He was our keeper of the horses and he was a lost young man then too.  Much like the one I found in this life.  Now we are three again in this life.  We share the memories we have.  We will go to the castle in a few year's.  It will be great fun.  Too this place has been well investigated and is said to be haunted.

The last life in the workshop was to this one we come into.  To find the moment we knew who we were to be.  I was some 'pissy' to find that I was to be female in this life.  I know that would mean I had children to bring forth.  Too I do not mis like who I am don't get me wrong, I am mated to mine 28 year's now and have three wonderufl kids.  I am a good mate and Mother.  I just did not want the duties is all.  What I found was there is no connection to me own Mother we co exist that Mother / Daughter bond snapped when I was 3 month's old.   I had the fear of failing as a Mother.  Not the case.  Least no so far.  I was close to me Dad but lost him when I was 21.  In this life I found I was placed in the right house as me Dad was very "gifted" in the Medium relms but the times were such that it was not to be talked on so I was shut down at the age of 6 year's old.  He now works with ohter's I know in Spirit. 

Too I know of other past lives I have had I was once a Madam in the Wild West.  I have been a Shaman and a Witch too a part of me family was hung for such actions.  Too I know I was a Jew in a camp as a girl of about 6. 

We all have past lifes.  There are many a way to tap into them.  Too in finding some it settles us some.  I know realizing I was once two in one so settled me with that split feeling in this life I have.  I understand that feeling now.  Too maybe in time I can come to hold a rodent.  Embrace that in me as well. 
Right now the feeling is still to bolt. 

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