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a message from Mother Earth/Gaia channeled by Pamela Kribbe

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Author Topic: a message from Mother Earth/Gaia channeled by Pamela Kribbe  (Read 297 times)
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« Reply #1 on: December 16, 2009, 01:30:32 am »

This is good therapy to allow different parts of your being to work together in team.
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« on: October 10, 2009, 04:15:45 am »

Hi Guys read this and found it interesting hope you like  Wink

a message from  Mother Earth/Gaia  channeled by  Pamela Kribbe
Tuesday, 15 September, 2009

Dear human child,

I am Earth speaking to you. I am your mother and carry you in my lap, your whole life long. You are cherished by me, even if you are not aware of it and are too busy and caught up in your day-to-day affairs. I hold you and invite you to connect with me, as I wish to stir your memory and remind you of something. It’s about something old and precious that in the modern world seems to have become forgotten. It is about the natural safety of being on earth.

To remember the natural safety of being, you can look at nature all around you. Watch the seasons, how they come and go all on their own, see the plants and animals go about their daily life, listen to the rustle of the wind or the murmuring of water. In this way, you are briefly reminded that the most important things in life happen automatically, as a result of nature running its course.  Nature is all around you and it is in you as well, for you also have a nature and it is part of nature as a whole.

Especially in the West, you have become so oriented to living from your head, that you have forgotten you are a natural being, like the plants and animals. Look at the animals, how naturally they surrender to life. They almost can’t do otherwise. They do know emotions such as fear and resistance, but they cannot oppose themselves to life as much as humans can. Human beings can by excessive thinking create a cage for their own nature and that will cause problems after a while. Life cannot be organised and controlled by human thinking. The primal forces of nature are vaster than that. Sooner or later you’ll find out. There will be a moment in which you have to surrender to nature.

Often you reach such a moment through a crisis, a situation you get stuck in and that asks of you to release control, because you have no grip anymore on things inside or around you. Releasing control hurts and it can be a struggle. Yet it will bring you home. You think you are lost and drowning in chaos, but you are actually coming closer to the natural safety of Being itself. Life holds and loves you. Crises often seem to be cruel and unjust, but in truth they always carry inside nature’s, or if you want God’s, invitation that says: ‘come home, come back to me’. There’s a guiding hand within the crisis, which seeks to support you and show you the way.

All of you who read this are on the inner journey to wholeness and completion of the self.  You are seeking to bring your soul alive in a human body of flesh and blood. On this path you go through different stages. The soul gets embodied - or descends into - the body in different stages. When you’ve only started the inner path, you will probably have become acquainted with it through your head. For instance, you may have become attracted to certain books or people, who throw a different light on ideas and values you always took for granted. You may be shaken by their new thoughts, and yet strangely attracted to it. It will fascinate you to read and hear more about it. You will let go of some of the more rigid structures of your thinking and open up to something new. Reading and speaking to other minded people can be helpful incentives in this process. This is how the journey within begins for many. You devour spiritual books like they’re cookies. Deep within you, something wants to awaken and change, and this translates itself first as the need for a new way of thinking.

After some time you start to long for more. You start to think: well, I understand what they’re talking about in those books, but how do I apply all of this to my own life? How does this knowledge come alive and how do I truly translate it into my feelings and actions on earth? This question may haunt you and drive you to despair, but you cannot force life. Yet at a certain moment something will happen in your life which will help you make the breakthrough from head to heart. Often it is a crisis of some sort. Changes may occur in the area of work, relationships, health or loss of a loved one. Whatever it is, at a certain moment feelings will arise inside you which are so intense that they cannot be ignored. You have to allow them in and let the transformation take place. That is when your soul incarnates deeper into your heart.

First your soul had descended into your head, inspiring you to take in new ideas through books, talks etcetera. Then the soul knocks at your door at a deeper level, the level of feeling. You will get acquainted with layers of emotions you never knew existed before. Crises spur these on; they will make old emotions from childhood come to the surface, perhaps even memories from before this lifetime. You will explore these layers of emotions and this is how the center of your heart opens up. Your soul incarnates even deeper, filling the heart chakra with its energy.

The transformation that takes place at that stage may give rise to several complications. You start to look at the world with different eyes and your relationships with other people change as well. Deep within, the awareness of oneness awakens. The awareness of oneness means that you realize that all of us, man, animal, plant, nature, are held together by a divine force, and that we are bound to each other, each a mirror to the other. This awareness can be overpowering and for many of you the breakthrough from head to heart causes a great sensitivity inside. This high sensitivity may create imbalances. Boundaries with others get blurred, you may take in a lot of other people’s emotional stuff not knowing how to release it and your moods can go from very high to very low. The breakthrough from head to heart, however, though powerful and essential, is not the last stage in the incarnation of the soul. The soul wants to descend even deeper, into the belly.

When the soul has descended to the level of your heart, you have partly awakened. You are aware of your feelings, you dare to look at your emotions, you are prepared to go within and face your inner wounds. But you also feel weakened by your high sensitivity and the unstableness that arises because of that. Because your heart is so full of feelings, you lose your grounding at times, and this can be difficult. This happens to many of you. When the heart center is opened radically, your sensitivity may become too much for you and you may want to withdraw from the world. You will not express yourself creatively anymore, because it is all too much and too overpowering. This can make you feel anxious and down.

The answer to this problem is not in going back into your head. The answer is in your belly. You are ready for the next step in the incarnation process of the soul: the transition from heart to belly. The soul wants to flow even deeper into your body. In the middle of your belly there’s a space or point of silence. Go there with your consciousness now as I speak. In that space there is no language, no thinking, no concepts. You may hear the rustling of leaves in the wind or the sound of the beating of waves. Those sounds can help you become aware of the silence that is within this center.

At this level, your spiritual knowing and feeling become instinctual, or as one calls it, second nature. There is no need to think or even feel it over. A deep knowingness is present from which you act and life pours through you easily. Your soul has then become your nature, it has descended to the level of instinctual awareness. This gives you the balance you need! You can remain centered and calm amidst a demanding and turbulent environment. Your feeling center (your heart) wants to connect with your belly, in order for it to be truly grounded and for you to feel safe on earth.

Let us now visit that place in your belly. Trust that it is there. Tell your soul it is welcome there. Allow your soul to flow from your head, inspiring your thinking, to your heart, radiating love and kindness, to your belly, giving you trust, self esteem, a profound inner knowing that you are who you are and that you are fine as you are. Feel your belly opening up to you. Sense how the golden light of your soul flows down to your root chakra and connects with me, earth. Go deep within. Be the center of silence and know that from there, your high sensitivity will be balanced with peace and calmness. In this balanced state, you will know how to put boundaries around your feelings. You will know when to open up and when to keep your distance, staying close to yourself. You determine when to say “yes” and when to say “no”, when to connect and when to let go. The key is in your belly.

To help you connect with this center, I suggest you imagine an animal that represents the inner power residing in your belly. Take the first animal that comes to mind. Remember, animals are very spontaneous creatures, they live from their instincts, their natural reflexes. This animal reflects your instinctual inner knowingness. It is already there. It is waiting for you.  You do not need to create it, you only need to see and recognize it. Invite this animal to come near you, say hello and look it into the eye.  Now ask it whether it has a message for you, helping you to descend deeper into your belly.

Let the animal speak. The animal embodies the wisdom of the instinctual and you can receive that wisdom, because you have a head and a heart. You can feel and articulate this wisdom. That is the beauty of the cooperation between head, heart and belly. Not one of them is better or higher than the other. Rather, it is their balanced cooperation which makes you whole and complete. Your head can give you much pleasure. Thinking can be useful and fun. It gives you the opportunity to communicate with others, as it provides a common language. The heart offers the possibility to experience joy and the whole range of emotions human life comprises. It is a beautiful gift. The belly gives you your foundation, your I-ness, if that’s a proper word. It allows you to really be you, firm and rooted, drawing your own boundaries and using your discernment. From this foundation, the interaction with your heart and your head becomes a joyful play. If these three layers are aligned with each other, you feel whole, and life is worth living on earth. It can be full of inspiration, love and happiness. You can surrender yourself to what moves and inspires you, while at the same time not losing your basis, your inner point of silence. You can remain close to yourself, and at the same time freely give and receive what life offers.

I salute you all. My love and compassion are close to you always. I am playing this game together with you and I am part of it. You are beautiful and rich as human beings. Have faith in the beauty and power of the instruments available to you, the instruments of thinking, feeling and being. 

I love you.
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