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How to undo bad creations.

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Author Topic: How to undo bad creations.  (Read 689 times)
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« Reply #3 on: March 03, 2010, 10:12:45 am »

Reasons why you might resist this approach.

You feel you have to accept condemnation or judgment against you.
One has to see this without judgment and especially without ego. This is not about blame or judgment, it is about fixing “what is” and anything that “is” in your reality has part of you in it. You contributed in some way shape or form whether it was an action or an idle thought that created, you had some doing in it. Now you are accepting your part in it and asking for it to be undone.

Fear of guilt.
We have been through religions that thrive on making their people feel guilty so understandably no one needs more guilt. But you see you can only feel guilty about stuff when you choose to judge it negatively. There is no real right or wrong in grace. There is simply what is, and right and wrong was your decision based on your goal or what you aim to achieve. So there really is no wrong and no guilt.

You simply took a wrong turn and now you choose to backtrack and undo it.

Fear of humility.
What part of you do you think has a problem with being humble? It can only be your ego part. Is that not the very part we are trying to fix with this approach?  How bad can it be to admit your part in creating an unwanted scenario? Do you think you can suspend your ego for just a minute to try this? Any one session normally takes less than a minute.

The part of you that feels that it is not going to grovel is the part that has to learn cooperation instead of self-righteous separation. You are not being asked to grovel. You are asked to admit that you miss-created and to let another part of yourself, a higher part of yourself undo it for you. 

It is so easy and so simple when you can put your ego fears aside and just give it a try. This is the powerful Ho’oponopono method from Hawaii that was used to heal an asylum of criminally insane people without even facing them. All the doctor did was to ask forgiveness for his part in the creation of Criminally insane people in his reality and it worked.

When I tried it I had powerful results. People I were focusing on changed within the first three days and suddenly admitted to their visible part in the creation of our discomforts.

What needs to be forgiven?
Anything you can think of that carry an emotional charge within you is worth asking the undoing of. Thus when I roll around in my bed early morning or late at night and I think of some hurtful scenario in my past I take a few seconds to ask for it to be taken away. When I drive down the road and I suddenly feel that dread in my stomach when I think of a situation I ask for it to be undone there and then in my mind or verbally if I am alone. When I want to meditate and I cannot clear my mind or my mind keeps returning to some hurtful event in the past I clear it out using this technique.

Fact is that if it is on your mind at all then you are creating in that scenario. What is on your mind remains in creation purely because you give it attention, it’s as plain as that. While it is there on your mind and thus still creating or maintaining you have an opportunity to do away with it or to undo it.

We have many bitter memories of things that happened in the past or things happening currently that we are seemingly helpless to do anything about. So we are doomed to walk around thinking of a government that is not on our side, people we don't like at work, the people we fought with in the past, the unresolved relationships. All that baggage can now be cleaned out. It does not matter where or when it happened, if the thought of it makes you feel bad then see if you can make it leave by using this technique.

Begin with yourself.

Try this for a week and see what happens. If you feel you cannot be humble enough to do it then begin by forgiving your inability to be humble in yourself and see how you change internally to start with. Then you can move out to people places things times and events and see what you can do about that.

We are all one.
We know by now that the universe is one integrated system and that anything is connected to everything and thus the same thing. I know ego cannot understand that because it upholds the illusion of separation but when you listen to your heart you will feel and thus know what I am saying. When forgiveness flows in any direction it heals. In fact when forgiveness seemingly moves from ‘here’ to ‘there’ it is an illusion. When forgiveness moves it moves from everywhere to every ’where’ and ‘when’ you can think of.

Remember you are fixing or correcting a mistake. This is not groveling in front of an almighty religious God in fear of his smite. You are in effect talking to yourself. Like I said I separated that creator part of you for purpose of understanding. This is admitting to your co-creator God that your joint creation as it is, turns out to be unsatisfactory or discomforting to say the least. Thus it is also an agreement that you will not continue creating in that area by thinking of it all the time anymore. The creative charge you feel when ever you dread or feel bad in any way is now removed. You will not create there or maintain that creation anymore.

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