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Is it your intentions that counts or your actions?

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Author Topic: Is it your intentions that counts or your actions?  (Read 580 times)
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« Reply #1 on: April 18, 2010, 03:12:42 pm »

There is nothing we can do about others assumptions really. People will always assume your intentions from your actions. The rub is that they assume their intentions with your actions. Its like saying you always understand what you intend with the speakers words. You think you agree when you do and you nod but actually you agree to your meaning and its not necessarily the speakers intent.

While reading your posts I remembered. Since I was very small I always tried to fix things or improve things. Because I was unskilled I normally broke them further and usually it was not my things. I grew up with a label of being the terrorist or the naughtiest boy in town when all I wanted was a little recognition. Someone to beam with joy and say "thank you"

When people assume they always reveal who they are more than what they think they are assessing. You say something and someone says its beautiful. That would be the beautiful person inside. The ugly person will see ugliness in your words.

So in the end when you know your intent, you can tell it once and if the people don't want to believe you then don't bother. Let them reveal who they are while you have peace knowing the real reason why you did what you did or said what you said. Smitten
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« on: April 16, 2010, 12:21:22 pm »

Is it your intentions that counts or your actions? I guess in a perfect world our actions should mirror our intentions, but I have found in my life, that it is not always how it works  Smiley … or it is not how it is perceived. 

I have done some actions in my life that I'm not very proud of – and I suppose we all have, that's part of being human, but looking back it's very few of these actions which was not intended to be good. But quite often I'm the only one knowing that the intention was good and often I found that it was the surroundings that misunderstood my intentions making what ever I did a bad action.

Looking back I understand that it is the actions that would have other people judging me – that means my actions others look upon when they see me as a person. So if my intentions was good, that must mean that my action was too, because the two is part of each other – showing that my intentions will create an action depending on how others see it – it mirror their fears, opinions etc and have really very little to do with me and my intention…. making me feel a bit misunderstood every now and again.

To use an old cliché : Don't judge the book by it's cover  Smiley The cover being the action, some will like the cover and will think the book must be interesting others will hate the cover and never even read it. So however others look upon the cover determinate how they think the book's story  (intention of the author) is. The story could turn out to be the most rewarding book you ever read. And by not reading it you could miss out on something important in your life.

So how do we change our perception from seeing others action through our own filter of opinions, fears etc., to see the intentions and thereby see the true person behind the action?

I know that the obvious answer to this question is to look within whenever you react on someone's actions – but I also know that most people do not do just that – so it is possible to change the fact that our actions will be colored by how others perception is?

I guess that just goes to show the importance of being true to oneself, because no matter your intentions it is impossible to “do the right thing” …. and that again shows that the only right thing is in fact to be true to your own intentions and actions :-) so “note to self”: stop worrying about how others will see you and your actions - because no matter what, some will judge you as being wrong no matter what you do – so you might as well do the right thing for YOU.

Love Dorthe
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