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Title: healing
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1] Realize that we have the ability to choose how we view lifeís difficulties. That awareness is itself empowering and healing..

2] View the inevitable challenges and difficulties of life as opportunities, as lessons. Understand that our response reflects our free will choices..

3] Reject the notion that our suffering is punishment of any kind or evidence of our inability to cope with life..

4] Believe that we are here to face challenges however impossible they may seem and that our destiny is to be able to make peace with the chaos of existence..

5] Donít passively accept rejection or failure as inevitable, due to our innate incompetence but as signs that personal action is required..

6] Seek to extract meaning from the pain and suffering. This may seem to be an impossibility at first. But donít stop trying. It can be done. Believe strongly that our perseverance will pay off... And it will!

7] Look for the unintended consequences of lifeís difficulties. .. They will direct us down the path to happiness and healing!
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