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Title: Torre Abbey Torquay Devon
Post by: Medusa on June 17, 2009, 01:40:25 pm
This is a lovely Abbey that has been here in Torquay for a very long time now.................

 Torre Abbey comprises two Grade I listed buildings in Torquay. It was founded in 1196 as a monastery for Premonstratensian canons when William Brewer, lord of the manor of Torre, gave them the land. By 1536 it had an annual income of £396, making it the wealthiest of all the Premonstratensian houses in England.

The monks surrendered to King Henry VIII's commissioner in 1539 during the Dissolution of the Monasteries. This resulted in a widescale demolition of the church and east range, and all items of value, including the lead from the roofs, were taken. The south and west ranges were mostly unscathed and, in 1598, were converted into a house for Thomas Ridgeway. After a succession of various owners, the house became the possession of the Cary family in 1662. It stayed in the family until 1930 when financial difficulties forced Commander Henry Cary to sell it to Torquay Borough Council. It has since been used as a municipal art gallery, the mayor's parlour and, during World War II, it was used by the Royal Air Force.

The Torre Abbey chapel is sometimes used for public ceremonies such as funerals and christenings, though it does not have a wedding license.



Reconstruction and restoration

Around 1740 the buildings underwent extensive alterations, giving them a Georgian remodelling that is mostly intact today. The Cary family invested in further reconstructions throughout the 19th century, including the construction of a small brewery.

The abbey was closed on April 18, 2006. Funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund, the abbey is undergoing further restoration and is scheduled to reopen in summer 2008.




Pictures of the ruined church, thats out back in the garden's !





As with many historic buildings, there have been various reports and alleged sightings of three ghosts inside Torre Abbey – a headless monk, an 18th century lady and a Spanish lady searching for her long-lost love. The Haunting of Torre Abbey by Carole Bugge, a 2000 novel featuring Sherlock Holmes, sees the detective investigating ghosts in the buildings after being called in by Lord Charles Cary.






Now for the really good ones hehehehe


Title: Re: Torre Abbey Torquay Devon
Post by: Medusa on June 17, 2009, 02:01:19 pm
This is the side entrance were there's a small town that you can go and look in !











Title: Re: Torre Abbey Torquay Devon
Post by: Medusa on July 26, 2009, 12:58:16 pm
Torquay’s Spanish Spectre, Devon

Torre Abbey Historic House in Torquay was originally a monastery, founded at the end of the twelfth century. Just about every ancient monastery boasts a haunting by a former resident, and Torre Abbey is no different, with a headless monk said to walk there. But far more interesting, romantic even, is the story of its more famous ghost. The story also throws some light on one of our greatest historic moments, and a none too flattering light either.
In 1588 Devon’s most celebrated son, Francis Drake, helped defeat the Spanish Armada. One Spanish ship captured in the conflict was brought to Torquay, and the nearly 400 men on board were crammed into the old tithe barn of the by then dissolved abbey. Except that one of them was not a man, but a young woman in disguise, found out when an English priest was called to give her the last rites – the rats, filth, disease and sheer overcrowding almost completely wiped out the prisoners.
Her story is not known for sure. Some postulate she was perhaps newly married, smuggled on board the Spanish galleon by her husband who could not bear to part with his bride. Some think she and her lover may have hoped for booty to make their lives in England once it fell, as it probably would had the Armada managed to land the powerful Spanish infantry force it carried.
Whatever the young woman’s story, her ghost is said to wander near the barn, and has been seen walking along the seafront, making its way back to the entrance of the ad hoc prison where she and most of her comrades perished, in effect murdered by their captors.