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Title: Swine flu did cause woman's death
Post by: Medusa on June 19, 2009, 07:13:39 am
First person in the UK has died this wk of "Swine Flu" ................

      Swine flu has been confirmed as the primary cause of death of a woman from Glasgow at the weekend.

The Crown Office said a procurator fiscal had established that Jacqueline Fleming, 38, died of multiple organ failure brought on by the H1N1 virus.

Ms Fleming was the first person in Europe to die from the H1N1 virus

She had underlying health problems and had been in hospital since the premature birth of her son.

The baby also died, a day after his mother, but at no stage was infected with the virus.

Ms Fleming, from the Thornliebank area to the south of Glasgow, is believed to be the first person in Europe to die after becoming infected with Influenza A (H1N1).

She had been treated at the Royal Alexandra Hospital in Paisley for two weeks since the birth of her son Jack, who was 11 weeks premature.

A further 22 people have been diagnosed with swine flu in Scotland, bringing the total number of laboratory confirmed cases of the virus to 530.

Health Secretary Nicola Sturgeon also announced that laboratory testing of all cases in the Greater Glasgow and Clyde NHS area would be resumed, reversing a decision to allow GPs to make a diagnosis.

The change had resulted in a big increase in reported possible cases, but there was concern about the accuracy of the figures.

Ms Sturgeon said: "It is important that we have accurate figures to give us a true picture of how the virus is spreading.

"That is why we have resumed laboratory testing for all cases in the Greater Glasgow and Clyde area.

"Clinical diagnosis has not proven to be as effective as originally thought. Further assessment is being carried out to assess the accuracy of the clinical diagnosis process."

What is "Swine Flu" ?

  Swine influenza (also called swine flu, hog flu, and pig flu) is an infection of a host animal by any one of several specific types of microscopic organisms called "swine influenza virus". In 2009 the media labeled as "swine flu" flu caused by 2009's new strain of swine-origin A/H1N1 pandemic virus just as it had earlier dubbed as "avian flu" flu caused by the recent Asian-linage HPAI (High Pathogenic Avian Influenza) H5N1 strain that is still endemic in many wild bird species in several countries.

A swine influenza virus (SIV) is any strain of the influenza family of viruses that is usually hosted by (is endemic in) pigs. As of 2009, the known SIV strains are the influenza C virus and the subtypes of the influenza A virus known as H1N1, H1N2, H3N1, H3N2, and H2N3. Swine influenza is common in pigs in the United States (particularly in the midwest and occasionally in other states), Mexico, Canada, South America, Europe (including the United Kingdom, Sweden, and Italy), Kenya, and eastern Asia (namely China, Taiwan, and Japan).

Transmission of swine influenza virus from pigs to humans is not common and does not always cause human influenza, often only resulting in the production of antibodies in the blood. The meat of the animal poses no risk of transmitting the virus when properly cooked. If transmission does cause human influenza, it is called zoonotic swine flu. People who work with pigs, especially people with intense exposures, are at increased risk of catching swine flu. In the mid-20th century, identification of influenza subtypes became possible, which allows accurate diagnosis of transmission to humans. Since then, fifty confirmed transmissions have been recorded. Rarely, these strains of swine flu can pass from human to human. In humans, the symptoms of swine flu are similar to those of influenza and of influenza-like illness in general, namely chills, fever, sore throat, muscle pains, severe headache, coughing, weakness and general discomfort.



Title: Re: Swine flu did cause woman's death
Post by: Amberly on June 19, 2009, 04:05:46 pm
I'll admit, i'm starting to get more concerned about this virus.  I understand that no amount of stressing about this will prevent my loved ones from catching it....if its going to happen its going to happen and there's nothing i can do about it.  We had our first confirmed case in our town last week.  Thankfully it was only a mild case and the 12 year old girl recovered quickly at home. 

Title: Re: Swine flu did cause woman's death
Post by: Medusa on June 28, 2009, 04:10:49 pm
Here we go..............somebody else has now sadly passed away in the uK ............................

Elderly man with swine flu dies

An elderly man who was suffering from swine flu has died, health officials have confirmed.

The 73-year old was being treated at the Royal Alexandra Hospital in Paisley at the time. He died late on Saturday.

A spokesman for the Scottish Government said he was suffering from underlying health complications.

The pensioner, from Inverclyde, passed away late on Saturday night. He is the second person in the UK who was suffering from swine flu to die.

The first death, earlier this month, was a 38-year-old woman who gave birth prematurely while being treated at the Royal Alexandra Hospital. She also had underlying health conditions.

Her death was the first connected to swine flu outside the Americas.

The pensioner who died had been in intensive care for 15 days.

Scottish Health Secretary Nicola Sturgeon said: "Our thoughts are with the family and friends of the patient at this tragic and very sad time. The family have asked for the patient's identity to be kept private.

"Although it is concerning that the patient had swine flu, we are aware that the patient had very serious underlying health issues.

"It's important to remember that the vast majority of those who have H1N1 are suffering from relatively mild symptoms.

A family spokesperson said: "Our beloved relative was private in life and we would ask that his privacy continues to be respected as we try to come to terms with our loss."

Dr Harry Burns, Scotland's chief medical officer, said the death was a "tragedy" but also underlined that it was only the second death from swine flu in well over 4,000 cases in the UK.

Flu pandemic

He told the BBC: "It's a tragedy, but it doesn't change our view that this is no more serious than winter flu.

"In fact this is the second case in about four and a half thousand cases that we've seen in the UK and that makes it a lot less severe, much less aggressive than we would normally see with a winter flu virus.

"What happens with winter flu is there is no publicity," he added.

According to the latest available figures, there were more than 4,200 laboratory confirmed cases in the UK.

Of these, 3,364 cases are in England, 922 in Scotland and 24 in Northern Ireland.

Four new cases were confirmed in Wales on Sunday bringing the total to 17.

60,000 cases

It also emerged on Saturday that three people attending the Glastonbury Festival have been diagnosed with suspected swine flu.

Two students and a 10-year-old child from a family of four showed symptoms of the illness when examined by festival medical staff.

The students, from Exeter and Edinburgh universities, and the family were moved off the festival site and into an isolation facility.

They have since returned home.

The H1N1 virus first emerged in April in Mexico, which has recorded 116 deaths and 8,279 cases, according to the World Health Organisation.

On 11 June, the WHO declared a global flu pandemic, meaning that swine flu virus was spreading in at least two regions of the world.

Officials stressed that this did not mean the virus was causing more severe illness or more deaths.

According to the latest figures from the WHO, there have been 263 deaths and nearly 60,000 cases in some 100 countries and territories


Title: Re: Swine flu did cause woman's death
Post by: PrincessTiff on June 29, 2009, 08:38:30 pm
There were 2 men who died over the weekend from the disease in Australia. I think one of them was from Melbourne, I'm not sure.

One was 50 and was battling cancer, while the other one was 85 and was also battling various diseases.

I don't know what to make of this disease. Are the authorities not letting us in on the facts? Is it worse than they're making it out to be? Or are they playing it up a bit, so people will get immunised?

I've heard so many different points of view, I'm so confused!

Title: Re: Swine flu did cause woman's death
Post by: Eugene66 on June 30, 2009, 02:44:14 am

I don't know how true this is. "Unconfirmed reports" Hmm. Time will tell.

Title: Re: Swine flu did cause woman's death
Post by: Amberly on June 30, 2009, 03:01:34 am
Details have now been released about our 3rd victim, a 6yr old girl :(  Once again they are stating she too had underlying health problems.  These so called underlying heath problems haven't been released for any of our deaths.  Well not what i've heard anyway.  I'm beginning to wonder if they are just claiming these previous health problems to not cause panic within the country.  I could be wrong, there just my thoughts.

Title: Re: Swine flu did cause woman's death
Post by: Eugene66 on June 30, 2009, 03:29:05 am
Whether the swine flu is real or not, the cure for all viruses and pathogens has been around since the beginning of the 20th century. It's called silver colloid. I personally use Mesosilver. Although I hear Unlike the patented antibiotics sold by Big Pharma, bacteria are not immune to silver. You have to make sure it comes from a legit source though. Fake colloids have a potential to cause agrophyia, which can turn the skin blue.

I use it personally to stop toothaches (caused by the same pathogens that cause cavities), and for athletes foot.

Title: Re: Swine flu did cause woman's death
Post by: Medusa on June 30, 2009, 11:35:56 am
Hey Eugene

Where did that report come from hun ?

I'm still begining to think it was man-made ..................... as we are over-populated and "They" want to reduce the population yet again ?

Or am I just over paranoid heehehhehehehehe .....................or am I ?


Title: Re: Swine flu did cause woman's death
Post by: Medusa on July 02, 2009, 05:21:09 pm
Doesn't sound very good does it guys ?

Swine flu 'cannot be contained'

The rising numbers of swine flu cases mean trying to contain the virus is no longer an option, the government says.

Ministers said the emergency response would now move to a new "treatment" phase across the UK as there may soon be 100,000 new cases a day.

It means anti-flu drugs will no longer be given to the close contacts of those infected nor will lab testing be done to confirm cases.

The move has been made to relieve the pressure on the health service.

The announcement, which comes into effect immediately, has long been expected.

It does not mean the pandemic virus is becoming more deadly, just that it can no longer be contained.

When people are displaying symptoms, they should contact the NHS by phone, the government said.

If doctors believe the person is suffering from swine flu they will be told to stay at home and be given a voucher which a friend or family member can take to a drug collection point, such as a pharmacy.

Although GPs will have the discretion not to prescribe anti-viral drugs.

Some experts believe the drugs should just be targeted at the most vulnerable as the virus is quite mild and overuse can lead to resistance.

Ministers rejected this option, but said doctors may want to limit use in certain situations such as where patients are suffering milder symptoms.

The need for lab testing had already been lifted in several hotspots, such as London and Glasgow.

But the rest of the UK had been operating a containment strategy, which meant cases had to be confirmed and drugs were also offered to close contacts in a bid to prevent flu developing.

It also led the closure of several schools. This will still be an option under the new phase, but shut downs will not be routine.

Andy Burnham, the health secretary in England, said: "The national focus will be on treating the increasing numbers affected by swine flu.

"Cases are doubling every week and on this trend we could see over 100,000 cases per day by the end of August."


But he said the attempts to contain the virus had been worthwhile.

"Our efforts during the containment phase have given us precious time to learn more about the virus."

He confirmed vaccines should be available from next month, with 60m doses available by the end of this year.- enough for 30m people.

Enough vaccine to cover the whole UK population is in order.

Scottish Health Secretary Nicola Sturgeon announced similar changes to the flu strategy at a simultaneous briefing in Edinburgh.

She said: "We've always said it would be impossible to limit the spread of what is a contagious virus indefinitely."

There have been more than 7,000 confirmed cases in the UK since the first outbreak in April. In England, 458 more cases were reported on Thursday.

Three people have died, but all had underlying health problems.

However, it is thought there will have been a number of people who did not get a formal diagnosis because their symptoms were so mild.

Both the Tories and the Liberal Democrats backed the move to the new phase but both parties expressed concerns that not all parts of the government's pandemic plan - including the dedicated flu helpline - were in place.

The announcement comes as a survey by London's Institute of Psychiatry finds the public's response to swine flu has been "muted".

A poll of 1,000 adults, published online by the British Medical Journal, found only 24% were anxious about the outbreak with only 2% reporting "high anxiety".

Three quarters said they had not changed the frequency with which they washed their hands, despite this being one of the core messages of the public health campaign.

However the researchers say their findings suggest it is better to keep the public as informed as possible in order to maximise the chance they will make changes to their behaviour.


Title: Re: Swine flu did cause woman's death
Post by: Amberly on July 03, 2009, 06:43:33 am
We've just had our 4th death in the London area.  So ok 4 isn't a huge amount compared to the high number's in the America's.  Then i think....we're only a tiny island, with a possible 100,000 new cases a day, no testing, gp's having the right to decline treatment.....hmmm thats not good.

Title: Re: Swine flu did cause woman's death
Post by: Medusa on July 03, 2009, 06:57:21 am
We've just had our 4th death in the London area.  So ok 4 isn't a huge amount compared to the high number's in the America's.  Then i think....we're only a tiny island, with a possible 100,000 new cases a day, no testing, gp's having the right to decline treatment.....hmmm thats not good.

MMMMM Sure their not trying to control the population ?

Title: Re: Swine flu did cause woman's death
Post by: Eugene66 on July 03, 2009, 07:20:39 am
 surfing Medusa I would not be surprized.

Title: Re: Swine flu did cause woman's death
Post by: Medusa on July 03, 2009, 05:26:48 pm

 surfing Medusa I would not be surprized.

Ahh thanks Eugene babes.................

Come on whose gonna 2nd it heheheehehehehe

Bugeye ?

Lov medusa  :D