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Title: Reiki & Healing
Post by: candlelight on June 19, 2009, 12:15:40 pm
Hi beautiful people, Following on from medusa's thread on spiritual healing..

I thought i would share my opinions on Reiki & healing.....

I have completed courses in both spiritual healing and reiki and i did the reiki courses after the SH, as for me ppl werent tuned into the Spiritual healing words, seeing them as old fashioned and believing at times that you needed to be spiritual to have the healing. So as reiki was one of the new kids on the block and fast becoming a universal word i trained in reiki as well.

The difference imo, is minimal, there might be differences in tecniques and use of symbols, but fundamentally,  for me healing, whatever it is called is about love.

Sharing that divine essence thro those these practices....  xxxxxx