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Title: Spiritquest Fountain of light meditation.
Post by: Eugene66 on June 23, 2009, 03:17:02 am
Good morning people. Welcome new people.

I would like to introduce a new form of meditation. I am still doing the text on it and I will post it here once its done. It has been comming into my dreams and meditations for a while now, but this morning it came so strong that I couldn't put it aside and meditate like always.

So I take this as an urgent message from the universe to get it started. This is a bit of a long read but please bear with me. I think you will find it well worth the time.

Im going to call it the FOUNTAIN OF LIGHT.

We are going to create a fountain of energy. When you come to this fountain you all come with what you have. It is a sharing fountain. Bring with you your gifts and yourself.

When we visit this fountain we can sit there and think about it and be in it. The centre of the fountain is the source of all of our gifts. It will cascade onto us the resonance knowledge of all we know combined. You don’t need to meditate on it in the traditional way we think of meditation. You can also just daydream on it.

Mind is a powerful tool. When you put your mind there you will be there so in any way you like. Visit the fountain and replenish yourself.

On a quantum level I can tell you how this is going to help us. We are going to heal ourselves and improve our abilities together. We all have "quantum information" in our energy. If you know Quantum touch healing at all and how it works you will know what I am saying here. http://www.quantumtouch.com for more info on that.

In a nutshell I can tell you this. The QT healer does not heal you. You heal you. Your Q intelligence in your body down to the cell level has "forgotten" how to behave. This causes chaos in your body on minor levels that combined eventually shows up as a dis-comfort, a dis- ease or even a cancer.

Now as you know I have had natural healing energy (my first gift) and manifestation ability (my next gift) and later I developed empathic abilities and Claircognizance. In order to more effectively use my healing ability I did Reiki and Quantum touch. In Reiki I learned to do Distant healing more consciously.

Now in my life I also had some moments of absolute connection with the source. You know that space where the world is unconditionally beautiful and your thoughts simply manifest spontaneously? The first time this happened to me it lasted a long time like three months or so. Now I don't now If I just got used to it or if it faded, or maybe a combination of both. *Bear with me on this.*

Well now lately all my abilities combined I found some remarkable observations. When I heal someone they change in more ways than just the healing. Especially when I work on someone’s spine with distant healing I get reports later of the "experience of bliss" "the world looks so beautiful again" "I am so filled with joy" "I am inspired to be creative." and many other things that were not supposed to be part of the healing. So I daresay that I gave more than the healing intention spontaneously.

Another interesting factor I realized is that the people tend to "see" things they didn't see before. With see here I mean understanding with the mind. The exact same answers they couldn’t understand before suddenly becomes crystal clear to them and they implement that knowledge as if they always had it.

Now all my life when I had a question the universe answers within a week or so. After the last incident of people reporting back to me how wonderful the world has changed I asked the universe how this happens. Well it came to me quite unexpectedly. A friend of mine you know him as Cosmos. Because the bandwidth prices in South Africa is a killer, he wrote me a few DVD's that he filled with all the old internet stuff that he downloaded for himself and I did the same for him.

So I was browsing through this dvd and I opened a file on Bringers of the dawn. Channelling from Pleiades. There were sixteen short sound clips in there so I randomly opened one to hear if it corresponds to the old book I have on the same topic by Marchiniak called Family of light. Anyway there I received my answer.

Now these clips are a few years old so whenever they say "we are going to become", we became already. "You (Meaning al of us) are moving into an era where you will learn through resonace and frequency. Words will become redundant as you collect frequency and it interacts with your dormant DNA and revives it"

Now I already know that mind is a frequency sender/ receiver. I know that what you "know" is merely a frequency you opened up. The knowledge isn't in your head, you just receive it there. The knowledge is in the energy field we reside in. So we are like a lot of radio relays walking around but we dont all have the same frequencies open and thats why one knows more than another.

Bring all this information together and you will realize that all a distant healer does is to send you the right frequency to tune your radio into the field on a healing or health frequency and your body responds to the frequency and because it n "knows" what to do it heals or rather resets restores itself.

From this then I made the deduction that those "feel good" frequencies I received from the universe was also "collected" by the people that I heal. Can you see where this is going? They didn't have to read the hundreds of books I read to rake the relevant information together. I just gave them what was appropriate and it changed them in more ways than just the healing.

So what we are going to do is we are going to pool all our wonderful frequencies in this fountain of light. These frequencies are abundant. Like the signals from a radio station they are free to be used by anyone who tunes into them and it does not make the radio station any poorer.

We have many frequencies. Manifestation. All the clairs, astral things, healing abilities, abundance consciousness, astral travel, mental telepathy, Remote viewing and a lot more. We can bring these as gifts to the fountain and all fill up on the other frequencies there. Henceforth when you try to do any of these "gifts" the knowledge will "come" to you because you are drinking from the fountain of our combined "gifts"

I think I said enough to give you an idea. I would like to invite you to join our FOUNTAIN OF LIGHT CIRCLE.

Please post your presence so we can re- establish the group (newbies welcome!!) and I can then also see you sitting around in a circle around this fountain while I work on the first part of the meditation/daydream and post it later.

Pictures make it even more easier to direct energy to the right people in the right way.

Title: Memorize this meditation..... its easy.
Post by: Eugene66 on June 23, 2009, 03:31:02 am
Fountain of light meditation.

There is no right way to meditate. You cannot do it wrong. Even when you daydream you are meditating.

What I propose here is an ideal way to consciously meditate. I will give you the basics.

Clear the time. Make sure you will not be disturbed for twenty or more minutes. Make notes of things you have to remember so you can know that you won’t have to think about them for a while. It is also good to do some stretches or something physical just before you begin. Make sure you have comfortable clothing on and remove any excess metal and ornaments from your body.  

Find a peaceful place. You can light some incense and a candle and play some dreamy meditation music if you like. The music comes in handy when you live in a noisy environment because you can focus on it to shut the noise out. Candles and incense is not essential either but it sets the vibe and “calls” the energies and the help to you. I use a candle to call angels because I was told they see the flame better than any other light from their realm.

Now sit down preferably on a pillow higher than your legs with your legs folded in. If you have a blindfold it helps to put it on. You are going to visualize things and the dark activates your brain to release melotonin that helps you dream when you sleep. This makes it easier to imagine your visualization.

You will want to sit up straight. The best way to get this posture is to imagine that you are a hollow being with sand in your legs and buttocks pulling you down to mother earth. In your head you have helium and it is pulling your head upwards as if it is a
balloon. Now with this imagining in mind move about to straighten your spine.

Once you have found your posture you will only need a minimum amount of energy to maintain it because you will be balanced. Imagine your vertebrae like bricks stacked on one another and keep the balance. The more you do this the easier it becomes.

In the beginning it took some doing for me but now I can fall asleep like this. You might have muscles that are unpracticed in this and they might have to get used to this but in one week it becomes second nature if you do it every day.

Focus on your breathing now. Breathe deep and slow. Don't make it an effort. Breathe comfortably deep and comfortably slow. For a few breaths do it a bit deeper and a bit slower than normal just to set the trend. See in your minds eye how you inhale the fresh energy around you deep down into your pelvis and how you breathe the old stale energy out when you exhale.

Focus on your body being in the here and now. You can even say it. “For the next 20 minutes the past is not relevant because its history and it cannot be changed. The future is a clean slate of infinite possibilities but it is not relevant for the next 20 Minutes. I am here (Location) now (time)” At the same time focus only on your body and your breathing. That is the only relevant object. Your brain is irrelevant. Yes you will use it but only for the meditation and that is minimal.

While breathing and preparing you can also close your eyes and look up to the position of your third eye. Imagine a third eye in the middle on your forehead and look at it as if you can see it through

When thoughts come to you don't fight them. See them enter (they may) and see them leave. Just watch them passing and they will leave. Resisting them creates chaos. Just allow them, there is no harm in a bit of mind frolicking. If the mind wants to play let it, but knowing you are busy with a meditation your mind will let things go gradually as you keep falling back and focus your attention on your breathing.

Now you embark on your journey. Your meditation visualization. It can be your own but for the sake of this meditation I will take you to the fountain of light. The fountain of light is place where many people like yourself and other readers of this work all over the world comes together to join in meditation.

You find yourself in a forest. It is peaceful and calm. The air is just the way you like it. There is a mild breeze that is refreshing on your skin and your face. There is a chest behind you and inside of it is your favorite two crystals. In the first crystal is all of your best qualities you have in life. What are they? Are you brave? Fearless? Loving? Assertive? Honest? Free? Caring? Gentle? Patient? They are in that crystal. What other abilities do you have that the world appreciates. Can you heal? Astral projection? Remote viewing? Levitate? Teleport? Telepath? Empath? Council? Manifest or create? You turn around and open the chest and take your crystal in your right hand.

With your left hand you take the other crystal. It Is a new crystal. You like the feel of your new crystal the universe put it there for you to use. It is an empty data bank that you are going to fill with new data of new experiences you are going to have in life.

Think about those gifts you already have and the times they made you feel good about yourself and the world and reaffirm them so the crystal in your right hand can charge with the memory and resonance of all the best in you. You turn around and you walk along. You are barefoot and the ground is soft clean sand. You walk through the forest to a place up ahead where your friends are all sitting around a beautiful energy fountain. You are peaceful and just walking along at a dreamy pace. The birds are singing their cheerful song and the fragrances of the flowers are so wonderful.

You can feel the energy of mother earth.. You can feel her rhythms and cycles happening now in peaceful continuance as it has been for all time. There are little creatures playing around in the trees and you can see little deer playing around in the distance. As you approach the clearing where the fountain is you can feel a stillness coming over you. You walk through the last brush and there it is in all its wondrous beauty.

The sand slopes slightly downward to this natural fountain. The fountain is in the middle of a pool of energy that plays around the sides like water on a beach. In the center you see a strong stream of energy that squirts about as high as a tree straight up in the air where it opens and spreads in all its beauty and glitter as it falls back to the ground in a wide umbrella like arch.  

The energy of the fountain flows like water but it is pure energy. It is dry, sparkly and pure brilliant white with shades of pearl and all different colors of sparkle. You see your friends all sitting around in the pool of energy. You walk to the center of the fountain. As you enter the pool of energy you can feel the rejuvenation. You can feel the fresh energy entering your system and filling you with the best of everything in the world.

You walk to the center and you place your two crystals on the pile of crystals gathered around the vertical stream. You see all kinds of crystal there. You can see the beautiful deep blue crystals placed there by Archangel Michael. The calm your emotions and protect you against any negative energies. You can see watermelon tourmaline placed there by Archangel Metatron to clean out all the energy as it cycles. Like a filter it detects all “dirty” energy and changes it’s energy frequency to empowering light positive energy.

 You feel the tingles all over you as the energy plays with you. You walk back to the circle in the pool where your friends are sitting. You walk by them in the circle and one by one you lovingly touch them on their heads and you realize just how much you love them. No words are spoken. We all know. You get to a place in the circle where you can sit and you sit down in that pool of energy.

All those crystals are charged with the best of everybody and the energy is now going through you. You can feel how the glitter from above falls all over you while some land in the funnel of your crown chakra and enters your system there. As it enters you all your chakras respond.

You breathe it in deep. (Do so comfortably and slowly as you think it .)
The universal energy is coming down your crown as if you are pulling it down with your breathing. It is the energy of everything that is. Cosmic consciousness has everything in it. It is the raw material that will adapt and enhance anything where it is needed. It also heals you where it is needed.

You see your body as a hollow container and the sides are all mapped out with blue vein like lines. All you can see is your skin with these blue veins that light up as the energy comes in and empowers them. You can also see the dull reddish brown patches where your body has discomforts. As the blue lightens up the reddish brown dilutes and becomes blue once again. Receiving cosmic energy and healing.

As you breath slowly you are now pulling this cosmic energy down one chakra at a time, and one red patch at a time too.

You take another deep breath.

You can see all our crown chakras like a silver brilliant white ring around the fountain. As the fountain falls back on itself it falls on this ring.

The energy that came in through your crown is now empowering your third eye
Your third eye expands in an orb of bright indigo and you can feel how your mind becomes clearer, lighter, sharper with more peaceful contemplation.

Your third eye expands in an orb of bright indigo and you can feel how your mind becomes clearer. Lighter As your orb expands you see it touching and forming with the people on your sides and you see a large collective indigo ring forming under the silver white crown chakra ring.

You take another deep breath.
Your throat chakra responds with a bright sky blue orb that expands and you can feel how creatively your means of expression opens up. You realize that we are all the same and thus we all have something to say and we all pay attention to what others say in any way shape or form. As your orb expands you see it touching and forming with the people on your sides and you see a large collective blue ring forming under the indigo third eye chakra ring.

You take another deep refreshing breath

Your heart expands with the beautiful healing green of unconditional love and you feel so warm and fuzzy as you see it expanding. You realize that love is the energy or the light that makes this whole holographic illusion possible. This miracle of our creation is energized by love all the time. So love is literally all around and all that is. Your heart expands with the beautiful healing green of unconditional love and you feel so warm and fuzzy as you see it expanding. As your orb expands you see it touching and forming with the people on your sides and you see a large collective green ring forming under the blue throat expression chakra ring.

You take another deep refreshing breath

Your Solar plexus expands in a brilliant yellow orb and you can feel how you realize your true worth in being here now. You realize that we all chose certain roles that we play in life and that the street sweeper and the CEO are both the same in value, they just play different roles in this illusion. They contribute to your reality in exactly the way they are while you contribute to theirs being who you are. Your Solar plexus expands in a brilliant yellow orb and you can feel how you realize your true worth in being here now. As your orb expands you see it touching and forming with the people on your sides and you see a large collective yellow ring forming under the green heart chakra ring.

You take another deep refreshing breath

Your pelvis expands in a beautiful creative orange and you can feel the energies of creation and the vitality energy awaken in your being. Playful creation and imaginative ideas that you can create and play out with other playful people. The place where the raw energies of the earth that comes through you take shape and form through your imagination to become some joyful creation. As your orb expands you see it touching and forming with the people on your sides and you see a large collective orange ring forming under the yellow solar plexus chakra ring.

You take another deep refreshing breath

Your base chakra expands in a beautiful brilliant red and you can see how it connects and roots you to mother earth and the community of similar souls. You realize that we are all one large planet organism with its life on it and that we are all connected through her. You realize that everything you do affects you in some way even though it seems like you do it to someone else. You are the cause of your experience on this planet. As your orb expands you see it touching and forming with the people on your sides and you see a large collective red ring forming under the Orange pelvic chakra ring.

You take another deep refreshing breath

You can feel this energy running through you and flowing back to the center of the fountain where it empowers through the crystals and sprays up to come around again You sit in this bliss knowing that your new crystal is now charging with all the best of the best. Knowledge that will come to you when you need it.

Every fiber of your being is resonating its intelligence and charging the energy while it learns how to be “better” from the energy passing through it. You sit in this healing intelligent energy until you feel rejuvenated……………………………..Sit here for as long as you choose until you want to leave.

You get up and walk past all your friends in happy peaceful silence and touch them lovingly as you walk by. You go to the center again and collect your gift. Your newly charged crystal that you can always draw upon for healing or any new venture you embark on. You hold it to your heart and you expand with all the joy and love you feel in this moment.

Your heart expands now with fuzzy soft pink energy You put your crystal inside your heart where it will resonate the energy intelligence of this place wherever you go. The energy of your heart enfolds it and accepts it.

This new energy combined with your heart is uplifting and it speeds up your vibration. You can feel the inner field of your body spinning in one direction while the outer Aura spins in another direction. This speeds up your vibrations or resonance. Your resonance becomes so fast that you shimmer and then become transparent and disappear. Enjoy the feeling for a while before you come out of meditation

Now I want you too become aware once more of your breathing. Become aware of where you are and feel the weight of your body as you find yourself. When you feel present you can take your blindfold off but keep your eyes closed. Put your fingers over your eyes and slowly open them. Once you get used to the light you can open your eyes.

Now this meditation is set up so we can all share the best of ourselves through resonance intelligence. In the same way a radio wave carries sound, all our energy resonates intelligence and information. This fountain exists and is always there on the astral plane, with a collection of all the best of the best of all of our energies.

Title: Re: Spiritquest Fountain of light meditation.
Post by: Eugene66 on July 13, 2009, 09:12:12 am
Ooh Ann. smitten Thank you so much!! As long as I get a copy. O0

I wanted to do it for some time now but the conditions here is just not good for a nice meditation. Let me know if you need some background music for it. We can make a plan to get it to you.

Title: Re: Spiritquest Fountain of light meditation.
Post by: candlelight on July 14, 2009, 01:54:27 am
eugene i am more than happy to join your online fountain of light mediation.. where we can just drop in anytime.. and be in the light.. who else is coming on board??

thanks candles xxxx

Title: Re: Spiritquest Fountain of light meditation.
Post by: Eugene66 on July 14, 2009, 02:30:04 am
Great stuff. I went there this morning again. Its powerful there.

Title: Re: Spiritquest Fountain of light meditation.
Post by: candlelight on July 17, 2009, 02:38:18 pm
 :)  sitting in the light and beautiful love in this place.

Come sit a while beside us

in this beautiful fountain of light

Feel the strength of the love
let the light wash over you
see it take away your cares and concerns

Let the light pour into you
feel the love fill your heart centre
feel it fill you up from head to toe
and share it with everyone you meet

love love love

Title: I changed the Fountain of light meditation.
Post by: Eugene66 on July 27, 2009, 09:59:00 am
I added to it.

I hope I am not interefering wirh Anns work now as she puts it on Audio.

Title: Re: Spiritquest Fountain of light meditation.
Post by: Eugene66 on July 27, 2009, 05:03:29 pm
Cool. You will notice i made the chakras much more descriptive.