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Title: Nightmares/Weird Dreams
Post by: The Universeable on July 04, 2009, 09:11:46 am

Let's discuss our nightmares/weirdest dreams, to see what they mean, what they're about, and how we can remedy not only what the dreams are pointing out to us, but nightmares as a whole.

Title: Re: Nightmares/Weird Dreams
Post by: The Universeable on July 04, 2009, 09:17:09 am

I sometimes had dreams, where if i see a dark/negative figure/entity that i was afraid of in my dreams, and when they appear, then i become short of breath where i lay in bed, and that is when my dream stops.

It's fear obviously, but i've dealt very well with fear this year. And it's getting better as time goes by.

Title: Re: Nightmares/Weird Dreams
Post by: Lynn on July 04, 2009, 09:52:38 am

I shared this one on another place in time....I only had it the once too the full meaning of it I got I am still HMMM on some. 

I was pinned to the bed, with sewing pins those one's with the colored head on them thousands of them.  The freeky part first was that I could not move.  The second and more freeky part was when I looked down at me I say that me mouth was pinned shut and me eye's were pinned open. 

I woke in the AM and I so did not want to look at what I had written down.  I knew I had a rotten sleep but the full extent of the dream was blury.  I keep pen and paper at the bedside as I have "visions" and I need to keep tabs on what I see as it can mean something. 

I have been told this dream is that there is something I need to say but am not sure on how to say it.  That is so not in me to struggle with.  I say what I mean....I have no issues speeking up.  The eye's pinned open there was something I have to see that I do not want to face.  Too that is not me.  I walk very much in the present.  Being pinned to the bed was said to be a feeling of helplessness.  I know that I have been working with someone very much on the edge....but too I have made that peace where if I fail and this one be lost to the World I at least tried where no one else did or would have.  I can live with that in me. 

Only having the dream once....I wonder so on the meaning....or it is it to speak to a future event to come ?

Never ever had that feeling of being pinned down too though I could project and view me there.  I will say it still makes me feel uneasy to even think on it...so its not off and out of me.