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Title: The "meating " debate
Post by: Eugene66 on July 12, 2009, 02:25:05 am
Food have resonance

Food from the earth has good resonance. The type of resonance that enhances spiritual growth.

Animal flesh is not only low in resonance, it also has the hormones and pesticides vaccines they feed these animals and in the moments before death when they line up and see their brothers being killed and butchered up ahead and they know they are next, they resonate the deepest fear. Fear of death. Al that is packaged in the steak on your plate.

So therefore I avoid red meat as far as I can and when I do eat it. I first radiate good energy into it the same way you would change the energy of water.

Anyone can do it. Point the palms of your hands to your food and intent all the good qualities you want to get from the food. See it running through your palms into your food.Then consume with gratitude.

Title: Re: The "meating " debate
Post by: Eugene66 on July 12, 2009, 02:26:42 am
I would like to throw some loose short ideas in the stew pot here for consideration.

When I did "fit for life" I discovered that we are not omnivores really. We are fructivores. When we eat fruit on an empty stomack raw we get a situation where only the energy is released and it passes through in about 30 minutes. Full of colour with no odour. (Trust me I checked)

At that time raw or steamed veggies were eaten for their medicinal value mostly and also because of habit. I juiced a lot of raw beetroot and celery for health.

Then later I studied the blood groups and I discovered that I am not supposed to eat meat for my blood type anyway. I'm an A It was also said that the majority of the population, the B blood types do get energy from meat.

Then when I began healing I learned that red meat greatly inhibits my abilities in so many ways. Later I learned that energy and resonance that goes along with light work is only to be found in food from the earth (Flora)

Now the blood types are not set in stone. It is how those bloodlines adapted genetecally due to the environments they lived in and what the appropriate foodstuffs were.

Also heard from the ancient ethnic Africans. "There was a time when we didn't hunt for food and we didn't hoard livestock. We lived in telepathic communication with our earth mother. We didn't speak in those days we just knew. Mother nature grew the trees where we wanted and when we wanted meat, a hunter would go to the forest and ask the animals for meat."

"The heards would hear his desire and answer it by sending out a buck or a deer that for any reason was agreed upon. That deer would be honoured by the Stuarts (us) of this mother (planet) to become sacred food in the sacred cycle of mother earth. He would be honoured and thanked deeply and the kill would be quick and painless with great respect and grattitude."

So I think meat is a luxury, Not a neccesity.

When I was on fit for life I discovered that your "palate" changes. Meat is a toxin to your system and your body processes it. It uses calcium to digest it too. If you have calcium deficiency then drop the meat and get some sunlight.

All drugs and toxins causes a chemical UNbalance in your system and that causes the dimentia or the "trip". Now when you quit meat you also go into withdrawal like with any drug. You have to bite the bullet for at least a month and then you will find your appetite changes too. Then the "bad' feelings go and you feel stronger healthier and younger.

People often mistake this "withdrawal" for malnutrition. Then they eat another steak and the "fix" sets in and they say. "I can feel the benefits of steak" It certainly feels that way but I noticed that when you do bite the bullet you later lose your appetite for meat completely. If on occasion you then eat a steak you discover over a 50% energy loss the next day. It literally feels like you have to drag your leaden body all over the place.

Is only then that I realized that the majority of the population dont even know how weak they are because they keep supplementing their meat addiction and they were never really conciously "meat clean" to know the difference. But that was me. A blood type.

To anyone who wishes to drop the meat habit. First come to reality. First let go of all the lies that the FDA and everyone taught you about the "benefits" of meat. Then employ discipline because you are going to feel like crap for a while. It is normally the undisciplined person who feels like crap for a while and gives up before he/she breaks through and then run off telling the world "I tried it and I nearly died. It does not work for me." It works if you work it.

You create what you belive and if you walk around beliveing the myth that you are now feeling crappy because of deficiencies in your diet you WILL create it so with your mind. You dont even have to supplement or anything. Thats another myth but if it makes you feel better you can supplement with beans, soy beans, tofu, bean curd, avocado pear, lenthils and legumes. But if you do a study you will see that all veggies have protein in them anyway. Enough for you.

Ok stew on that. LOL

Title: Re: The "meating " debate
Post by: Eugene66 on July 12, 2009, 02:29:18 am
When you love life you love all of life.

You also love the apple and you feel grateful to it when crushing it with your teeth.

I think meat could be considered agreeable in minor quantities when reaten with appreciation, thanks and reverence for all life. But commercialism made a whole mass producing killing industry out of it.

They kill them by the millions and also mass populate by the millions. Now statistically the books are balanced. The earth population of cattle for example is ok. Because we force over population so we can harvest them. But on an energy level we are creating vortexes of fear.

Go to a slaughter house and feel it. Its sickening. Unnatural death causes redundant energy to float around and create all kinds of havoc, especially to the psychics in training.

No I say, return to nature. If you want to eat lamb then get yourself one. See it walking around your property grazing on greenery and meee ing about. Then go and catch it. Make no mistake -arrogant man thinks its so clever- that creature KNOWS you are now comming to kill it. It runs for its life, literally. You can say it does not know but you know you are only consoling yourself.

It is going to struggle so you grab it rather harsly and hold it down. Not too harshly though, you dont want to bruise those beautifull chops. Then you hold it down and bend its head back as you grip your knife.Stare into those innocent eyes while you slit its throat. Hear it choking and gargling in its own blood as it tries to breathe while it kicks and spasms to death. Nothing like the smell of warm steaming blood in the morning. Bend back so it does not squirt in your face. Keep holding it and see the blood spilling and flowing out like warm pulsing life leaving its body.

Then stick your knife in its gut and give it a Jack the ripper special. Cut it from its genitals all the way up to its throat. Catch all the guts spilling out with stomack contents and dung and all the rest. This was a living breathing trusting innocent creature a few minutes ago. You killed it. Some serial killers work in slaughter houses to keep it legal.

But you see it all makes perfect sense when expressed in dollars and cents. You see we eat meat in such great quantities because the commercial industry gives us chops wrapped in polistyrene and shrink wrap off a shelf. If everyone had to kill with his own hands for his meat to eat, there would be very little meat consumption.

Title: Re: The "meating " debate
Post by: Eugene66 on July 12, 2009, 02:29:57 am
From a PH balance point of view meat creates acidic conditions in your body. Most all substance addiction I came across is created by throwing the bodies PH balance out with some kind of acid.

When recovery from addiction happens then one goes through a stage where one feels crappy while the addiction wears off.

With meat it is the same thing but to a minor degree. Just like an alcoholic feels better from another drink after a period of no drinking, so the addicted meat eater will feel better by having another steak. That I believe includes more than half the world population.

If one can hold out for thirty days whith a meatless hydro diet then you will realize how terrible you feel up to 24 hours at a time after consuming a steak. You feel lethargic and lazy and dragging your body through the day is just too much work. Sadly most people accept this feeling a normal because they never had it any other way in their life.

This information I learned while doing Fit for life and I experienced the results that was expected as I re- told them here. The crappy part is getting through that first month on meat cravings and feeling not so good every day. When that period is over you feel about twice as healthy as the healtiest you ever felt before. You feel like a teenager again.

So the "feel good" factor is not an indication of anything unless you were meatless and active for over 30 days and it still makes you "feel good" I would suggest scaling off to whites and then to fish and then to dump it all eventually if that is your desire.

Anybody can feel like a child again when they decide to eat properly. I don't think its the knowledge. I think we all know we are eating incorrectly. I think its the discipline to kick our eathing habits that we don't have enough of. We are also in a instant soceity nowadays. If someone has to do something for 30 days to see results they normally give up prematurely and say "it does not work."

We are also bombarded with mind conditioning through advertising and tradition all the time so it becomes very controversial and anti social to make a stand for once and say "no more poison of any kind."

Title: Re: The "meating " debate
Post by: Eugene66 on July 12, 2009, 02:30:35 am
Interesting views. Although I see Jesus as an enlightened man.

It is known that red meat really messes up with body harmony when you are a healer. People like me and Reiki people will tell you that eating too much red meat messes with your ability to heal.

The tremendous amount of acid your body needs to release in your digestive system to digest red meat throws your bodies PH balance in disharmony.

The argument for red meat as protein also does not make sense to me because our bodies are protein producing machines. The body creates its own protien for itself by itself from plant matter.

They say we eat protein because they saw it in our biology but they do not mention that our biology creates its own protien and that is what we see. A cow does not eat steaks to create its cow protein neither does it drink dolomites to create its calcium content. It gets it from processing the grass it grazes on.

Would it not make better sense then to say that the healthiest you can ever be is to give your body the building blocks of protein from plants so it can create its own? Amino acids and riboflavin etc Then to let your body create the protein it needs as it needs it, custom built for itself.

I mean Ford does not create Automobiles by butchering trucks. They can I suppose but then their cars will be very crude and in many ways not very effective.

They do better when by creating the parts they need or molding it from raw material from the earth exactly the way they need them to be for themself.

Consider this.
Take one KG of healthy veggies. Spinach and Cabbage. How much goodness is in it for you and me? All the building blocks for calcium and protein right there almost in concentrated form.

Now feed it to a bull. What happens to that KG now? It gets processed and devided into 500GK of bull. Besides that the bull has its own hormones and defences against its environment and where it falls short the farmer pumps him up with chemicals to ensure nice fatty (Not sick) bull for slaughter. A "not sick" bull is not a healthy bull. It simply does not have the things that we recognise as sick. The inspector at the abatoir will pass it through.

Then the bull goes through a process at the Abbatoir where it is squeesed in a qeue and it can see its bretheren being murdered one by one ahead of it. Can you imagine the energy of fear? Can you imagine the stress and the hormones going crazy? Can you imagine how it must feel to the bull and also they say animals see more than we see, and feel more than we feel because they did not make themself numb and stupid with words like we did.

Now we dont like the "feel" of hospitals because people die and suffer there. Can you imagine what it would feel like to stand in que at a place where they kill people? A few hundred or thousand every day? You can actually smell it in the air around these places as they prod you along with electrical shocks from the side to get you to move to the place up ahead where they kill the people one by one.

Well eventually your 1 KG of healthy veggies went through all this untill the 500 KG Bull dies. OK then there is the process where they butcher it an package its meat in all kinds of ways with all kinds of chemicals and preservatives.

Then eventually you have a 100 G piece of dead meat from this bull and you heat it up once more. You cook it and you consume it. How much did you pay for it? A hell of a lot more than you would for a whole KG of healthy veggies.

Now how much of that Veggie goodness is left in that portion of dead meat? Diluted into a 500KG body with added chemicals and hormones and the energy of stress and fear of dying. *And people wonder where their fears come from?*

When you eat plants you eath healthy life energy straight fom the earth. When you eat meat you eat deadness. In many cases dead for over a week. *They have this chemical they throw over it to make it look red and fresh.* Pricewise and healthwise I think you need to seriously question your priorities when you eat meat.

It does not really make any logical sense to eat meat then does it? Eat the veggies. Its the intelligent choice.

Title: Re: The "meating " debate
Post by: harryhoudini on July 12, 2009, 02:37:07 am
very interesting Eugene, but a very strong meat eater i am, cant really stomach fruit or veg, as it runs straight through my system on its own without the meat to nourich me.......................

Then consume with gratitude.

  i allways do..................[/b]

Title: Re: The "meating " debate
Post by: Eugene66 on July 12, 2009, 02:42:56 am
Yep I noticed. ;D

But read the whole thing through and you might discover why you feel you need to have meat.

I dont condemn meat eaters but I think it is time we scale down on it gradually more and more because it really does not make sense to eat meat.

Title: Re: The "meating " debate
Post by: Eugene66 on September 28, 2009, 01:41:35 am
Ultimately it is not what you eat.

On this dimension it is all about what you think. There is a nun on record who lived for eleven years after she decided food is just another illusion we chose to believe in. She quit eating and lived like you and me and served the community and eventually died of natural causes.

Ramtha taught that you can change poison to nourishment if you so wish and that is one of the reasons why we pray over our food. To remove any harm in it and to infuse it with health and some goodness we want from it.

But these are ultimate ways of living. We live where we are on the knowledge scale. Once you let go of the illusions you cling to you buy into bigger ones. You buy into collective reality and if your collective reality believes a particular chemical is good (or bad) for them then that will be their experience. It could be a delusion but it it will be so in experience and thus real to the believer.

So therefore I suggest whatever your belief is to take it through to the next level. If you believe vegetarian is the next level then try it. Maybe you have never looked at the level you are on. Then look at it thoroughly with an open mind to plot where you are and then move a level up from there. "Up" will be unique to the individual and it does not matter if it is different to others.

Ultimately nothing matters, but if you still live in the illusion where you create your own then its best to find some stability in group reality and to move "up" in that progressive illusion.

Speaking for myself, I suffer from some symptoms from time to time that I deal with in any way I can. I dont try to be God. I just live my life knowing that I am a god entity having an experience. There is no real "wrong" way. Just do what works right now while you ponder the probablity of higher awareness, and sometimes take a stab at influencing your reality with your conciousness.

I believe we are all progressing "up" and as the tortoise eventually wins the race against the hare we will all eventually do what is "right" Like water flowing back to the sea it is inevitable. We will gather momentum in doing what is "right" untill critical mass becomes so strong that nobody can deny anything without looking like an insistent blindsided sceptic.

With this faith in humanity I know there is not really anything to do and therefore I can relax in my conversations and allow myself the luxury of being "wrong" in the face of controversy and walk away when I don't feel like getting stuck in semantic mathematics.

Have peace.

Title: Re: The "meating " debate
Post by: Eugene66 on September 28, 2009, 03:26:55 pm
I seem to be talking to myself here LOL

Title: Re: The "meating " debate
Post by: Eugene66 on October 11, 2009, 03:57:12 pm

Ok I won't.

Bye then.

 2funny :D 2funny

Title: Re: The "meating " debate
Post by: Eugene66 on October 12, 2009, 01:55:49 am
A live chicken has a lot more potential than a dead hero. O0
 2funny Or as they say in the gambling casino. "Winners know when to quit"  (Husbands too  ;D)

Title: Re: The "meating " debate
Post by: Eugene66 on November 07, 2009, 10:17:10 pm
So for me it is a health issue once again. Its not like I am walking around famished and looking at the poor animals that I decided not ot eat. I am well fed and healty ,and I will not pollute my body temple with dead animal stuff.


I was just thinking about the way it's supposed to be,
I'll eat the plants and the fruit from the trees,
And I'll live on vegetables and I'll grow on seeds,
But I don't eat animals and they don't eat me,
Oh no, I don't eat animals 'cause I love them, you see,
I don't eat animals, I want nothing dead in me.

I don't eat white flour, white sugar makes you rot,
Oh, white could be beautiful but mostly it's not.
A little bit of whole meal, some raisins and cheese,
But I don't eat animals and they don't eat me.
Oh no, I don't eat animals 'cause I love them, you see,
I don't eat animals, I want nothing dead in me.

A little bit of whole meal, some raisins and cheese,
I'll eat the plants and the fruit from the trees,
And I'll live on vegetables and I'll grow on seeds,
But I won't eat animals and they won't eat me,
Oh no, I'll live on life, I want nothing dead in me,
You know I'll become life and my life will become me,
You know I'll live on life and my life will live on me.