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Title: St Marychurch Church & Graveyard Torquay Devon UK
Post by: Medusa on June 14, 2009, 04:03:12 pm
This is a beautiful church/graveyard that I just lov going back to time and time again (just as well its only up the road from me).................

These I took just over an hr ago when I was out walking.................

It was really sunny out today, although there was still a chill in the air, so a few of them had a prob' with the sun getting in the way !

It's amazing how many times you can go back to the same place and it be different in many ways, this time the grass had been cut and it was even looking a lot more tidy all around the gravestones.

Anyway here is a brief description of the place !

The earliest documentary evidence of the church in St Marychurch is to be found in the doomsday book. A manor belonging to the church was held by Bishop Leofric of Exeter (1050) in Saxon times and by Bishop Osborn under William the conqueror. It is likely that this is one of the earliest churches to be dedicated to Our Lady in the West. According to tradition, the original site of the church was in the Pavor Valley, now the Teignmouth road where a petrol station now stands. Evidence of Saxon buildings was to be found until Victorian expansion in 1832 when they were overlooked and destroyed. This Saxon church, however, kept collapsing, the walls not holding fast.

The priest celebrated a mass to discern Gods will, the voice of Our Lady was heard to say “If you will build Saint Mary’s, you must build it on the hill.” Needless to say, they heeded the voice from heaven and the subsequent building proceeded smoothly on the present site which remains till today.

The Saxon church was replaced by a larger Norman building in the early twelfth century. This building became the focal point of Christian worship for the North of the Bay, encompassing farmland and coast alike.

The growing population of the Bay in medieval times and then the huge expansion of the Victorian age prompted rapid change of S.Mary’s. the building had been let go until the 1850’s when the nave and chancel were demolished and a fine large Victorian building emerged.

The tower was replaced later, the Norman tower demolished and replaced with the present tower of 137 feet dedicated to bishop Philpott who is buried within the churchyard. The parish was divided into the smaller area of S. Mary’s today.

The church was rebuilt after the war by public subscription, the parish using the local cinema, and then the parish church to worship. The first part of the church to be completed was the south aisle, now the Lady Chapel and on the 13th May 1953 the new church was rededicated to the glory of God.

Here is a direct link to the parish church website :


The entrance is always a lovely place to walk under, it can feel as though you are walking back in time, when you walk under here !






These first few are all of the church .................

Title: Re: St Marychurch Church & Graveyard Torquay Devon UK
Post by: Medusa on June 14, 2009, 04:11:45 pm
These one's are of the gravestones/tombstones all around the church ......................

Some of these are just beautiful....................


If you follow this path to the right u come to a little out-house (shed) that has been there since the church was built............


This is the little out-house next too the church................(although don't some how think the search-light was there then)

Carrying on around the side of the church you come to the back area, although this is also the main entrance to the church as well.....................






Title: Re: St Marychurch Church & Graveyard Torquay Devon UK
Post by: Medusa on June 14, 2009, 04:57:55 pm
I walk by this every day as well Medusa  ;D

Well I got some really nice one's of spirit's/ghosts in here as well.................which I can post up later lov !


This is also where most of my albums are hun .............


Title: Dust to dust
Post by: Deveswar on June 15, 2009, 12:11:42 am
Death is such a phenomenon
Life is death too, and death is life too
Grave yard is the significance of that truth

here we are going to lay, the body at least
how we ornate this body, with jewelery
with make up, fragrance and with designer dresses
but death grab you in spite of all our precautions

grave yard is the end part of it
for a new beginning

death start in a womb too
we are dying there to reborn as a baby
from there is the constant happening of growth and death
cells grow faster than it die, at infancy

when we reach middle age
cells die faster than growth
there too is death happening

it is an endless happening
so even we shed our body
we take a new body, a new dress
a new form,

Knowing the death is knowing the life


Title: Re: St Marychurch Church & Graveyard Torquay Devon UK
Post by: Medusa on June 15, 2009, 03:38:56 am
Thanks Medusa  :)

Thats ok lov................am off today thank god, so will be posting more hun !


Title: Re: St Marychurch Church & Graveyard Torquay Devon UK
Post by: Medusa on July 22, 2009, 03:07:04 pm
Found some more good pic's lov's.....................

(http:// http://i485.photobucket.com/albums/rr215/twistedsister666_photo/ST%20Marychurch%20The%20Return%20Jan%202009/StMarychurchthereturnJan2009058.jpg)