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Title: The winter love
Post by: Deveswar on July 16, 2009, 03:37:55 pm

Rain clouds two rain clouds
Winter breeze blowing away
Two rain clouds we are
Leo oh my dear Leo
The rays creating this rainbow
Its colors going to be shattered
Falling to the valley, melting to the loch

Oh dear Leo hear this murmur of hearts
Leo oh my dear Leo

Here we tear as two flows of a river
Sped forth to a fate far away

This winter freezing you
To a heap of ice that drift away
Here I am frozen in this river
Death dragging me to its den

All I can give you to remember
Is these words “please remember me”
We will meet somewhere, some how
Words so hollow, echoing death bells

Leo oh dear Leo we are shadows
Formless shadows of a dream
Reflecting in grayed out day light
Fading colorless in this winter
With despair and disappointments

In a colorless twilight while we meet
With a dimmed eyes of years
You will fill me as like the tears that filling you
The bitter that flow in you
The pain that throbbing you

Passion is love, a madness of life
With the skill of some words
We create this fragile tower
We break it to peaces
With out knowing the loses

In this grayish winter
We are standing stilled
Like the shadows of life
The leave less trees are shivering
Without the murmur, the lost murmur

Oh dear Leo my dear Leo

Darkness spreading its wings
Even our shadows are fading
Someone is following

Shine of a fang i can see

Some whisper I can hear
Please don’t love it is a despair

before falling from wretchedness
to the depth of this despair
we had a glimpse of dream
that is wetting my eyes and tears falling