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Title: Bugeye's Poetry Thread.
Post by: bugeye on July 23, 2009, 11:16:44 am
Listen very quietly and read very slowly.


Wait for the music...........


I think about you
Away for the day
I wanna write a brand new song on my own

But I think about you
So I try to call
But a recorded voice says it's not on
I'll write my song
About you

It's all I can do
Coz since I met you
You've starred in every line
My words and thoughts too
A love that grew...

It's a dream that came true
This life for me and you
Now every sunrise brings a day fresh and new
As breaking dawn
Then its gone

Can I believe it's true
The moonlight makes me think I only dream of you
When you take my hand are you dreamin' too
Or is this really what the Gods had in mind for me and you
All along.........

Now I've gotta be strong
I'm no longer on my own
I have found a love like I have never known

My heart was grown
And my mind was blown
My soul searched all through space and time
And then I found you
On your own.

How strange it seems
If this real I wanna know then what are dreams
Only in my heart do I know what it means
There is more to life than I could possibly have been
Without you

So I think about you
It's all i can do
Now every sunrize brings a day fresh and new
Then it's gone.

Jeremy Lloyd

Now close your eyes and let the music take you ... to the end.

Title: Re: Bugeye's Poetry Thread.
Post by: Medusa on July 24, 2009, 04:57:06 pm
AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH bugeye that was beauuuuutiful hunny  smitten


Title: Re: Bugeye's Poetry Thread.
Post by: bugeye on July 25, 2009, 08:58:43 am
Just listen to the tones and read slowly. It's one of those moments.........


Here's the music...............................

Read in slow rhythm.


Make up your mind - I'm leaving today
Catching a plane to far away

Maybe I'll see you - if and when I get back
So put your heart back on the soul rack

And treasure the words - I say to you
It's my heart that speaks so true

Come back my darling - come back to me
We'll be together - in love eternally

Forever - Forever

Remember the days - your arms around me
Playing small games, willing and free

But times have changed - in this short and lonely life
What happened to that sweet little girl who was going to be my wife?

Come back my darling - come back to me
We'll be together - in love eternally

Forever - Forever - Forever.

Jeremy Lloyd and Jaime Inman

Close your eyes and..................................

Title: Re: Bugeye's Poetry Thread.
Post by: bugeye on August 08, 2009, 02:25:09 am
The very best of Spanish Guitar.


Here's the poem.


When you are away I lie here alone
Night becomes the day and I sit here on my own
The whole world is broken hearted
Lost its love like souls departed
In the dark no flowers grow
In the cold on barren snow

The smells and noise fill the air.
Everyone's mad with greed
You said love was lost but you sold it fair
You made our freedom material need
But I know where the sun shines
Deep inside a white light blinds
Or I'd be lost and alone
In the dark on cold stone

But in my heart good seed was sown
Where the coloured flowers have grown
And where once lay a desert unknown
A forest grows by a river flowing
And longing I'm reminded
Though parted we are binded
And I lie here alone
When you're gone

All night long the lights were shining
In the dark we can not see
When you are away
I miss you so desperately
When you are away

Jeremy Lloyd