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Title: The Chapel of St Piran At Trethevy (witches final resting place !)
Post by: Medusa on June 15, 2009, 04:18:28 am
This is a lovely little chapel not too far away from where a friend of mine lives...................he enjoys going for drives and finding places, as do I !

In May 1457, Parson Gregory had a licence to celebrate Mass in the Chapel of St Piran. This is the earliest recorded mention of the Chapel's existence and it appears to be the building seen in the photographs. This little building was certainly used for farm purposes since the Reformation but was at one time one of the mediaeval chapels of the Parish. The meadow close by, Chapel Meadow, was named on the Tithe map and it faces east. A small lancet window with a trefoil head remains in the east wall and what appears to be a rough stone shelf or piscina, on the south side.
In 1941, Mr. Sidney Harris, the last owner of the building, gave it back to the Church. He remembered as a boy, a massive altar-slab of greenstone in position and the floor of what would have been the chancel, was a step higher than the rest of the floor. A hundred years ago the old arched oak door-frame of the South door (now built up but traceable), was still to be seen. A stone coffin was found in July 1944 by Father Arundell, who remarked "We have found a grave near the entrance. The body was buried with feet towards the west."
The Chapel building was restored and brought back into use by the labours of Father Arundell and builder George Climo. The first Mass was celebrated there on Sexagesima Sunday February 8th 1944 - on a bitterly cold morning. it was heard later that Sidney Harris, who had given back the building to the Church, had died in hospital that very day.
Sadly in latter days in 1993, some disgusting thief stole the Roman Lamp. You should make a point of visiting this lovely old building either as a visitor or a local resident.



This place looks lovely and even better, there's a witch buried there as well..............................


Joan Wytte 1775-1813. Cornish woman also known by the name of the Fighting Fairy Woman of Bodmin. She was said to be clairvoyant and that people would seek her services as a seer, diviner and healer.

She was known to visit a holy well where she tied clouties (a charm that is a strip of cloth taken from a sick person). Which would decay and was suppose to heal the person in a magical way.

Later on, as a result of a tooth abscess, she became very ill-tempered and would shout at people. One day, she got involved in a large fight, where she used her remarkable strength to bash people senseless and throw them across a room.

She was arrested and sent to jail where she died as a result of the poor conditions.

This is the strangest part !

          Witches finally lay old Joan to rest

    THE BODY of a Cornish witch who died in Bodmin Jail 185 years ago and which has been on public display for the past 40 years is soon to be laid to rest - possibly on Hallowe'en - in a secret ritual involving a group of present-day witches.

    Until recently Joan Wytte's skeleton hung unceremoniously in front of a coffin in the Museum of Witchcraft at Boscastle, north Cornwall. But when Graham King took over as curator two years ago he decided that Wytte, known as the Fighting Fairy Woman of Bodmin Town on account of her size and vicious assaults, should be given a belated burial.

    "I think she was persecuted enough during her life and it's wrong to continue that persecution through her death," said Mr King, 43, who is also a witch. "If you could see children looking round the museum, gawping at this skeleton, pointing and saying, `Yuk. It's a witch', it doesn't seem right."

    A number of poltergeist phenomena prompted Mr King to call in Cassandra Latham, Britain's first full-time professional witch, who lives near Land's End. Ms Latham says she contacted Wytte at a Hallowe'en ritual last year.

    "We wanted to find out what she wanted," Mr King said. "All sorts of stuff came across. We decided would take her out of the display and bury her somewhere in the woods." The exact place of burial will not be made public for fear of attracting cranks who might try to dig her up. However, Mr King has a "magical spot" in mind and is seeking the local landlord's permission. "It's an absolutely beautiful place," he said, although it was not easy to ask someone: "Can I bury a witch in your back garden?"

    The funeral ritual would be "very simple and respectful", Mr King said. "We are going to take out the metal that's tying her bones together very gently and carefully. We'll place the bones in a wicker basket lined with wool which we have had made for the purpose ... We have some simple grave goods, too: a small bottle of brandy, a clay pipe, a bit of tobacco, and maybe some magic herbs to help her on her way."

    Since April, Mr King has kept Wytte's body wrapped in blankets beside his bed, and he claims to have had "many a fond chat" with her. Once she has been laid to rest, however, he will make no further efforts to contact her - unless of course, "she wants to come to us".

Wow this is a fantastic place a friend of mine found.............................. and its not too far away from me either !


Title: Re: The Chapel of St Piran At Trethevy (witches final resting place !)
Post by: Medusa on June 15, 2009, 04:23:28 am
Here are some pic's from inside the Chapel !




Now after a good friend of mine had a good look found someone had been watching ?



There are a few more pic's, add them in a bit ......................