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Title: my wedding tunes
Post by: gryffen on July 30, 2009, 10:50:32 am
OMG - 2nd anniversary was on 13th July and we are loving going thru all the memories etc

I was asked what song did i have for going back up the aisle.

Going down was Pashabel in G minor
Going back up was My Soul is filled with Joy

Trying to explain the tune was impossible so i got a copy of the Skye Boat song and sang the song to them - it made sense.

Try it!

My soul is filled with joy
as I sing to God my savior:
you have looked upon your servant,
you have visited your people.

And holy is your name
through all generations!
Everlasting is your mercy,to the people you have chosen,
and holy is your name.

I am lowly as a child,
but I know from this day forward
that my name will be remembered,
for all will call me blessed.

(chorus - red)

I proclaim the powĠr of God,
you do marvels for your servants;
though you scatter the proud-hearted
and destroy the might of princes.


To the hungry you give food,
send the rich away empty.
In your mercy you are mindful
of the people you have chosen.


In your love you now fulfill
what you promised to your people.
I will praise you, Lord, my savior,
everlasting is your mercy.

My 1st dance was Vittorio Grigolo - Bedshaped

Its keanes bedshaped in Italian - weak at knees time lol

Title: Re: my wedding tunes
Post by: candlelight on July 30, 2009, 08:50:43 pm
 :)  Happy Second Wedding Anniversary, Gryffen... thanks for sharing your wedding music memories here..


love candles xxx