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Title: Dover Castle Kent UK
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Dover Castle History

Dover Castle is situated at the shortest sea crossing of the English Channel. This has made it one of the most important defensive sites in Britain. There has been a castle at Dover since Anglo Saxon times. The castle was strengthened by William of Normandy, who built the first earthwork castle in 1066 before moving on to London.

Between 1179 and 1188, Henry II had Dover Castle completely rebuilt. The massive keep and walls and towers of the inner bailey were built and work was started on the walls of the outer bailey. The castle was the first in Western Europe to be built to a concentric design (a series of defences, radiating in a succession of larger and larger circles from the central inner keep). The defences were completed by King John after Henry's death.

In 1216 Dover Castle was besieged by Prince Louis of France. King John left Hubert de Burgh in charge at Dover and even though the French managed to breach the defences by undermining the north gate, de Burgh's forces beat back the attack and Prince Louis called a truce. The truce was short lived as John died soon after and Louis again besieged the castle. Louis was eventually defeated by Hubert de Burgh.

Following the 1533 annulment of his marriage to Catherine of Aragon, his subsequent excommunication by the Pope and the 1538 peace treaty between former enemies France and Spain, Henry VIII was isolated in Europe and a Catholic invasion of England seemed inevitable. A great chain of coastal forts was commissioned by the king, who came to Dover in 1539 to inspect the work personally.

At the end of the 18th century the Napoleonic Wars prompted a massive rebuilding program. Barracks were added and the defenses improved and Dover became a garrison town. With the Castle nearing capacity it was decided to build a complex of barracks under the castle. Up to 2000 soldiers lived in these underground barracks during the Napoleonic Wars.

At the end of the Napoleonic Wars, the barracks and tunnels were used by customs to combat smuggling. This was a short term Endeavour though and in 1826 the headquarters were moved closer to shore. The tunnels then remained abandoned for more than a century.

Dover Castle Ghosts

A handsome male figure dressed in early 17th century cavalier style clothing was seen by a female member of staff in 1990, around 8:30am while she was cleaning in the basement area of the keep. She described a man wearing a black wide brimmed hat with a purple cloak which draped to the floor. The witness also reported that the figure had long dark wavy hair and a moustache. The apparition stood staring at the witness for about 30 seconds then faded away into nothing.

Next we move to the tunnels under Dover Castle. The ghosts down here are sighted far more frequently than those that appear above ground.

The ghost of a 17th century pike man was seen in 1979 in the guardroom at the furthest end of the tunnels by a male member of staff. At that time the castle was owned by the Ministry of Public Buildings and Works. The witness described how a soldier wearing a helmet and carrying a pike walked into the guardroom through one wall and out again through another. This incident lasted only a few seconds and took place at about 6pm, while the witness was in the process of locking up at the end of the day. There have been no other reports of this apparition by any of the present members of the castle staff. The original report was made in June 1979.

A male apparition dressed in a blue cloak, has been seen walking along the passageways on more than one occasion, although it is thought that this figure may be the same figure in blue that has been seen in the keep. The underground tunnels also seem to be affected by sounds from the past. During the summer of 1991, an American tourist and his wife commented to a member of the castle staff about the "very realistic sounds" (screams and moans) which they heard while touring the passageways. The two visitors were the very last to leave the tunnels and thought they had been listening to an audio recording of sound effects. These sounds are thought to date back to the siege of the castle in 1216.

The most common phenomenon, which is reported quite frequently in the vicinity of the tower section of the tunnels, is that of the sound of banging doors, described by members of staff as "heavy wooden doors being slammed shut".

In the Hell fire (WW2) section of the tunnels there have been numerous sighting of the ghosts of servicemen who had worked here. In 1989 one witness saw a man dressed in Military uniform walk through a Metal plate door. The figure has since been reported by a number of visitors on some occasions it has been seen by multiple witnesses.


(These pic's were taken by me within the last few yrs)





Title: Re: Dover Castle Kent UK
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These pic's weren't taken by me are are really good guys !






This has to be the best one of all guys, no one was around at the time this was taken wearing anything like this ?

So begs the question ? What or rather who was this walking down the tunnel ?


Now after my very good and close friend Barek had a closer look, we can clearly see a solider in arm walking through the tunnel ?



The mind boggles ..................