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Title: Scrying
Post by: harryhoudini on August 02, 2009, 04:02:12 am
A Scryer is a person who gazes at or into an object (usually a quartz crystal or even a black bowl with water in the bottom) to still the conscious mind and thereby allow communication with the spiritual mind. This is done to become aware of events prior to them happening. One of the most famous scryers was Nostradamus. ......

For the first step in the actual practice, take your self into a meditation and find within yourself the pure spirit. At this time it pays to be clear about your intention or the direction of your practice, so that the energy's have continuity in their flow. From this place then attune to the medium you are using - be it Fire, Water or any other such entity. Allow the energy of your chosen proxy to fill your essence; this combined with the focus of your intention may fill you with the vision you require.
Remember the connection that you require is with the energy of your subject rather than the physical manifestation. The common mistake is to look for the visions in the fire or water itself rather than within.

When absorbing an energy within your own being, such as that of fire or water, it is important that it is consecrated first. Either by blessing the water or dedicating the fire to its purpose.

Hopefully these guidelines will be enough to start many on their way, as with most practices the only limitation lies within yourself.

We have used sand as a medium, with great success. The client holds a focus on their issue and makes a mark upon the sand; the reading is then given from this impression.

There has been success for people who use the smoke from incense, while myths and tales tell us of the whispers on the wind. Allow your imagination to take you to new and fertile lands.

As with all scrying, the choice of tool is intensely personal. One thing that is important is that the scrying mirror be used for that purpose and no other. When not in use it should be covered and out of sight.
Many people have said that old mirrors work better than new ones, possibly because of the psychic imprints of the years. However others prefer a brand new mirror that has no such previous imprinting and has been used for no other purpose. My personal feeling is that a beginner should consider buying a new, clean mirror then as their skill increases move to the more powerful older ones.

Title: Re: Scrying
Post by: Eugene66 on August 02, 2009, 04:34:00 am
So when I soft stare into leftover tealeaves in a cup I am scrying?

I always thought scrying is done with a pendulum and a map or something. Like the Charmed ones do it  ;D

Title: Re: Scrying
Post by: harryhoudini on August 02, 2009, 04:37:27 am
reading tea leaves in a china cup , was something my mother was an expert on ,, then again she was a real wicked old witch...........