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Title: How do you diconnect from your patients or your loved ones?
Post by: Eugene66 on August 11, 2009, 03:39:27 am
I find I get connections with people that I healed and people I love and or focus on.

This morning my client I had for healing last night is very fearful. I woke up afraid of everything. Then I calmed down, because I know I never fear like that. It is a fear without a source. So after calming I realized I am connected to my client from yesterday and I sent her some distant healing and love and light to remove the fear. I did the same for myself and now were fine.

How often does this happen to you and under what conditions and what do you do about it when it does? I know there are many ways to deal with things so I want to get some other "quick fixes" to add to my arsenal.

Title: Re: How do you diconnect form your patients or your loved ones?
Post by: PrincessTiff on August 11, 2009, 07:28:28 pm
I definitely need to learn how to disconnect from people. I usually imagine an etheric cord that connects our auras, and then ask the angels to cut it for me. I see a big pair scissors cut the cord, and it disappears and then I'm free. After that, I cleanse and shield my aura.

I usually use this exercise when I've been in the presence of someone who has been upset or angry or some other negative emotion while around me, because I find I pick up these emotions very easily.  :)

Title: Re: How do you diconnect form your patients or your loved ones?
Post by: Eugene66 on August 12, 2009, 01:13:41 am
I foten call on AA Micheal to: Calm my emotional peaks. Cut all cords with his flaming sword, and to seal my aura when he is done.

AA Metatron is good at cleaning chakras.

Title: Re: How do you diconnect form your patients or your loved ones?
Post by: Catsquotl on November 18, 2009, 06:13:49 am
Hi everyone,
This is my first post here, but I figured i would just jump in...

As for quick fixes..
I believe we are all connected anyway, so picking up unwanted emotions from our patients or loved ones is inevitable..
I guess realizing what you are feeling is picked up or mirrored from someone els and the soft intention to let go should be enough.. If the feeling persists it may well be an issue you have a chance to look at and learn from.. Although impractical at times those mirrored feeling may just be the signs we are waiting for...

Personaly i am weary of cutting chords.. I realize i've cut the chord and can adjust my day to compensate for the hints of loss and rebalancing my energy field. My patient however will suddenly have a rebalancing to deal with.. I believe intending to slowly stop any energy transfer through the chord and letting it shrivvel up, dry out and fall off over a few days gives the people on the other end of the chord a chance to slowly get used to the missing chords..

As for Archangels... For now i am afraid to call on them due to previous experiences and a believe system i am slowly letting go..WHich I may expand on later..

With Love,

Title: Re: How do you diconnect form your patients or your loved ones?
Post by: Eugene66 on November 18, 2009, 08:01:53 am
YOu are most welcome.

I saw you on SF and I liked what I saw. Do you like native south American philosophies (Oh serpent God)? If you open a tread for yourself in the welcome section we can blab a bit about one another there.

Looking forward to chattig with you there.
Im not afraid to cut cords because they will grow back if they need to. Mosty of them always do. Even the unwanted ones. knuppel2

I am currently going through a bit of personal hell and I told a few people who care about me about that hell. Sometimes when I sleep It feels like someone is drilling into my enegy body with a one inch wide drill and giving me a dose of depression. It's so bad I feel like commiting suicide right there. Then after lying awake for a while my mind restores my equilibrium again.

I often think its a mistake to tell unaware loved ones when you are in a spot because I often think that when they compassionately get angry in sympathy with you they contribute to your negetive energy. When I think of it like this I see a light replacing the dark gaping hole of depression.