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Title: Share your experiences of manifestations and miracle sinchronicities.
Post by: Eugene66 on September 10, 2009, 12:22:09 am
Ask and it is given. ac[

I can remember many times when I asked and it was given in a short span of time. I thoght it a good idea to share those stories with you and also to hear yours.

I like personal experience stories but also rare unpublished stories that happened in your family or friendship groups will be welcome.

Lets generate some miracle creation energy by pooling and sharing our witnessing of miracle creations in the past. ac[

Title: Ask with intent.........and it happens quickly.
Post by: Eugene66 on September 10, 2009, 01:23:20 am
Sometimes manifestations happen at a time when it is most unlikely for it to happen. It happens because we become impatient and we say to the universe, "Dammit I want this!!" with a bit of frustration. When this happens I always have the delusion that the universe is a personality and I can actually talk to it. We know this is not true but it definitely works when we use this mythology because we need to makle things practical to our minds to make them work.

I remember I was living in the fastest growing city in the southern hemisphere learning a new trade and trying to survive as I go along. I was lonely too because I just arrived in this town and I had no friends. I was also too busy working and learning to actually stop and have conversations with strangers and make friends.

But as the nights grew colder the lonelyness was getting to me. I was in my early thirties so my hormones were also driving me to find some sexual playmate but ultimately I wanted a loving friendship relationship at the time. I wanted a friend that I love with sex and everything but without any prospects of binding each other down and marrying in the future.

I was stone broke that day. Scraping along as I made some ad hoc money while learning. At least I had a car and fuel because my income depended on it so I had to priorotize having it. At nightfall if I had money I would go to the local pub where I go whenever I feel lonely. It was a 'Cheers' kind of place where everyone eventually get to remember your name so it felt kind of friendly to go there. Most people there were couples after work and the men outnumbered the women at about three to one so it was really no pick up spot from a man's perspective.

I went running that morning as always. Running used to bring on some kind of a rythmic trance. Where I would run for a few miles and then look back not remembering the last mile or so. As I was running in the dark wet cold, all alone in my mind I was thinking of my manifestations and my deep desire to have a warm spontaneous woman to hold and to cherich and make love to.

Again I was thinking. Easy, spontaneous, she must like me, charming, indepenedent and remaining so. I didnt have a face or a body prefference but obviously I would appreciate a sexy beautiful woman easier in this regard. The cold in my soul was getting to me as I was thinking this and I stopped running. I looked up at the sky and shouted (more with my soul than with loudness) "God give me somebody to hold!!"

But in that moment all my desire and emotion spilled out to the "listener" I said it with so much honest passion and as I said it I could see myself having some warm person in my arms and having my head buried in her neck, hers in mine. I resumed running again.

My day was like any other, I did not really expect for a woman to drop in my lap so I kind of forgot about that morning. It was more a venting than a manifestation or that's how it felt. Night came and I realized once more I will have to spend home alone, but I felt compelled to go to the pub that night. So I scraped some change together untill I had enough to pay for a draught. I figured If I just carry a visible big full glass of beer around with me I will not be out of place in a pub.

The people came and went as they normally do. After trying to drink my draught as slow as I can I was sitting at the bar thinking its time to go home to my cold bed. Always thinking ahead I tried to make it positive so I began seeing myself reading the book I was busy with. Mustering the courage to leave this warm chatty place. Sitting next to me was a knock-out redhead. I was eyeing her in the mirror behind the bottles and glasses because I never saw her there before, but she came with another guy together with another lady who sat at his other side.

As I was planning to gulp my last beer the barman placed another draught in front of me. It turns out the guy asked for another round for his company and the barman thought I was part of it so he just gave me what I always order. I thanked the stranger for the beer and we did some small talk. Soon after he drank up he left with his other frend and the red head remained next to me.

She turned to me. She was very spontaneous and almost on top of me. Sitting face to face she was appreciating me telling me I have angelic features and all the nice things my ego needs to hear. She was divorced and she had three ex husbands seven children but her body was the best I ever came across. I really think some women are just gifted.

We talked untill closing time but her conversation was often one of how cold the weather is and nobody should be alone in this weather. After the barman locked us out on the colkd pavement she was contemplating wether we should go to another pub that might be open, and I was thinking. "Oh I'm gonna have to pass on this one cause I'm broke." She knew the town better than me so I relied on her discretion when suddenly she said.

"Stuff it. Lets just go to my place and make love. This weathers too cold for drinking." That night we had a warm bed.

She turned out to be exactly what I was asking for, right down to the "not wanting to attach" part. Later she met a man and got serious and paired up with him but we remained friends to this day. Whenever she had a problem I could help with I do and many times she used to help me out in ways that she can.   

Title: Re: Share your experiences of manifestations and miracle sinchronicities.
Post by: Eugene66 on September 10, 2009, 03:49:29 am
Yeah I never got around to making a dream board.

For most part I am always content with the way things are. Its nice to have other things and I appreciate them when I come across them but I never really desire a specific type of home with a passion. I used to when I was younger. I suppose if my situation was worse I would probably create it better or maybe it just is good becaus through the years all the little things were taken care of.

I remember this event though. How can I forget?

I was in one of those positive happy "feel good" moods one morning after meditation. For a while I was manifesting driving a nice car with a fixed body. My car was "dinged" on three corners. You know sometime when the manifestation happens and you can remember exactly when you asked for it? This was one of those times.

I always take the older computer leftovers after I do upgrades for my clients and I put them together and get them to work well in case someone wants a quick standard office machine then I can have one on standby.

That morning as I left my driveway and I heard my cars body rattle where it was loose I thought the same thought again. "I wish I could get a panelbeater as my client and barter to have my car repaired." But I also knew that the Panelbeater would have to want some of my made up machines because I dont have money to buy him new ones.

As it turns out about 10 minutes after I had the thought my mobile rang. It was a panelbeater. She was a friend of a friend of one of my clients who was happy with my services as a computer technician. Someone broke into their workshop the night before and the owner said she has no available money without her books that was in the pc that was stolen but that she will make me another deal. She hasn't seen my car but she said "I will give your car a complete over-all and respray if you can only supply me with an office computer that works."

Well I installed the computer in her office and got the internet to work and made sure all her programs are loaded and working. A week later I collected my car. As good as new. ;D According to my estimate I made a 500 % profit on that deal.

But that day when she called me, as she was speaking I was thinking "This is exactly what I asked for this morning."