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Title: Numerology
Post by: ixchel on November 12, 2009, 02:08:32 am
Numbers facinate me  at times  :) here is a little info on the number 12  O0

he Number Twelve (12)


The 12 Angelic Orders/Hierarchy


Until the New Testament there were only two orders of angels (duality); the Seraphim and Cherubim. St. Paul extended the number by adding seven new orders bringing-up the number to nine orders (spiritual development).
They are, arranged according to their importance: Seraphim, Cherubim, Thrones, Dominations, Virtues, Powers, Principalities, Archangels and Angels.

In many Angelic Information you will find that the number of the Angelic Orders ranges from 7 to 12, with 9 been the most common, and in some way this is correct, if we understand that these information were written in the middle ages and at the beginning of the Christian church.

The listing of the Angelic Hierarchy presented here has a total of twelve distinct orders of angels which in turn fall under four major headings known as Choirs.

    - But why this list contains twelve orders?
    - How did this number of Orders came into light.

Each age of our development has brought with it information of an extraordinary kind, and now we are able to understand much more than what was understood on those ages.

    Knowledge was never a sin of any kind.

In Cabala, numbers have a meaning. It is not mystic it is scientific. There are no mysteries we just don't remember. We are a part of what is eternal and therefore have access to it all.
Remember that the number of things have a meaning of there own. Sets of things relate just as progressions relate. In science these things are observable as in chemistry and biology.
You can discern the number of a particle element and its properties, so too with all things that have been in existence. There has been a pattern that all of life follows to become life. Mankind has not had as much knowledge as they have learned of today.
On this planet there are wide gaps in who knows what! Yet the knowledge is here.
In ancient times great libraries existed in Alexandria in Egypt and Persepolis in Persia. In these places, great histories and scientific knowledge that have been lost to us today were stored, and yet we have gone on and possibly through remembering rediscovered many of these things again. Nothing is ever truly lost and erasure is never completely erased. At least as far as the human structure is concerned. It was formed in likeness of something or someone much more whole and complete.

As the first humans awoke and looked around, the only “number” they knew was ONE. Each person perceived one self, one Sun, one Moon, one meal at a time. One was the number of the age.

As humans became more evolved, and looked out into the Universe, they began to perceive Duality. There was night and day, summer and winter, male and female, good and evil. As ages passed and philosophies developed, there was yin and yang. Now TWO was the number of the age, and working with that concept brought people to the idea that, where there is two, neither of the pair can exist without the other. On a planet with no night, there is no meaningful day. In a world without evil, there can be no good. These are profound insights; and pondering them helped develop the society in which we live.

The next big number was SEVEN. The Hindus described seven chakras (energy points on the body), people pondered the Seven Ages of Man, and sailed the Seven Seas. Seven is a number of Discovery; it took mankind from the childhood of Two into a world which, while being admittedly more complex than the world of primitive man, was still knowable and therefore not so frightening.

Note that the world hadn’t changed: Man’s perception of it changed. With more finely-tuned cognitive faculties, people could perceive finer gradations of experience; and many of those experiences seemed to fall into patterns of Seven.

As St. Paul increased the number of Angelic Orders from two to nine it was very clear to many that NINE was the number of Spiritual  Development.

Still, something like 5,000 years ago, the ancient Sumerians began working with the number TWELVE. They perceived twelve Signs of the Zodiac—signs we still use today. They perceived twelve heavenly bodies in our Solar System, including, accurately, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto, which cannot be seen without a rather strong telescope. And their governmental bodies were always composed of twelve individuals.

Sumerian politics eventually became Egyptian, Greek, and Roman mythology; and in those cultures’ tales of the gods, there were always twelve primary gods at a time. The myths tell stories of one god leaving the primary group and being replaced by another; that’s how important it was to have twelve gods seated in Olympus, or wherever.

More recently, Jesus chose to have twelve apostles—and, when one turned out to be a poor choice, the remaining apostles immediately hired a new replacement.

At a level closer to home, we humans (and all vertebrates) have twelve major joints in our bodies: two ankles, two knees, two hips, two wrists, two elbows, and two in the neck.

Now, presumably, someday we’ll realize that some higher number has a great significance to the human experience. Will it be number 16? Maybe number 24? or even the number 144? Who knows?
For now, it appears that the number TWELVE still has much to teach us. Remember, moving to Seven from Two didn’t put an end to Day and Night. It just allowed us to perceive additional, more subtle, phenomena... just as our present preoccupation with Twelve affords us.

TWELVE (12) is the number of completion and wholeness. 7 and 9 are levels of spiritual development each having their own properties.
After twelve you must do something that has not been done before to be able to understand or comprehend what is to come.
12 is just the beginning point. There is a great deal of information concerning this and much disinformation that runs on an agenda of againstness. Beware those that make enemies of other groups and people. Beware of the process of againstness. It leads to disillusionment and the belief in separation. These folks would have us all believe that wars are options of the very best and that we need to fight against others.

By taking in consideration the above and if we could understand the existence of one more higher but non-tangible "invisible" Choir (due to its nature) with three more Orders then we can start realizing why number TWELVE (12) is the most likely to be the number of the Angelic Orders.

Having in mind this non-tangible "invisible" Choir we can now say that there are four Choirs of Angelic Orders and they deal with everything in existence from humans, to the workings of the universe.
In each Angelic Choir there are three Angelic Orders (4x3=12) bringing up the number of the Orders to twelve. So now we can say that there are 12 Orders of Angels. Each order presents' an awareness or gift to human kind.

The twelve orders or realms relate to mankind as densities of energy or fields of reality. The human form or body was intended to be created in the likeness of the Holy Twelve, the twelve Orders of Angels and the twelve Angels of The Presence.

Each order dwells, reign or govern a realm, heaven or plane of existence. A region or abode of an order of angels has been called, Yetsirah meaning formation. The formations were the first realms created from the emanations of the Source of the Whole of Existence. They are the chief domains or angelic realms. They were formed as twelve domains. The spiritual structure of each domain contains twelve orbs of light.

Each orb of light within a formation or domain is called, a Sefira or Sephira, which means an aspect or principal of the Source of the Whole of Existence or a portal of light. Cabalistic tradition speaks of the ten portals of light that are the doorways of eternity. In actuality there are twelve. In combination, all twelve are called the Sefiroth or Sephiroth. These twelve portals of light combine aspects or principals of the source of the Whole of Existence within each.

All forms are made up of their own combined energies or Sephiroth. The Sephiroth is also known as the Tree of Life. It is explained in scriptures that the Tree of Life has twelve braches and resides in the center portion of a living being next to or alongside of its "river of life". This would be the center area, portion or position of any living being.

Title: Re: Numerology
Post by: Eugene66 on November 13, 2009, 02:29:42 am
This is fascinating information. I Just scanned it now but I will have to come back to it again.

Title: Re: Numerology
Post by: Eugene66 on November 15, 2009, 03:17:08 am
This is interesting. It explains why many people misunderstand one another, eveyone has another "mindspace" and there are lots of them.