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Title: psychics, sensitives and mediums
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Certain mediums convey the words and teachings of spiritually-evolved teachers and guides.  Such guidance is not personal and applies to humankind generally.  In the past, details about the nature of life after death, and the dimensions in which we live, have been communicated in just such a way.  Guides and teachers often say they have experienced life on earth.

Another form of mediumship is that of ‘channelling’.  This appears very similar to that described above.  It is said that certain channelled information may come from individuals who have not lived on earth. 

When any information is passed on in these way, there is always a risk of colouration from the mind of the medium or channeller.  The more developed is the relationship between source and medium, the better can be the avoidance of colouration – bias, prejudice, belief etc. – being picked up from the medium. 

Other mediums, such as are found in Modern Spiritualism, act as ‘go-betweens’.  They act both for their ‘sitters’ and those in the unseen world wishing to connect with them.  Such an evidential medium may pass on messages from one to the other.  She/he will often use methods such as clairvoyance (seeing, describing) and clairaudience (hearing) to acquire evidence of identification and to learn personal details which authenticate the source of a message.


A ‘sensitive’ is someone who is able to detect the presence of ‘unseen’ individuals in other dimensions of existence.  The individuals detected may, or may not, have once lived on this earth.  Hence one description of dimensions of existence may not correspond with others. Sensitives may make contact with those they are detecting – speaking to and hearing - but if they don’t act as a ‘go-between’ they would not be termed mediums.  Any guidance would be for the benefit of the sensitive.


Psychics may also be able to detect the presence of ‘unseen’ individuals in other dimensions of existence or they may simply sense and read the aura of those sitting with them or passing close by.  They do not act as a ‘go-between’ and do not necessarily communicate with those they detect psychically.  A psychic may, though, use her/his personal skills and abilities to counsel a sitter who has approached her/him for advice on personal matters.
Psychics can not exactly predict the future any more than mediums or sensitives, although it may appear that they can…