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Title: What this board is about.
Post by: Eugene66 on May 05, 2011, 01:51:55 am
This space is created for all people who sell anything spiritual.

You may be a healer, teacher or a psychic and you wish to get more exposure for the things you do then feel welcome to post it here. Present yourself and your stuff in an informative manner to those whom you think would be able to benefit from it.

Please do not spam. If your posts are considered to be out of line with the intentions of this site. (Practical spirituality) it will be taken down without notice or debate.

This area is for information posting. Thus do not push for sales of any kind either. Purely inform and even educate us on what you offer for monetary energy exchange. Any kind of sales strategy to coax people into buying will be reviewed and removed if when judged as unfavorable.

We don't charge anything for this service but you may donate something if you so desire. It will be greatly appreciated. PM me if you feel the need.

Warm regards and lets see those posts comming.