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The ABC's of spirituality

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Author Topic: The ABC's of spirituality  (Read 236 times)
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A- astral plane - where you go to between lives.
Aura. Energy visible around a body in beautiful colours.
Anger - What you feel when you forget to think of how other people feel.
Alone-what you feel when you forget that we are all one God that includes me and you.

B- buddhist - someone who follows the teaching of buddha
Bliss. When you are absolutely happy Dharma.

C- chakra - energy like a wheel or flower inside you to help you get what you want.
Chi _ energy from the uiverse that flows through you.

D- dreams - your life being shown to you while you sleep
Dharma _ a state of Bliss.(see bliss)
Death - when you finish living in a body and you go back to the astral plane.
Divas- Nature spirits like Fairies.
E - energy - what you are made of

F- Faeries - little flying people who help you
Fear- when you forget what you are.

G- god/God - everything that is and is not  including you
Goblins - friends of the fairies.

H- Hindu - someone who calls God, Brahma.

I- India - one of the most spiritual places on earth.

J- joy - when you are yourself

K- karma - what you go through everyday on earth
Karma - the effect you create from within your thinking.
Ki - Prana or Chi

L-  lemuria - very old land where very spiritual people lived

M- maya - old people that lived long ago who's grandparents were from atlantis
M- Maya - Illusion. Something that is not what it appears.
Magic - nice things that happen when you live spiriritually.

N- nature - where everyone comes from

O- orb - energy balls that float

P- paranormal - everything that happens that normal people don't see or understand as normal.
Prana. Chi or KI. Universal energy that flows through you.
Pain - what you feel when you forget that everything is just an experience.

Q- quiet - what you should be when you are yourself

R- readings - stories which help you be healthy
Reincarnation - When you die and decide to come back again and you get born again.

S- spirituality - how you live everyday

T- tarot - cards that give advice

U- universe - you and everything (God)

V- Vegetarian - people who don't eat meat.(But they eat dairy and eggs.)
V- Vegan - People who don't eat anything that was made by animals or that comes from animals.

W- whole - where everything and everyone is included.
X- xtra terrestial - people from space where they live

Y- yoga  - stretching your body to be healthy in a way that allows prana to flow as you choose.

Z- Zen - your best time.

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