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Man's Greatest Lie

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Author Topic: Man's Greatest Lie  (Read 79 times)

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« on: June 19, 2009, 09:28:45 am »

Man's Greatest Lie
 You people claim that you need proof in order to believe something. OK, great. That's perfectly understandable. However, in actuality, YOU ARE LYING. What you really mean is that you need proof only when it comes to believing this information. Whereas, you don't need proof in order to believe an authority figure. This is the ultimate case of selective reasoning.

How do you know that the leaders of this world are not aliens? That's right, you have absolutely no proof at all! Have you ever met them and examined their bodies, etc.? No, you haven't. Oh, but wait, you worship authority, and so you believe whatever they tell you.

"The ruling elite's deception against humanity mainly exists at a fundamental level, affecting the aspects of reality that you erroneously assume are basic truths."

Truthists only care about the actual truth. However, humanity's version of "the truth" is severely flawed. Humanity defines the truth as "what is most reasonable." But, hello, if you have been deceived your entire life, then the concept of "reasonability" is completely useless. And by the way, the Reptilians are the ones responsible for humanity's flawed version of the truth. After all, they did create us.

When it comes to this kind of information (i.e., fringe subjects), you atheists, scientists, and skeptics all of a sudden start claiming that you need "irrefutable proof" in order to believe it. OK, fine. Then I'll turn the tables on you: Go and prove that the leaders of this world are in fact human. Oh, that's right, YOU CAN'T! Hell, you wouldn't even be able to prove who the actual leaders are in the first place.

So, in the same breath that you say, "Oh my gosh, I went to this one stupid website and the guy said that aliens rule the world," you should also say, "Oh my gosh, I believe that humans rule the world, even though I have absolutely no proof for my belief." As you can see, one cannot just posit that humans rule the world. Where's the proof??? Think about it for a second: Right now, assume that aliens do in fact rule the world; then, combine this with the fact that people automatically assume that humans rule the world. Now, what do you have: The perfect recipe for deception! But, this concept of aliens secretly ruling the world is not just a theoretical possibility, it also happens to be the actual truth! And, this is no coincidence--the Reptilians intentionally designed society to be this very way. That is, society was designed so that no one would ever question the so-called "basic truths."

Don't you guys realize that the very basis of this society is to worship authority (whether it is the government, science, the media, etc.)? And, whereas a religion has faith in the existence of an imaginary god, you guys have faith in the trustworthiness of your beloved authority figures--something which a Truthist would never dare have. You guys never ask for proof or evidence when information comes from an authority figure. Instead, you simply rely on your faith in the trustworthiness of the authority figure.

If you had free rein to do as you pleased, you would easily be able to prove all of the claims on this website. But, here on Earth, you don't have free rein because the Reptilians control you. You are not able to go to any location on Earth that you want, and you are not able to investigate any person that you want. You are not able to do these things because the Reptilians WON'T LET YOU! Don't you get it? The Reptilians control this planet and bar you from discovering the truth. It's as simple as that.

The very fact that you are not able to freely seek the truth (e.g., go anywhere that you want or investigate anyone that you want) is proof that you are being controlled. But, right now, you're thinking, "Well, who cares, no one has that kind of freedom anyway." However, once again, YOU ARE WRONG! The ruling elite do have that kind of freedom!
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