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September 29, 2023, 07:09:27 pm
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Incredible ZULU Shaman Credo Mutwa, on aliens and the origins of man.

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Author Topic: Incredible ZULU Shaman Credo Mutwa, on aliens and the origins of man.  (Read 7153 times)
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« Reply #24 on: June 26, 2009, 09:49:29 am »

Hello Eugene.
This month has been one of the most inspiring months for me. I have had the pleasure of meeting some very wise and knowledgeable people over the last couple of weeks.

I have had lengthy discussions with these people and they are speaking about the same thing and confirming to me, what I have been told by Oneness.

I had the great pleasure of being in the company of Credo Mutwa for two days; Credo Mutwa is a Sanusi, the ancient story teller. He carries with him ancient knowledge of Africa and its people, which has been passed down orally from Sanusi to Sanusi, from the beginning of time. He is a Prophet that foresaw the Twin Tower attack on 9/11. He predicted that President Thabo Mbeki would not see out his full term. A very good friend and colleague of Credo’s; David Icke, says that he is a genius. As David has stated; an African man who is extremely knowledgeable and talented with Art, Poetry and amazing Sculptures. His stories of our true history and where we actually came from are astounding.

Credo mentioned that Southern Africa birthed Egypt , and not the other way around as has been stated. We come from the stars and South Africa has many ancient sacred sites which are long lost and forgotten that existed more than 100,000 years ago.

He told me that Southern Africa will determine the outcome of humanity and that Africa holds the key to our salvation. He also mentioned that 2010 and 2012 will be very important years; it will bring great challenges to us human beings. How we respond and act towards these challenges will determine the outcome. Sadly, he feels that at the moment, we are not doing too well to overcome these challenges and stated that he would rather not be here to see this transformation, as this will be a time of great suffering for his people. This coincides with information that I have received.

The Oneness Blessing Monk from India , whom I met recently, mentioned exactly the same point, basically Africa is the key to the awakening of our reality, and humanity will be challenged on all levels. This will cause people to look within themselves for the truth and find the answers to their existence. By 2012, there has to be a critical mass of human beings awakened on the planet in order to achieve collective awakening in the future.

David Icke tells us that the financial crisis is not over, and that it is going to get worse. (I think he is very correct in comment!)

Harry S. Dent Jr., an economist and finical advisor, wrote the book “The Great Boom Ahead” published in 1992 made a statement predicting the great boom of the nineties. Other economists predicted the complete opposite, which is stated in his latest book “The great Depression Ahead”.

“The economy appears to recover from the sub-prime crisis and minor recession by mid to late 2009, the calm before the storm” (This is situation that is happening right now!)

“Stock prices start to crash again between late 2009 into later part of 2010 and is likely to bottom around mid 2012 or mid 2013” (This ties up with what Credo and the Oneness Monk have informed me).

“The economy enters a deeper depression between 2010 and early 2011 that is likely to extend on and off into later part of 2012 or towards the middle of 2013.” (The real crash is to come in 2010 that will make the recent one we have presently experienced, look like nothing in comparison, as David Icke has stated - the real one has still to come!)

Harry. S .Dent does not predict with a crystal ball; he looks at graphs and cycles over the past hundreds years then plots them out. When he looks at the graphs, he can see the cycles and patterns of the past and by projecting them into the future, he can predict what is going to happen to the world’s economy in the future. In other words, he studies the re-occurring cycles and patterns of the matrix program.

This matrix program shuts down in 2012, so predictions after this date will be very difficult, because our future reality will no longer be controlled by the old program.

We will write the new program collectively, moment to moment, and influence our reality without quarantine and controlled restrictions, our destiny as a collective reality will truly be in our hands.

We will have to turn to our brightest light within each of us, as we proceed through the darkest period of our time. (As Argon always stated to me“Peace in Chaos”). It will not just be financial structures transforming, it will be the environment, our society, and religion, etc.

All these structures have to go because these are the old reality. Our reality will go through the same as we go through on a personal level and as we awaken, all old patterns and beliefs will be broken down so that the new ones can form and rebuild the new “us”.

Credo told me that our present President of South Africa, Mr. Jacob Zuma will be the last black President of South Africa. If this is true, then I feel that something dramatic has to happen in South Africa for this to actually come to pass, this again resonates with what Oneness and the other people have told me.

I asked him if this can be changed and he answered; “Yes, but I cannot see it change by the way we are carrying on at the present moment”.

Let me pause for a moment; and say, this is very important message.

This all sounds and seems to so negative, like an apocalypse is on the way, for many it will feel like that, but if you have worked truthfully on your own issues/programming and transformed yourself to be a more self aware being. e.g. Connected and Merged with your “More Aware – Self, the Oneness aspect of you. You will have the awareness, intuition and know how to navigate these difficult and challenging times.

How will you know if you have achieved this – simple, whatever is happening around you in the world it will not have a deep impact on your life. You will be affected but not in the same way as the other people. You will always be in the right place at the right time.

So, if you are not yet at this point, start working on yourself, it will be the most important thing you have ever done. It is going to be hard enough just dealing with your own issues as they arrive. Never mind dealing with the collective reality issues at the same time.

We must understand that with all huge change comes uncertainty and discomfort to us. It is the reaction to the change that will determine the outcome.

An example of this is; when we do major alterations to our house we tend to become very emotional. It may very well be with the builders or the fact that the house is in upheaval. We become impatient as we want it to be finished in order for us to live in peace again.

Through this time we need to teach ourselves the skill to transform our emotional and mental state, beliefs and programming. Above all, we need to remember who we really are (A Oneness being) and become it and express it into this reality.

I now, return to the discussion with Credo. What an amazing person!

I showed him my world globe and pointed out to him the Hara line with the Seven Creative Centers of the world. I informed him that Oneness had told me that in the future, South Africa , the Kundalini energy of the world would release its power up the Hara line and transform the world back to its original state of being.

As he looked at the globe, I went on to tell him about the Seven Creative Centers and his eyes opened wide and he replied: “Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God.” He confirmed a lot of information about these Centers and told me that this process of releasing the Kundalini energy of the world had happened eleven times before, and this would be the twelfth (12 th) time. When he said this, “bells” started ringing in my head, I asked him, if he knew anything about twelve (12) around one (1)? As I asked him this question, I took off my twelve (12) pointed pendant and showed him.

He said twelve (12) around one (1) is thirteen (13), a very sacred number, to his people. The Monk from India confirmed this, and said that the number thirteen (13) is not a negative number, that in fact, it is very positive. It means complete union of male and female, otherwise the number of complete transformation to the one. The number one (1) is the male aspect and the number three (3) is the female aspect, when they merge, they make total transformation to Oneness.

I suggested to him; that because this will be the twelfth (12 th) time it will occur, it will complete twelve (12) aspects of transformation around the Creator the One. Therefore we will complete total transformation and return back to Oneness and break the endless cycles of repetition since the beginning of time.

Credo Healing Circle 12 stones around 1, The middle stone is in the middle where I am standing, it is the size of a clenched fist. He used sound to levitate these stones and move them 3km to build his healing circle. the circle is used to heal people. The big stone on my left side is the female and the stone touching my left arm at the back is the male.

My mind was now in overload and suddenly - everything became so clear, I knew at that very moment what the pendants and the year 2012 have in common. Our six (6) pointed pendants are all about self transformation and reconnecting the person back to Oneness, which a lot of people have been accomplishing over the years.

This is the first part of awakening process, the second part is that there has to be enough people awakened and connected to Oneness to channel and anchor Oneness into this reality before 2012 for collective transformation of Oneness to be achieved.

These awakened people will have a direct affect on our reality in 2012 and beyond and take it closer to collective awakening. If we do not reach this critical mass of people then awakening of our collective reality over the years will be very difficult, if not impossible. The Oneness Blessing Monk told me, we have not reached that critical mass yet, but are close.

From 2012, onward it will be about our reality transforming back to Oneness collectively, which is symbolized by the twelve (12) pointed pendant that I have been wearing for the last 2 years and is now being mass produced to sell to the public.

The twelve (12) point pendant is for the people who have successfully transformed themselves and are now taking part in the collective awakening and will have a profound impact on our reality and the people inside it.

It will carry the specific frequency of completion of transformation to Oneness of our collective reality, a coming together of the world as one. This is the ultimate experience of our reality, if we can succeed at doing this it will send shock waves through the infinite dimensions of our existence. This is why other dimensional beings are very interested in observing us take part in this experience.

We have between 20 to 50 years to complete this after 2012; if we do not complete this experience then the Kundalini energy of the world will do it for us, by releasing its raw energy up the Hara line of the world that will create transformation in a very fast but uncomfortable way. You could say this is the safety device of Oneness in case we are not able to succeed.

We have a great chance of experiencing a unique and ultimate experience of Oneness, so let us go for it. There is nothing to lose, let us play this wonderful game and complete it.

Project Free Zimbabwe is about this experience, so join up and take part. The name will be changed to “Kundalini Awakening of the World”. As now I see the bigger picture and now realize what is really going on. Will we be ready? Will we have transformed our reality in time for the final Kundalini experience? Let us wait and see, it is now up to us.
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