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Montauk Project

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Author Topic: Montauk Project  (Read 247 times)
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« Reply #4 on: January 23, 2010, 11:18:54 am »

Hey Eugene

This was an interesting read hun .................

I've been a member of this website they talk about for 9 yrs now, and can remember talking to someone a few yrs ago about this ......................wierd or what ?

Conspiracy theorists on UFOs and Large Hadron Collider connection

CONSPIRACY theorists are suggesting the increase in worldwide UFO activity, including Louth, are the result of extra-terrestrial concern over the Large Hadron Collider experiment.
Online communities have been discussing the connection between the CERN experiment in Geneva, with some wondering if aliens were behind the recent malfunctioning of the machine after reports its magnets failed to work.

Since August, the Leader has been reporting on eye-witness accounts of orange lights UFOs in the Louth area, and comments from the British UFO Research Association (BUFORA)

Over the last month we have received a large number of emails from across the globe on the subject of UFOs.

Germán from Argentina emailed to say he witnessed UFOs from the terrace of his house and sent us photos of them. In relation to the LHC, he said: "As for the collider, someone once told me: 'If you want to hide something really big, you must first show the whole world.' Indeed, something is cooking at CERN, and like me, many people think the same way."

The Large Hadron Collider is the world's largest and most powerful particle accelerator, designed to smash protons together in the hope of learning more about the creation of the universe.

It was turned on to much international press interest on September 10 despite some scientists calling for the experiment to be stopped, in fear it would lead to the formation of black holes which could swallow the Earth.

Last month, 62 year-old Irishman Ron Ambiguous was removed from the CERN site after claiming aliens abducted him to warn the LHC must not be switched on.

It now appears online communities are also wondering if there is a similar connection.

On the website www.abovetopsecret.com which featured our Louth UFO stories, the following comments were posted in response:

"I heard as a rumour, that the LHC didn't function properly. Maybe that is connected to the orange light events as well."

"What if the extraterrestrial species were controlling our growth and feared the knowledge gained from it might endanger their secrecy - so they sabotaged it."

"This really worries me because I see it as indicating that aliens are here to observe something they already see coming. They wouldn't be here if what was happening was business as usual. They're here to watch us obliterate ourselves."

"I had often wondered if alien presences would make themselves known during the whole LHC thing. It only seems natural they would monitor our activity. How they exactly knew we were building an LHC hub, I do not know. They read the paper?"

But disagreeing with theories aliens sabotaged the LHC, one forum post said: "Wouldn't it be far easier to just abduct the promising scientists and mess with their minds before said inventions ever get conceived of - than it would be to wait until they've invented the thing and are at the testing stage? It doesn't make sense!"

Closer to home however, our most recent report on the Louth UFOs offered a solution to the 'orange lights' mystery after a local resident saw one of them land in her back garden. This turned out to be nothing more than a Chinese paper lantern, released from a nearby wedding party at The Priory hotel.

* To read these online forum comments in full visit www.abovetopsecret.com


It is one of the best conspiracy site going................

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