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Author Topic: INNER ANGER  (Read 150 times)

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« Reply #2 on: July 06, 2009, 09:46:15 am »


That is a good find there.  Gee when I tidy up me e mail's I find un finshished work for a charity organization I work with.  Oh and those silly jokes that women seem to send eachother.  I might want to trade ye mail files. 

I often find that with one's that open up to me some there are roots of anger there deep inside.  Some even tends to be rooted at times to the very Earth. 

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« Reply #1 on: July 06, 2009, 09:13:54 am »

Ixchel I made it bigger for you ...........................and me. Grin

Ill read it later and see what its about.
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« on: July 06, 2009, 09:04:21 am »

Hi Guys I was  going through my e-mails this morning trying to tidy them up and I found this news letter from last month and found it very interesting and would like to share it with yous Smiley


In the previous NMBeing we discussed how the Aries archetype makes us aware of the fact that our biggest fight is within. When the Sun shines in comfort-loving and satisfaction-oriented Taurus, we may think that we have exited the conflict zone. However, this is not the case. The Taurus/Scorpio axis simply pushes our inner conflict deeper into our subconscious.

Every zodiac archetype finds resolution to its inherent paradox by embracing the lessons of its opposing sign. Probing Scorpio helps Taurus get in touch with its deep emotions. The Bull prefers harmony and is often at least superficially patient. However, we must be aware of what brews deep inside. If we do not take time to tune into our deep emotions, we let discontent and anger accumulate and fester. When our emotions finally reach the surface, we explode. Being aware of the Vulcan within and processing emotions as they come up helps our inner Bull avoid expressing its rage in mad tirades.


In this issue (1) We will explore six 6 sources of inner anger. We will identify how we can use our fire energy to move out of these disempowering situations. (2) We will understand the gifts of fire energy and also how undeveloped and unconscious fire energy manifests in inappropriate, destructive and wasteful ways. (3) We will experience how we can use our fire energy to embody our soul. (4) We will understand how fire and earth need each other and how we can use our fire energy to empower ourselves from within. Our goal is to train ourselves to feel and enjoy the fire of our spirit in our body.


Anger is a normal emotional response. However, the accumulation of suppressed inner anger (1) consumes our vital life force, (2) causes stress and disease, (3) poisons our relationships, and (4) deprives us of our happiness.

Inner anger is misunderstood and misdirected fire energy. We can have too much fire or too little. Either way, the basic problem is that we do not know how to use our inner fire to do what we want to do and to get what we want in life. Inner anger is also an indication that we do not know how to use our fire energy to be happy and to feel satisfied and fulfilled.

Inner anger is a sign that we are mad at something and someone outside ourselves AND that we are mad at ourselves. We are going to focus on self-directed anger.


Let's look at five sources of our inner anger. We are angry because we feel (1) disempowered, (2) deprived, (3) overburdened and (4) inadequate. (5) And we don't understand and accept the nature and purpose of Earth School. As you read through the following points, you will easily identify how these situations relate to you. The important thing is to check them out in your emotional body. Feel the fire energy in your body and get in touch with how you experience heat and fire in your body.

[1] Disempowered

We are angry because we feel disempowered. Our inner anger is a reflection of the fact that to some extent (1) we do not feel that we are in charge of our lives, (2) we do not have a sense of our own authority, (3) we do not have confidence in ourselves, and (4) we do not trust ourselves.

* To feel empowered we must learn how to use our fire energy to claim back our will and learn to trust ourselves.

[2] Deprivation

Perceived or unconscious deprivation is also a function of the flip side of anger - fear. We are afraid that we will not get what we want and that we don't deserve it. Feeling deprived can lead to (1) greed, (2) self-centered ruthlessness, and (3) the need to control. It can also be expressed as (4) a lack of will and (5) poor self-esteem. We don't try to get what we want because we feel undeserving.

It is a human need to feel satisfied. When we do not know how to cultivate inner satisfaction, we try to substitute external satisfaction. The fruitless quest for external satisfaction leads to attachment to things and the excessive desire for wealth.

* In the case of deprivation, we need (1) to get in touch with the unidentified hunger - the fire of desire - that drives us and (2) to bring our unconscious soul desires to the surface.

[3] Overburdened with Responsibility

The third source of our inner anger is (1) feeling overburdened with responsibility and (2) imposed upon by others and our environments. We create and allow these situations because we believe that we have to accommodate to other's needs and to respond to their demands and requests. We feel obligated to please and to make others happy.

But simultaneously, we feel imposed upon by these impossible tasks. We feel angry because we cannot do what is demanded of us. And we feel threatened because we are being pulled off our own track. We become defensive in order to protect ourselves.

We feel and respond this way because our energy is *too fluid, *too unstable and *unfocused. When our aura is porous and weak, we energetically intertwine with others and our environments. We feel responsible because we are too connected energetically. Our energetic openness makes us feel like others are imposing on us and that we are obliged to respond.

* To deal with these situations, we must learn to separate ourselves energetically by consolidating a sense of our own identity. The stronger our energy field and the more we can stay centered in ourselves, the more we can disconnect from the pull to fix and take care of others.

[4] Need to Be Perfect and Right

The fourth source of inner anger is that we believe that (1) we do not deserve what we want, (2) we feel shamed, inadequate and not good enough. The pressure to be perfect fuels our anger.

We also feel the need to be right. Our identity is threatened if we are wrong or different. Because differences in opinions and realities are a way of life, our identity is continually threatened.

* We can help ourselves with our perfection complex by setting a realistic standard to do our best. After every major decision or action, we can affirm to ourselves that we have done our best. Self-validation is an on-going process. With practice, we get better at integrating deeper levels of self-approval. We actually begin to believe in and trust ourselves!

[5] We Don't Understand or Like Earth School

Fifth, our perception of life feeds our anger. We do not understand the nature of Earth School. We are spoiled. We want and expect everything to be perfect. We have a sense of entitlement. We feel that we have a right to have what we want.

But Earth school is about learning and developing through challenges. We are angry because we don't like it down here. We are mad at God and our soul for putting us through this process called human life.

* To be happy on Planet Earth, we have to understand and accept the nature of the evolutionary game. Life situations are not bad luck, they are purposefully designed for us to grow and evolve. It is our conscious struggle that makes it possible to evolve. In the process we expand our self-confidence and develop stable roots in our own psyche that consolidate our sense of self. We evolve into a place where happiness and satisfaction are internally generated and experienced
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