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March 29, 2023, 12:14:17 pm
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The "meating " debate

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Author Topic: The "meating " debate  (Read 472 times)
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« Reply #11 on: July 12, 2009, 02:26:42 am »

I would like to throw some loose short ideas in the stew pot here for consideration.

When I did "fit for life" I discovered that we are not omnivores really. We are fructivores. When we eat fruit on an empty stomack raw we get a situation where only the energy is released and it passes through in about 30 minutes. Full of colour with no odour. (Trust me I checked)

At that time raw or steamed veggies were eaten for their medicinal value mostly and also because of habit. I juiced a lot of raw beetroot and celery for health.

Then later I studied the blood groups and I discovered that I am not supposed to eat meat for my blood type anyway. I'm an A It was also said that the majority of the population, the B blood types do get energy from meat.

Then when I began healing I learned that red meat greatly inhibits my abilities in so many ways. Later I learned that energy and resonance that goes along with light work is only to be found in food from the earth (Flora)

Now the blood types are not set in stone. It is how those bloodlines adapted genetecally due to the environments they lived in and what the appropriate foodstuffs were.

Also heard from the ancient ethnic Africans. "There was a time when we didn't hunt for food and we didn't hoard livestock. We lived in telepathic communication with our earth mother. We didn't speak in those days we just knew. Mother nature grew the trees where we wanted and when we wanted meat, a hunter would go to the forest and ask the animals for meat."

"The heards would hear his desire and answer it by sending out a buck or a deer that for any reason was agreed upon. That deer would be honoured by the Stuarts (us) of this mother (planet) to become sacred food in the sacred cycle of mother earth. He would be honoured and thanked deeply and the kill would be quick and painless with great respect and grattitude."

So I think meat is a luxury, Not a neccesity.

When I was on fit for life I discovered that your "palate" changes. Meat is a toxin to your system and your body processes it. It uses calcium to digest it too. If you have calcium deficiency then drop the meat and get some sunlight.

All drugs and toxins causes a chemical UNbalance in your system and that causes the dimentia or the "trip". Now when you quit meat you also go into withdrawal like with any drug. You have to bite the bullet for at least a month and then you will find your appetite changes too. Then the "bad' feelings go and you feel stronger healthier and younger.

People often mistake this "withdrawal" for malnutrition. Then they eat another steak and the "fix" sets in and they say. "I can feel the benefits of steak" It certainly feels that way but I noticed that when you do bite the bullet you later lose your appetite for meat completely. If on occasion you then eat a steak you discover over a 50% energy loss the next day. It literally feels like you have to drag your leaden body all over the place.

Is only then that I realized that the majority of the population dont even know how weak they are because they keep supplementing their meat addiction and they were never really conciously "meat clean" to know the difference. But that was me. A blood type.

To anyone who wishes to drop the meat habit. First come to reality. First let go of all the lies that the FDA and everyone taught you about the "benefits" of meat. Then employ discipline because you are going to feel like crap for a while. It is normally the undisciplined person who feels like crap for a while and gives up before he/she breaks through and then run off telling the world "I tried it and I nearly died. It does not work for me." It works if you work it.

You create what you belive and if you walk around beliveing the myth that you are now feeling crappy because of deficiencies in your diet you WILL create it so with your mind. You dont even have to supplement or anything. Thats another myth but if it makes you feel better you can supplement with beans, soy beans, tofu, bean curd, avocado pear, lenthils and legumes. But if you do a study you will see that all veggies have protein in them anyway. Enough for you.

Ok stew on that. LOL
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