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The "meating " debate

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Author Topic: The "meating " debate  (Read 472 times)
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« Reply #11 on: July 12, 2009, 02:30:35 am »

Interesting views. Although I see Jesus as an enlightened man.

It is known that red meat really messes up with body harmony when you are a healer. People like me and Reiki people will tell you that eating too much red meat messes with your ability to heal.

The tremendous amount of acid your body needs to release in your digestive system to digest red meat throws your bodies PH balance in disharmony.

The argument for red meat as protein also does not make sense to me because our bodies are protein producing machines. The body creates its own protien for itself by itself from plant matter.

They say we eat protein because they saw it in our biology but they do not mention that our biology creates its own protien and that is what we see. A cow does not eat steaks to create its cow protein neither does it drink dolomites to create its calcium content. It gets it from processing the grass it grazes on.

Would it not make better sense then to say that the healthiest you can ever be is to give your body the building blocks of protein from plants so it can create its own? Amino acids and riboflavin etc Then to let your body create the protein it needs as it needs it, custom built for itself.

I mean Ford does not create Automobiles by butchering trucks. They can I suppose but then their cars will be very crude and in many ways not very effective.

They do better when by creating the parts they need or molding it from raw material from the earth exactly the way they need them to be for themself.

Consider this.
Take one KG of healthy veggies. Spinach and Cabbage. How much goodness is in it for you and me? All the building blocks for calcium and protein right there almost in concentrated form.

Now feed it to a bull. What happens to that KG now? It gets processed and devided into 500GK of bull. Besides that the bull has its own hormones and defences against its environment and where it falls short the farmer pumps him up with chemicals to ensure nice fatty (Not sick) bull for slaughter. A "not sick" bull is not a healthy bull. It simply does not have the things that we recognise as sick. The inspector at the abatoir will pass it through.

Then the bull goes through a process at the Abbatoir where it is squeesed in a qeue and it can see its bretheren being murdered one by one ahead of it. Can you imagine the energy of fear? Can you imagine the stress and the hormones going crazy? Can you imagine how it must feel to the bull and also they say animals see more than we see, and feel more than we feel because they did not make themself numb and stupid with words like we did.

Now we dont like the "feel" of hospitals because people die and suffer there. Can you imagine what it would feel like to stand in que at a place where they kill people? A few hundred or thousand every day? You can actually smell it in the air around these places as they prod you along with electrical shocks from the side to get you to move to the place up ahead where they kill the people one by one.

Well eventually your 1 KG of healthy veggies went through all this untill the 500 KG Bull dies. OK then there is the process where they butcher it an package its meat in all kinds of ways with all kinds of chemicals and preservatives.

Then eventually you have a 100 G piece of dead meat from this bull and you heat it up once more. You cook it and you consume it. How much did you pay for it? A hell of a lot more than you would for a whole KG of healthy veggies.

Now how much of that Veggie goodness is left in that portion of dead meat? Diluted into a 500KG body with added chemicals and hormones and the energy of stress and fear of dying. *And people wonder where their fears come from?*

When you eat plants you eath healthy life energy straight fom the earth. When you eat meat you eat deadness. In many cases dead for over a week. *They have this chemical they throw over it to make it look red and fresh.* Pricewise and healthwise I think you need to seriously question your priorities when you eat meat.

It does not really make any logical sense to eat meat then does it? Eat the veggies. Its the intelligent choice.
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