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FDA is a Fraud. They work for the highest bidder not for YOUR health.

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Author Topic: FDA is a Fraud. They work for the highest bidder not for YOUR health.  (Read 467 times)
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« Reply #5 on: September 21, 2009, 03:30:01 am »


I noticed I buy strawberries at my local Spar nowadays that are tasteless. They smell like strawberries and they have a mild acid sweetish taste. Very watery. But they shure LOOK good.

I wonder what the hell they did to it?
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« Reply #4 on: September 19, 2009, 07:48:24 am »

A while ago i watched a 2-part documentary called "Supermarket Secrets" which was set in England, and it reveals what the food market is really up to.

Here's the 2 part, enjoy. (i think LOL!) Don't eat while you are watching this !  Shocked




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« Reply #3 on: September 19, 2009, 05:15:39 am »

One reason i grown my own vegtables, herbs, some fruits and make my own compost!

The same is true in the UK - Organic food is so expensive because its not treated with chemicals -meanwhile the non-organic food is made from chemicals and is cheap as hell!

Mind boggling!
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« Reply #2 on: September 18, 2009, 12:59:20 am »

The gullability of mankind nowadays can be measured in many ways. Often we have areas where we are wide open and others in which we are closed.

Then there are those we never took the time to explore yet. Consider the retail industry and how neatly they package what they sell and then present it to us as the most nutritious thing since millet.

In case you are among the Northern Californians who have avoided thinking about where your dinner comes from, "Food, Inc.," a documentary by Robert Kenner that opens on Friday in San Francisco, will send you to the refrigerator to inspect the information on your food labels.

With the film, which is based largely on the best-selling books "An Omnivore's Dilemma" by Michael Pollan and "Fast Food Nation" by Eric Schlosser, the makers of "Food, Inc." hope to transform Americans' views on industrial food production, much the way "An Inconvenient Truth" helped turn global warming into a top national worry.

Among the points that galvanized the filmmakers:

-- In 1972, the Food and Drug Administration conducted 50,000 food safety inspections; in 2006, the FDA conducted 9,164.

-- During the George W. Bush administration, the head of the FDA was the former executive vice president of the National Food Processors Association, and the chief of staff at the U.S. Department of Agriculture was the former chief lobbyist for the beef industry in Washington.

-- Cattle are given feed that their bodies are not designed to digest, resulting in new strains of the E. coli virus that sicken tens of thousands of Americans annually.

-- One in 3 Americans born after 2000 will contract early-onset diabetes; among minorities, the rate will be 1 in 2.

Kenner, a Los Angeles documentarian, says he did not set out to make an activist horror film. In fact, his original goal was to tell the story from the points of view of both organic and industrial food growers. But representatives of the 50 industrial food companies he contacted, including Monsanto, Perdue, Tyson and Smithfield, would not talk and, more important, would not allow their production practices to be filmed.

"The fact is they don't want us to see how the food is made," said Kenner during a recent visit to San Francisco. "They don't want us to know what's in it. And, ultimately, they don't want us talking about it."

Kenner said he spent six years trying to make a film that would not appear one-sided or biased but admits he ended up with a "connect-the-dots" portrait of the American food system that is "Orwellian."

Among the film's subjects is Carole Morison, a Maryland chicken farmer, who risks her livelihood to show the repulsive conditions under which her chickens are fed and housed, per Perdue's requirements. Morison is seen wading through a barn so stuffed with chickens covered in their own feces that there is no view of the floor. She sets about her daily chore: grabbing the birds that have died from trampling because they grew too fat to walk.

"I understand why farmers don't want to talk, because these companies can do whatever they want to do as far as pay goes," says Morison in the film. Equally maddening is Kenner's portrait of a working-class Los Angeles family, who talk about why they eat fast food most nights: It's cheaper than a home-cooked meal - because, as Pollan points out, it is largely made from processed corn, wheat and soybean, crops that are often genetically modified and heavily subsidized by the government.

Kenner is adamant that food is not an elitist issue. Rather, "it is a health issue, an environmental issue, a human rights issue. This industrialized food, whether you're eating it or not, is going to cost us all."

But what can be done? Although the film's Web site, foodincmovie.com, advocates such tips as "protect family farms; and stop drinking sodas and other sweetened beverages," transforming a monopolized food system that has government backing is a seriously uphill battle.

Kenner said it is unrealistic to believe we can convert U.S. agribusiness into a network of organic farms, but he sees glimmers of hope. Since he started researching "Food, Inc.," he said, "there's much more of a movement. When we screen this, people stand up and cry. There's a built-in anger there. It's Republicans. It's Democrats."

The film's social outreach is being handled by Participant Media, which helped turn "An Inconvenient Truth" into a catalyst for global warming awareness. John Schreiber, Participants' executive vice president for social action and advocacy, has been working with more than two dozen food-oriented nongovernmental agencies to develop what he calls "actionable issues" around the film. They include the Enhanced Child Nutrition Act, which will come up for a vote in Congress in the fall.

When Kenner began the film, times were flush. Now that the country is in the worst economic times since the Great Depression, can food reform really happen?

Kenner thinks so. The global economic crisis, which has highlighted the consequences of corporate consolidation and spotty government oversight, might be good for the food reform movement, he said.

"What's unclear is how big is the movement going to be," he said. "If it continues to grow, I think there's now an atmosphere in Washington and Sacramento that is ready to follow."

"Food, Inc." opens at the Landmark Embarcadero in San Francisco on Friday, and at the Oaks 2 and the Rialto in Berkeley on June 19. For a review of the movie, see Friday's Datebook.

Read more: http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/c/a/2009/06/10/DDCT1833GH.DTL#ixzz0RR3EpmMd
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« Reply #1 on: June 20, 2009, 05:02:44 am »

Swine Flu Vaccination Scam: Serious Health Threat
    by EURO-MED

 Global Research writes: "It looks like governments around the world will either force these vaccinations on the public or launch a massive propaganda campaign to trick you into submitting to a jab.

"If they attempt to force these untested and essentially experimental vaccinations on you, cite the Nuremberg Code, which states: 'The voluntary consent of the human subject is essential.'

"No experimental vaccine should be “conducted where there is an a priori reason to believe that death or disabling injury will occur, except, perhaps, in those experiments where the experimental physicians also serve as a subjects.

Associated Press 16 June 2009

Schools are being put on notice that they might even be turned into shot clinics. Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius said Tuesday she is urging school superintendents around the country to spend the summer preparing for that possibility. No decision has been made yet on whether and how to vaccinate millions of Americans against the new flu strain that the World Health Organization last week formally dubbed a pandemic, meaning it now is circulating the globe unchecked.

But the U.S. is pouring money into development of a vaccine in anticipation of giving at least some people the shots.

The WHO has declared swine flu (N1H1) pandemic. This will probably imply governmental demands for universal mass vaccinations under penalty for not complying.

Flu vaccine contains squalene oil as an adjuvant.

Micropaleontologist Dr. Viera Scheibner conducted research into the adverse effects of adjuvants in vaccines and wrote: Squalene "contributed to the cascade of reactions called Gulf War syndrome. GIs developed arthritis, fibromyalgia, lymphadenopathy, rashes, photosensitive rashes, malar rashes, chronic fatigue, chronic headaches, abnormal body hair loss, non-healing skin lesions, aphthous ulcers, dizziness, weakness, memory loss, seizures, mood changes, neuropsychiatric problems, anti-thyroid effects, anaemia, elevated ESR (erythrocyte sedimentation rate), systemic lupus erythematosus, multiple sclerosis, deadly Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, Raynaud's phenomenon with paroxysms of lack of blood in fingers and toes in fingers and toes, Sjorgren's syndrome with blurred vision, chronic diarrhea, night sweats and low-grade fever.”

From Wikipedia: A study linking squalene, as experimental vaccine adjuvant, to individuals with the clinical signs of Gulf War syndrome was published in 2002. A U.S. Federal Judge ruled that there was good cause to believe aqualene to be harmful, and he ordered the Pentagon to stop administering it in October 2004.

Something peculiar is going on: The Bilderberg meeting wanted to appoint the WHO as the Health Ministry of the UN world government.

Now an unprecedented hype is taking place: A non-existing risk of a pandemic flu is being blown up out of all proportions by the WHO – and without any measures being taken!

Does this New World Order organisation with a very dubious reputation (its first director was Brock Chisholm – founder of the World Federation for Mental Hygiene, which has scuppered our culture) play a trump card to promote itself in the New World Order? It might be inspired by looking at the successes based on lies like the climate lie, the home made terrorism, and now the also home made financial crisis as for financial gains and promotion of the New World Order.

Then the conclusion that you can really achieve great results in terms of world government by mendacious scaremongering seems inevitable!! Swineflu_virus

The WHO declares the first pandemic in the 21. century
Reuters 11 June 2009 The World Health Organization declared the first flu pandemic of the 21st century on Thursday, urging countries to shore up defenses against the virus which is "not stoppable" but has proved mainly mild so far. However the WHO imposed no restrictions on travels or contacts between people.

"Moving to pandemic phase six level does not imply we will see an increase in the number of deaths or very severe cases.The WHO recommended drugmakers stay on track to complete production of seasonal influenza vaccine for the northern hemisphere's next winter in the next two weeks. Each year, normal flu kills up to 500,000 people and infects millions.

The Times 11 June 2009: So far it has caused relatively mild, cold-like symptoms with headaches and vomiting, with only 141 deaths among 27,737 cases in 74 countries worldwide since March, In Britain, the number of confirmed cases has risen steadily to 797, with about 40 fresh cases a day.

Deutsche Welle 11 June, 2009: UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon:Our best response is a firm demonstration of global solidarity."

The EU sponsored Blogactiv on 06/05/09 quotes the Washington Post of 27 April, 2009 (now removed from the web) “The media hype is not in any scale to the real threat, it can be good entertainment like circus in ancient Rome and a tool to put the common people’s focus on trivialities."

The following is from an article by Stephen Lendman 10 June 2009 on the Global Research

The industry-run US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) notoriously rushes inadequately tested drugs to market, putting their efficacy and safety into question, and turning those who use them into lab rats. It includes everyone if a mass vaccination is ordered on the mere claim of a public emergency - no proof required.

If mass vaccinations are ordered, millions of Americans may ask: Why have you willfully and maliciously ruined my health?

Dangerous side effects of flu vaccinations due to vaccine adjuvant squalene

Imunologist Dr. Pamela Asa first recognized autoimmune diseases showing up in GIs that mirrored those in lab animals injected with oil formulated squalene adjuvants.

According to Matsumoto, today, “Squalene adjuvants are a key ingredient in a whole new generation of vaccines intended for mass immunization around the globe. Squalene is not just a molecule found in a knee or elbow - it is found throughout the nervous system and the brain.”

When injected in the body, the immune system attacks it as an enemy to be eliminated. Eating and digesting squalene isn’t a problem. But injecting it “galvanize(s) the immune system into attacking it, which can produce self-destructive cross reactions against the same molecule in the places where it occurs naturally in the body - and where it is critical to the health of the nervous system.” Once self-destruction begins, it doesn’t stop as the body keeps making the molecule that the immune system is trained to attack and destroy.

Matsumoto says “Squalene is a kind of trigger for (a) real biological weapon,” what Soviet researchers called “a biological time bomb!!” He and Dr. Pam Asa conclude that “Oil adjuvants are the most insidious chemical weapon ever devised,” including ones with squalene. So what American scientists conceived as a vaccine booster (or what’s now being developed in labs) was another ‘nano-bomb,’ instigating chronic, unpredictable and debilitating disease. GULF-WAR-SYNDROME-740740Using squalene in vaccines is outlandish and criminal.

Gary Matsumoto is a New York-based award-winning investigative journalist. His 2004 book, “Vaccine A: The Covert Government Experiment That’s Killing Our Soldiers and Why GIs are Only the First Victims” took sharp issue with IOM results and the Pentagon’s denial of Gulf War syndrome.

Investigating the shadowy vaccination development world, he discovered US military-employed doctors and scientists conducted secret medical experiments on US citizens in violation of the Nuremberg Code and fundamental medical ethics.

According to Matsumoto, the Pentagon violated these and other standards, betrayed the troops, and the fundamental duty of military and civilian leaders to protect them. Since at least 1987, biowarfare development trumped the welfare of tens of thousands of GIs used as human guinea pigs for inoculation with experimental unlicensed anthrax vaccines containing Skewedsqualene - administered involuntarily without disclosure of its harmful effects to human health.

Matsumoto wrote:

“The unethical experiments detailed in this book are ongoing, with little prospect of being self-limiting because they have been shielded from scrutiny and public accountability by national security concerns.”

Other research shows that squalene is the experimental anthrax vaccine ingredient that caused devastating autoimmune diseases and deaths for many Gulf War veterans from the US, UK, and Australia,
yet it continues in use today and for new vaccines development in labs.

“There are now data in more than two dozen peer-reviewed scientific papers, from ten different laboratories in the US, Europe, Asia and Australia, documenting that squalene-based adjuvants can induce autoimmune diseases in animals…observed in mice, rats, guinea pigs and rabbits.

Matsumoto’s book includes numerous case studies of GIs afflicted with one or more of the above syndromes, their devastating effects, and the outlandish US government reaction - failing to acknowledge their existence or a connection between them and administered vaccines. Also denying the effects of other toxic Gulf theater exposures (like depleted uranium) as well as withholding meaningful treatments or protocols.

Money above others´health

So why does Washington sanction its use? According to Matsumoto: “scientists in the United States are now literally invested in squalene.

Disturbingly, many of the cutting-edge vaccines currently in development by the NIH and its corporate partners contain squalene in one formulation or another. There is squalene in the prototype recombinant vaccines for HIV, malaria, herpes, influenza (including the swine strain), cytomegalovirus and human papillomavirus.” Some of these “are intended for mass immunization(s) around the globe” and that possibility should terrify everyone enough to refuse any mandate or doctor’s prescription to take them."


Now the WHO hype is aimed at provoking mass hysteria over a non existing threat to humanity: Swine flu, a much milder A flu than seasonal flu. Such politically created hoax will probably be associated with mandatory mass vaccinations for no medical reason – but for the enormous profits of the New World order corporations and their “scientists” - as well as for global/political reasons.

The vaccine carries a risk of very serious complications. Firstly we remember the Bayer´s contaminations of products for hemophiliacs with AIDS virus and this year Baxter´s contamination of seasonal flu vaccine with deadly bird flu virus.

However, there is also a very serious problem with the adjuvant of the vaccine: the oil squalene, which is said to have caused the “Gulf Syndrome.”

Is there a connection to the illuminist and self-conceited world elite´s depopulation programme in their bid for their own luciferian “godhood”?

Here is an excerpt of what I wrote on Jan 18, 2009: In the 1990’s the UN’s World Health Organization launched a campaign to vaccinate millions of women in Nicaragua, Mexico and the Philippines between the ages of 15 and 45, allegedly against Tentanus. The vaccine was not given to men or boys!

It was revealed by a Catholic organisation that the Tetanus vaccine contained human Chorionic Gonadotrophin or hCG, a natural hormone which when combined with a tetanus toxoid carrier stimulated antibodies rendering a woman incapable of maintaining a pregnancy.

None of the women vaccinated were told.It later came out that the Rockefeller Foundation along with the Rockefeller Population Council , the World Bank (home to CGIAR – a Rockefeller agricultural control organzation), and the United States’ National Institutes of Health had been involved.

In addition, the Government of Norway, the host to the Svalbard Doomsday Seed Vault , donated $41 million to develop the special abortive Tetanus vaccine.

Global Research 11 June 2009: ‘A total population of 250-300 million people, a 95% decline from present levels, would be ideal.’ – Ted Turner to Audubon Magazine, 1996.

Motives for this pandemic hype

Do I have to reiterate that bilderbergers and CFRs like the former US Defence Secretaries Donald Rumsfeld and George Shultz have shares in the the Tamiflu-producing corporatin, Gilead, being on its board, Rumsfeld even as chairman 1997–2001?

They now have a serious problen: The seasonal H1N1 has mutated into a form that resists the Tamiflu , although it is still susceptible to the Relenza (Glaxo-Smith-Kline) alternative.

So, for these greedy New World Order charlatans it is vital to hype a swine flu pandemic. For swine flu virus is susceptible to Tamiflu!!! And the sale of it is now soaring !!

The WHO will now recommend that pharmaceutical companies make swine flu vaccine.The U.S. government has already increased the availability of flu-fighting medicines and authorized $1 billion for developing a new swine flu vaccine. There is big money in this – and big opportunities to promote the WHO to be the health ministry of the New World order UN-government!

The Council on Foreign Relations 12 June 2009: "What now kicks in is a greater sense of urgency for the pharmaceutical industry," says CFR Senior Fellow for Global Health Laurie Garrett

"Now that pandemic has been declared, more and more countries will guarantee that they will purchase vaccine if it is available, and WHO and World Bank will guarantee to purchase for the poorest countries in the world."

The Irish Times 13 June 2009: It would cost about €80 million to purchase a vaccine against the swine flu.

It had long been predicted that the WHO would declare the swine flu to be a level-six pandemic!!

Dare you let yourself be vaccinated against a harmless flu virus – much less harmful than seasonal flu – by money– and power-grasping New World Order psychopaths?

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« on: June 20, 2009, 04:12:23 am »

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration, under sharp criticism for its drug safety behavior involving anti-inflammatory drugs, antidepressants, and the silencing of its own drug safety scientists, has been offered a new name today: the Fraud and Drug Administration.

The winning name was chosen from among hundreds of entries submitted by health consumers fed up with the FDA's apparent mission to protect the profits of drug companies. Other name ideas submitted by health consumers include:
Faster Death to Americans
Failure to Defend Americans
Fact Distortion Agency
Fund Dubya's Administration
Forever Drug Americans
Fraudulent Drug Approvals
Furtherment of Disease Alliance
Farcical Drug Authority
Federal Disinformation Association
Favoring Draconian Actions
Federal Drug Advocates
Facilitating the Drugging of America
Falsify and Distort Agency
Fatal Death Agency

The contest was initiated by NaturalNews.com editor Mike Adams, a consumer advocate and outspoken critic of the FDA who has called for a criminal investigation of the FDA and Vioxx manufacturer Merck. Just this week, the U.S. Justice Department launched a criminal investigation into Merck's apparent cover-up in neglecting to pull Vioxx off the market even though the company was apparently aware that the drug substantially increased the risk of heart attacks, strokes and sudden death, according to internal emails published by the Wall Street Journal.
The FDA is also under intense scrutiny by legislators. In recent Senate hearings, medical scientist David Graham, who conducts drug safety research for the FDA, described the agency as "incapable of protecting America." He also stated his belief that Vioxx may be responsible for well over 100,000 heart attacks and strokes, not the 27,000 that has been widely reported. Rep. Henry Waxman, D-Calif., has called for new oversight of the FDA, asserting that the agency has misled the American public on multiple occasions.
NaturalNews.com readers have been following the ongoing Merck / FDA scandal through a series of blogs and commentary posted by Adams, a 35 year old holistic nutritionist who pubicly posts his own blood chemistry lab results as proof that Americans don't need prescription drugs to be healthy. (His own LDL cholesterol is 67.) Adams characterizes the FDA / drug company cooperation as a "drug racket" designed to squeeze consumers for profits at the expense of public safety.
"I was ecstatic to see the level of participation in this FDA naming contest," Adams explained. "It indicates there is widespread discontent among the public concerning the FDA's actions on Vioxx and other drugs. It says that the American public is fed up with being lied to by the FDA and drug companies. The people are demanding serious FDA reform." For more information, visit www.NaturalNews.com

In a truly astonishing survey just released by the Union of Concerned Scientists, the Food and Drug Administration's own scientists describe the agency as an environment of intimidation, censorship and scientific fraud. A survey of 997 FDA scientists revealed that forty percent feared "retaliation" for voicing safety concerns over prescription drugs in public. Over one-third of the scientists didn't even feel safe expressing safety concerns inside the agency, behind closed doors!

Intimidation and censorship have been well documented at the FDA, and this survey adds further weight to the evidence that the FDA has been utterly co-opted by the pharmaceutical industry and now serves Big Pharma's commercial interests rather than anything resembling a commitment to honest science or public safety. Time and time again, it has been the courageous actions of independent FDA scientists, taking a stand despite intense intimidation and censorship from the agency's top officials, who have warned the U.S. public about dangerous prescription drugs like Vioxx.

Literally tens of millions of Americans have been harmed by FDA negligence over the last decade, and well over one million have been killed by FDA-approved prescription drugs -- many of which were approved based on fraudulent scientific data the FDA conveniently chose to overlook. Through its abandonment of public safety and scientific integrity, the FDA has now become the single greatest threat to the health and safety of the American people, dwarfing any threat posed by terrorists.
The FDA's nuclear bomb

Imagine a nuclear bomb detonating over Seattle, Washington. A hundred thousand citizens might be instantly killed, and two million (or more) could be seriously injured from the fallout. As horrific as that image may seem, this is what happens in America every single year from prescription drugs under the watch of the FDA. Allowing the FDA to continue operating as it does today kills as many Americans as detonating a nuclear weapon over a major U.S. city each year.

And yet most lawmakers and government officials pretend the big threat to the safety of Americans is found somewhere else, in a foreign land, rather than right here at home. If anyone in the Bush Administration really cared about protecting the lives of Americans, they would summon the military to surround the FDA and start arresting the criminal-minded officials who run the agency. It is time to hold FDA decision makers accountable for the chemical warfare they have waged against the American public, and at the same time set free the honest FDA scientists so they can tell the truth without fear of being silenced.
Scientific fraud is routine at the FDA

Because right now, many of those scientists are being routinely intimidated to alter their conclusions in order to fit the political agenda of top FDA officials. A shocking 18.4 percent of scientists surveyed report that they "...have been asked, for non-scientific reasons, to inappropriately exclude or alter technical information or their conclusions in a FDA scientific document."

In this environment of such scientific fraud, reported first-hand by FDA scientists, to imagine that our system of drug approvals has anything to do with "evidence-based medicine" is nothing short of preposterous. All the billions of dollars in advertising, propaganda, donations to politicians and bribery of doctors can't cover up the sobering truth: The drug industry today is a massive criminal enterprise operating in broad daylight, and the FDA is its chief enforcer. It has nothing to do with honesty, integrity or even health, but everything to do with generating obscene profits, exploiting patients and controlling information through intimidation.
Sixty-one percent of the respondents, the survey results show, knew of cases where "Department of Health and Human Services or FDA political appointees have inappropriately injected themselves into FDA determinations or actions."
Is it really any surprise? The politicians are running the FDA, and crimes against the American people (which would be considered terrorism or treason if committed by anyone else) are routinely overlooked.
Lame proposals for reform don't cut it

Across the nation, to anyone who has been paying attention, we're beyond the point of realizing that something needs to be done about the FDA. But every proposal I've seen so far falls short of solving the problem. They're little more than a collection of wimpy wrist slaps that try to force the FDA to act with integrity while ignoring the culture of corruption and criminal-minded behavior that characterizes the agency's top officials.

These prescriptions for reforming the FDA mirror conventional medicine's flawed philosophy, by the way, by focusing on treating symptoms while ignoring the root causes of disease. At the FDA, the continued pattern of scientific fraud, intimidation and censorship is only a symptom of a deeper, fundamental problem: The fact that top FDA officials are, in fact, corrupt, criminal-minded bureaucrats who are responsible for the deaths of countless Americans. You can't cure this cancer by treating its symptoms; you have to get rid of the cause of the cancer.
We don't merely need reform, we need prosecutions. We need to hold these FDA officials accountable for their crimes against the children, adults and senior citizens of this country who have been needlessly harmed (and killed) by prescription drugs that the FDA absolutely knew were dangerous.
We are not talking about crimes of money here. This isn't some Martha Stewart insider stock trading scandal, or even an Enron-class hoodwinking of shareholders. The damage done by the FDA is way beyond the realm of finances. Our family members are dead due to FDA negligence. Our brothers and sisters, daughters and sons, and even many of our parents have been outright killed by a homicidal system of medicine that maximizes Big Pharma profits at the expense of human life... a system whose key architect is the unapologetically corrupt Food and Drug Administration.
Who will declare the Emperor has no clothes?

Almost no politician, it seems, has the courage to stand up and speak the truth about the FDA. Drug company money for reelection campaigns is simply too valuable. Sen. Charles Grassley, however, is an exception to the rule. He continues to speak out against the FDA and push for serious reform. Likewise, Rep. Ron Paul, a lifelong champion of freedom in all its forms, continues to support the Health Freedom Protection Act, a bill that would help end FDA tyranny and restore health freedom to the people.

As Americans, we must declare an end to FDA tyranny and demand our own Nuremberg-style trials for disgraced FDA officials. I'm sure Dr. David Graham and other key FDA scientists would be more than willing to testify at such a trial, if the nation could ever find the courage to subject the FDA to the scrutiny of real justice.
Personally, I don't understand why Americans continue to tolerate tyranny in medicine. They witness the events of September 11 and rally for war on somebody -- anybody -- but when our own drug companies kill a hundred times as many Americans right here at home, all they do is sign up in droves for the latest Medicare discount drug sham. It's almost as if the more drugs are prescribed, the more the American people are losing consciousness, and they are left as mind-numbed zombies who can only follow orders, but can never question the reality spoon-fed to them by a Big Pharma-controlled news media.
Because we know the "official" information sources these days are mostly spouting utter nonsense. In this FDA survey, for example, only 47 percent of the scientists think the "FDA routinely provides complete and accurate information to the public." Think about that for a minute. It means that 53 percent believe the FDA provides inaccurate information to the public!
And yet mainstream news sources continue to parrot FDA warnings, press releases and press conferences as if the agency possessed something resembling authority. In reality, it has no authority whatsoever, only tyranny. It rules through intimidation and censorship, not good science and public education. As a result, it has no genuine authority, and no one who is aware of the facts of the situation assigns any kind of credibility to the agency. The FDA is simply one more rogue extension of a federal government that has become a considerable threat to the very people it was supposed to protect and serve.
Prescription drug deaths: The silent holocaust

So why isn't the public up in arms? Why aren't we rallying for war against the FDA? Because the deaths are silent. There's no footage for the evening news: No explosions, no missile attacks, and no crumbling high-rise buildings... just millions of Americans dying in their hospital beds after succumbing to prescription drugs the FDA assured them were perfectly safe. It's a silent chemical holocaust. And there's nothing to film for the evening news... nothing the viewers will want to see or admit to, anyway.

But you can visualize it in this way. Imagine if the FDA owned a B2 stealth bomber armed with nuclear weapons manufactured by pharmaceutical companies. Imagine that each year, it flew the stealth bomber over a major U.S. city and dropped a nuclear bomb directly onto the civilian population. Consider the number of deaths and injuries that would follow. That's what's happening right now in terms of the number of people killed each year by FDA negligence.
With FDA-approved toxic chemicals now the dominant form of so-called medicine in the United States, we are nuking our own population with chemicals that will ultimately harm them or kill them. To call this "scientific medicine" stretches the very definition of absurdity.
I have to wonder: Would the people demand reform if the FDA actually conducted nuclear bombing raids on U.S. cities? Would lawmakers finally stand up and say the FDA should stop bombing our cities? Or would the FDA brush off the critics and simply slap a black-box warning label on the side of the B2 stealth bomber that said, "Warning: This bomb may kill you," and then continue the bombing runs?
As long as powerful corporations keep making money, it appears that nothing can stop this chemical warfare being waged against the American people. No number of deaths is too high, it seems, for a conspiracy of medicine that trades lives for dollars with each passing minute. Shame on the FDA, Big Pharma and every single person who continues to draw a paycheck (or a cash bribe) from these organizations of evil. To continue working for these organizations is to actively contribute to a system that exploits living persons, that has no regard for the value of a human life, and that drains the health and cash of our fellow human beings in order to maximize profits for corporate shareholders. So I have a question. Why do we still tolerate the actions of this Food and Drug Administration when it is so blatantly engaged in crimes against humanity? Why isn't the FBI conducting armed raids on the agency right now and marching these criminals away in handcuffs?

I got this from only two sites. If someone says FDA approved. Ill think twice.


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