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The addictive properties of unhealthy foods.

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Author Topic: The addictive properties of unhealthy foods.  (Read 1351 times)
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« Reply #6 on: September 06, 2009, 12:25:47 am »

I have found an article on this page. http://www.drug-alcohol-addiction-recovery.com/addiction-and-nutrition.html and I will take little sections out that I want to put your attention on.

Alcohol, drugs and junk foods are toxic.

The high the body experiences is a complex detoxification reaction to these substances, where vital enzymes, hormones and nutrients are brought to a full stage of development and then make ineffective. This impact on the body contributes to poor health.

When people are in full-blown substance abuse, their supplies of nutritional reserves are depleted, and the effects on the metabolism can be sever.

Simple refined sugar is a primary addiction, which sets off a succession of stages called hypoglycemia (low blood sugar), which underlies virtually all substance abuse conditions.

As a person's blood sugar is strongly affected by sugars, stimulants and chemicals, the energy and mood pattern of the individual will fluctuate greatly, generating anger, frustration, confusion, irritation, and irrational behavior.

It is interesting to note that people who do not eat red meat are normally calm and peaceful people. Often people belive it is because these people are gnerally also spiritual people. This may well be true but nutritionists also contribute this tranquility behaviour to another factor. It is well known that vegetarians do not have fluctuating emotions. The puritans figured that the acid quantity that remains in your system after the consumption of meat acts like an addictive drug because it causes a long term ph un-balancing of your body system.

Thus when you go without it for a while you get withdrawal symptoms that can only be cured by another portion of red meat. Thus when you feed your addiction and you feel good again because of it you are mislead to beliveing that the meat is good for you and thats why you feel so much better. The same way heroin can make a heroin addict feel so much better.

Often it was mused at what might happen when we are really unknowingly addicted to some unidentified subsance and it could be argued that it creates an unfair advantage in the market place. Imagine all the money spent on the meat industry lying dormant in the consumers pocket. What other stuff would we rather spend it on?

Just recently there was a Court case about a scam where people who sold food to school kids agreed to use more salt in their food in order to get the school kids to buy more soda drink.

What if those companies whom we would spend our money on instead, can start a health campaign arguing the disadvantages of meat or dairy? As they sway public opinion they gradually get the giant consumer populations to buy their products instead of expensive meats and dairy and stuff.

Thus we would have a healtier nation thats more peaceful with more money per wallet and healtier bodies.

See A Nutritionist - Addiction And Nutrition

A visit to a competent nutritionist is an essential part of treatment for substance abuse. The nutritionist will review the history, habits and dietary patterns of the person, and recommend a diet that will correct the hypoglycemia, nerve irritation and organ and endocrine imbalances.

 Food high in complex carbohydrates will be offered to replace simple sugars and sugar substitutes, fresh organic fruits and vegetables, seeds, legumes and nutritious "booster foods" will take the edge off of the sugar blues and detox shakes.
An individual evaluation will provide the information to design a program of proper amino acid, essential fatty acid, vitamin, mineral and enzyme support, which will minimize the withdrawal or craving reaction as addictive substances and habits are weaned from the diet and lifestyle. Then, growth on all levels can resume in a healthy way.

 The road to recovery is much more effective with proper nutritional support.
Treatment centers that provide nutritional programs have a greater than 70% success rate compared to only 20% or less when psychology and behavior modification are the only modalities.

Mental, emotional and physical health will always improve when nutritional needs are met. Learning to eat well is an investment in the health of the whole family, not just the substance abuser.

It can repair much of the damage of both substance abuse and a dysfunctional family system. It's never too late to learn how to live well

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