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The addictive properties of unhealthy foods.

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Author Topic: The addictive properties of unhealthy foods.  (Read 1137 times)
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« Reply #6 on: September 06, 2009, 03:39:13 am »

pH Balance and Alcohol Addiction

Your body craves food substances that you're allergic to. The immune system response to a food allergy causes endorphins and other substances to be released. These chemicals cause a very pleasant high to take away the pain of allergy symptoms. Your body, in turn, becomes addicted to the release of these chemicals, so you crave more of the food allergen.

Alcohol is no different. If you are allergic to one of the grains used to produce a particular type of alcohol, you may very well become addicted to that type of alcohol. The more you consume, the more you feel you need to consume, because your body needs the endorphins and other chemicals to fight off the more unpleasant symptoms of allergic response.

Until you address the food allergy that causes your addiction to alcohol, you will continue to be susceptible to alcoholism. Food allergies are directly connected to an imbalanced pH level in your body. Correcting the problem therefore begins with neutralizing acid waste in your body and restoring your body’s pH balance.


Allergies to food substances, including alcohol, are largely the result of improper digestion and a body pH that’s out of balance. If you consume something you're allergic to, your body cannot digest that substance properly. The undigested substance becomes acidic.

The acid waste either enters your bloodstream, where it damages your organs and prevents nutrients from reaching your body’s cells, or it lingers in the intestines, where it becomes even more acidic and destroys the intestinal lining, further inhibiting the body’s ability to digest food properly.

When you continue to consume allergens such as alcohol because of your body’s addictive response, your acid level continues to rise. Accumulation of acid further upsets the digestive tract, and as a result, your body has even more difficulty digesting foods. Food substances that didn't cause an allergic response before now become new allergens, and the cycle intensifies.


The accumulation of acid waste in your body perpetuates your addiction. The more alcohol you consume, the more allergic you become, and the more addicted. As long as your body is overrun with the acid waste causing your addiction, you will find it extremely difficult to eliminate alcohol from your diet. As a result, your body’s acid level will continue to rise. Your digestive tract will work less efficiently, and you will become allergic to more substances.

Additionally, the consumption of alcohol overworks your liver. The liver becomes toxic and its ability to eliminate acid from the body is diminished. If the liver becomes incapable of removing acid from the body, the acid waste will clog the bloodstream, preventing oxygen and nutrients from reaching your organs. Your brain, which cannot function properly without the right amounts of oxygen and glucose, will be affected first.

When acid clogs your bloodstream, you are also at greater risk for a heart attack. The acid waste also attracts bacteria.

Eventually the liver becomes inflamed and hardened as a result of acid accumulation. The result is cirrhosis that can be fatal.


To reduce your dependence on alcohol, you need to first reduce the level of acid waste in your body. Eating the right foods and taking the right supplements can help neutralize and eliminate these acids and restore your body’s proper pH level.

Further identifying and eliminating allergens from your diet will also help. Additionally, foods and supplements that can detoxify and heal your liver will boost your body’s ability to eliminate acid waste
I got this article HERE:http://www.ph-health.com/phbalanceaddiction1015.html And I ogften wonder why people do not put two and two together.?

When dealing with addiction there are a LOT of other stuff we are addicted to but the only reason we dont deal with it is because no one told us what they were. No one cares to tell us because it creates profits and money. Those things make the world go round.

But then you must realize we are looking at an illusion on top of an illusion. You cannot breathe or eat money. But for the short sighted it is everything and most people are short sighted so money makes the world go round.

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