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11:11 new energies comming in.

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Author Topic: 11:11 new energies comming in.  (Read 85 times)
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« on: November 15, 2009, 03:43:08 am »

As always, I pray you are well.

I realize it's not typical for me to write mid-month to you, but life is anything but typical now isn't it? I have now vowed to move when the energies move me both in big and small ways. In the moment I have been moved to send you a message about the new energies at play.

The New Moon and the 1111 are worth writing about, as both have dispensed strong energies to lead us into more resonance with our radiant, authentic selves. The mystical energy that poured through our central cores was and is meant to give a more genuine and grounded experience to our present moments and to our future luminous selves. Feel into it. Feel into your present moments, all of them. Feel into your future luminous self, consistently. Practice feeling forward, rather than thinking backward.

Everything is energy, as we've all been taught, however energy must be worked with in order for it to work with you. The energy disbursed from the New Moon and the 1111 portal day, along with the significant days ahead, is staying to co-create with you long after the initial dispensations are over. Participate in happy ceremonies, rituals and meditations that fully engage you with the current energies, your deepest desires, and with those in the higher realms of consciousness. Let the density peel away from you. Find your happiness.

Pay careful attention to where the energy is leading you. Look for symbols and signs everywhere. There is meaning for you in every one of them, though you won't find it in your mind. You are not being led astray; you are being led to have a more robust and expanded relationship with yourself and life on all levels of your creation. Embrace it. If you feel uncertainty, give your uncertainty over to God. Use this invocation:

"From the Light of God that I Am
I give my uncertainty to you, God, the Highest Part of myself.
Let me not be tempted to turn to my mind for answers.
Let me not be tempted to stray from love.
I ask You to shed Light along the path, that I am guided to follow.
Dear God, help me enjoy every step of my way as the current energies,
lead me.
Help me embrace the mystery of new paths.
Help me open wide, the portal of my heart.
I am fully willing to participate and collaborate with my Life fully.
Thank you for your constant support.
I love you.

The energies are working and playing with each of us; particularly with those with evolved enough minds and open hearts that are flexible enough to work with higher concepts transmitted from the future. This is high velocity fun, if we are open and flexible.

Flexibility is the Master key. Like a great tango, we have to learn how to dance with these energies, intertwine with the energies, and dip and flow with this latest disbursement. This particular influx of energy will continue right through the 12-12, moving your spirit, moving your soul, and moving you to live without rigidity. Ah yes, living without rigidity, a glorious state of grace for all who tend to lean towards the seeming comfort of control.

If you feel into the energy from these two events, and those on its way, you will feel the way it steers you, and prompts you to lean towards new directions spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically. Don't resist nor rely on what once was your comfort zone. Fly with the energy.

At this point of the shift many of the new directions mean a complete turn about from the former ones. I know many of you are aware of this. This is a reminder of the good news that the Universal energies are supporting you right now, so please continue forward. Stay engaged with the momentum of positive energy. Be patient as the next gust of energies later this month and into next month moves you even further along new paths.

There is also an alert I've been guided to issue. When the energies move you in a different direction, if you are not on careful watch, the mortal mind can get frightened and shift into a state of self produced angst, judgment and limitation. Let me explain.

Third dimensional human beings have a tendency to go into automatic judgment about anything they have insufficient data about. As such, the tendency is to fall into an archaic way of processing something new using outdated 'logic' about the possible end results, particularly if there is a sudden up-swelling of energy guiding you to move in a different direction.

Stop and focus on what is right now. Stay out of the past. Stay away from judgment. Feel into your heart. Feel into the excitement of the energies lifting you out of a former confined state. Cellphone on Grace, one of God's greatest partners. Grace is with you always and more than happy to help you in any way possible. Grace is feminine energy that always seeks to show you her Divine Expression. Cellphone on her and stay open to the magic. Stay open to the magic!

Trust that the latest energies know how to prompt your soul and your soul knows how to prompt your heart, which promises to get your attention and lead you in the direction of everything you need to experience your present day peace and your future luminous self! Will you let it? Will you let the energies lead you to the Great I Am that you are? Will you dance with the Elohim of Grace? Will you let the love that you are shine? And will you let yourself experience life without judgments and conditions?

In closing, both the new moon and the 1111 energies, along with the energies coming in on November 29, 2009 (111111) and the 1212, are magical and working to bind you to the true resonant creation of your future self. Work with it. Be flexible as the energies blow away illusory overlays. Be grateful for final bonds breaking you away from discordant and dramatic pasts. Be grateful for all the NEW! Embrace and hold your desired state while in the midst of these fully supportive energies. And don't forget that magical moments gracefully glide through the strongest waves of changes. Trust.

Copyright Maureen Moss 2009. Please feel comfortable to share this with others. I just ask that you include my name and websites as this is part of a greater body of work.

Until next month I wish you each love, joy, blessings, clarity and abundance. May Grace follow you wherever you go.

Know you are loved!

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