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Fit For Life.Simply the ONLY blanket lifestyle for excellent health for us all

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Author Topic: Fit For Life.Simply the ONLY blanket lifestyle for excellent health for us all  (Read 164 times)
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« Reply #1 on: November 20, 2009, 02:40:46 am »

The Fit For Life Diet Plan agrees that the most essential component of your body is water. It is important, no, it is vital to your health that you ingest foods high in water content. Our bodies are made up of 70% water and 30% mass (the earth also maintains the same proportions) and the thinking follows that the Fit For Life Diet Plan should reflect the same proportions. Only two foods are high in water content: fruits and vegetables and should be a major (70%?) portion of our daily diet. The remaining 30% of the Fit For Life Diet Plan will consist of concentrated foods (foods lacking water) such as legumes, breads, meat, grains, dairy products, etc.

Water in fruits and vegetables transports food nutrients (vitamins, minerals, fats, carbohydrates, amino acids, proteins, enzymes) to body cells and is responsible for removing toxic waste. All of these nutrients are carried by water to our small intestine where they are promptly absorbed. The thinking follows that if we are eating food high in water content, we are meeting all of the requirements of the body. In the end, water is essential to nourishing then removing waste and cleansing the body of toxins, an essential action if a long productive life is the goal.

The Fit For Life Diet Plan is at its core the study of proper food combining which was first promoted by Ivan Pavlov in the early 1900’s. Others have substantiated his claim that proper food combining is a science and if violated results is a myriad of physical problems and becomes a hindrance to weight loss.

The body is not intended to digest more than one concentrated food at a time. Moreover, food should not remain in the stomach for no more than 4 hours. Remember, the more we have to digest the less energy we have for other pursuits. Introducing more than one concentrated food to the stomach translates to more time and energy needed for digestion.

The Fit For Life Diet Plan – Proper Food Combining
By following the Fit For Life Diet Plan, you enjoy the foods you eat because they are the foods you’ve eaten forever. The only change now is that you eat those foods in proper combinations that optimize the extraction and utilization of food nutrients which, in turn, eliminate all putrefaction and fermentation of those foods in your stomach. By adhering to the Fit For Life Diet Plan, you will no longer experience indigestion or bloated feelings. You can expect to feel lighter and full of energy which will also result in weight loss..

To maximize energy, food should be in the stomach no more than 3-4 hours without putrefaction or fermentation (no longer will you experience gas, heartburn, flatulence, or acid indigestion that requires medication to ease the pain.) Therefore, food should be eaten one concentrated food at a time. Eating more than one concentrated food will cause that food to rot and rotten food cannot be assimilated into the body. If you want to eat steak, chicken or fish tonight then that is your concentrated food. Therefore, all else on your plate must be unconcentrated. The Fit For Life Diet Plan stipulates that you cannot also include potatoes, rice, noodles, cheese or bread. Instead, add high water content food (unconcentrated) in the form of vegetables, like Chicken Soup or a salad (without croutons). Vegetables do not require digestive juices. They will break down in acid or alkaline environments. It has been revealed in testing that digestion is retarded when proteins and starches are mixed. Cook your vegetables as you wish but remember that the more “prepared” or cooked a vegetable is, the more nutrients that are lost. By following the Fit For Life Diet Plan, you will not starve. If it is a potato and steak you desire, wait 4 hours and eat that potato. Just don’t incorporate it into the same meal as the steak. It may take a few days to grow accustomed to this new Diet Plan but, it works. It worked for me and is still working 8 years later.

Fit For Life Diet Plan – Results of Proper Food Combining
Violation of proper food combining through the Fit For Life Diet Plan results in many negative consequences as we’ve mentioned but there are also many benefits to adhering to its principles.

You may also be asking what the Fit For Life Diet Plan has to say about foods that are naturally composed of proteins and starches such as beans. If eaten alone, beans are digested efficiently and without negative ramifications because the body modifies its digestives juices and times their secretions in a way that digestion progresses without a hitch and yet still efficiently. However, introducing separate protein and starch combinations concurrently (within the same 4 hour timespan) is not optimum according to the Fit For Life Diet Plan because the body is not able to adapt and modify the timing of secretions. As a result, the food “sits” in the stomach and ferments. Of course, the fermented food ends up passing through the small intestine to the large intestine but we have not received the proper nutrition from the food nor have we optimized our energy output. We feel sluggish, need to rest, need to unbuckle our belts, feel gassy, want to sleep, etc. Food is fuel and needs to assist us in achieving our life’s goals. I’m sure most people do not aspire to sleeping in digestive pain after meals.

Starches are not as difficult for the stomach to break down as proteins. You could combine some starches in the same meal, such as croutons on a salad along with a potato, and still see your digestive processes humming efficiently and without the resulting fermentation. You could eat rice and beans together; you could also have corn ships with your avocado. But, the best way to proceed according to the Fit For Life Book, especially if your goal is weight loss, is to eat only one concentrated food at a time. That is optimum. Energy is stored and used for weight loss instead of digestion, the one process in the body that requires the most amount of energy to function properly. If you need help preparing meals, reference Fit For Life Recipes. The recipes are fun, imaginative and non-restrictive.

Proper food combining through the Fit For Life Diet Plan promotes weight loss.
Proper food combining through the Fit For Life Diet Plan frees up energy.
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